Details about the disease

Even in the modern world, mycosis accompanies a person everywhere. According to researchers, 30% to 50% of the world's population are carriers of one or another type of fungus. In addition, many species perfectly exist outside the human body or are carried in the form of spores.


But this is not a reason for panic. After all, the immune system of a healthy person perfectly copes with the majority of "uninvited guests." Nevertheless, some of the pathogenic fungi manage to gain a foothold and grow even in the body of a healthy carrier. About them also there will be a speech.

Fungus especially loves parts of the body, distant from the circulatory system, because it is the blood that carries the immune cells that protect us. Therefore, nails are the most favorite place of residence for any kind of mycosis.

The second place in popularity is occupied by various mucous membranes, which suffer most often from the fungus of the genus Candida .

In order not to pick up the fungus, you need to take care of personal hygiene and take preventive measures . The maintenance of footwear in cleanliness and its disinfection is of great importance. For this, for example, you can use a special ultraviolet dryer .

Determine that you have mycosis nail can, for example, by photo . Or for the following symptoms :

  • Spots and white strips on the nails
  • The nail plate thickens, loosened and / or crumbles
  • The normal color of the nail is pink (more precisely white, but since the nails have a certain transparency, through them you can see the nail bed with a pink tinge). The color of the nail affected by the fungus is yellow, green, blue or even black. More ..
Treatment of foot fungus

Diagnosis and treatment of fungus

In the presence of any of these symptoms, it is possible that the nail is affected by mycosis. But do not forget that only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis.

On the skin the fungus manifests itself most often in the form of spots of different color, dry crusts and hair loss. Most often, the skin is infected in the area of ​​the feet, but may not be lucky with any other part of the body. If you have spots of red and pink flowers, itching, burning, then you definitely should be concerned.

Treatment of foot fungus - the process is often long and difficult. To combat mycosis, there are many special drugs . Traditional medicine is also very popular, but their effectiveness has not been proven, therefore they are provided for informational purposes only.

At the first signs of any fungal infection on the nails, you should immediately contact a dermatologist (or mycologist) . He will conduct a visual inspection, assign appropriate tests to determine the type of fungus (take scraping from the nail plate or skin). Such a scrupulous approach is necessary for choosing the right drug, because you need to take into account the general condition of a person, the extent of mycosis, and the type of fungus.

Although the favorite habitat of the fungus is the nails on the foot and the foot itself (especially between the fingers ), it can be localized on other parts of the body: there are fungal infections of the hands , scalp , ears , etc.

Intimate fungus


More about thrush

Separately it is worth mentioning the disease of candidiasis, more popular among the people as thrush, which also belongs to fungal diseases, Is caused by fungi of the family Candida.

What is thrush?

Yeast fungi - Candida albikans and others like him most often attack the female half of humanity, causing intimate problems - candidiasis , vulvitis , vulvovaginitis . The main symptoms of thrush are known to most girls - itching, burning ( more )

Any girl can get sick with such a kind of mycosis, a small hormonal failure, a decrease in immunity against the background of taking medications, severe stress, etc. Learn more about the reasons .

For an accurate diagnosis it is better to consult a doctor. He will conduct the necessary tests and prescribe the treatment.

Treat thrush primarily with antifungal suppositories (choose for yourself an inexpensive and effective remedy ). Flukostat and its analogs are very popular. In special cases, the doctor prescribes pills . In addition to all this, or as a preventive measure, douching with soda should also be done.

Is thrush dangerous during pregnancy and how does it affect conception? - This article will answer.

Of course, women are more prone to infection with an intimate fungus, but sometimes men also get it. Thrush in men and its manifestations - balanoposthitis , balanitis , are possible in some cases and in the strong half of humanity.

But just like in women, in men this disease is susceptible to diagnosis and treatment . Against the "male" mycosis are produced tablets , creams and ointments .

In children, milk fungus in the mouth, or for example stomatitis - is not so rare, its causes and treatment can be read here .

There are even such rare forms as intestinal candidiasis or esophageal candidiasis , but all of them are amenable to diagnosis and treatment.

What to do?

Nail fungus on legs: what to treat?

Than to treat a fungus?

If you know exactly what your disease is and are looking for help information about medicines, then you are here:

The section " How to treat the fungus " contains a list of antifungal ointments, creams, varnishes, tablets, suppositories, etc. There you will also find instructions on the use of antimycotics, price reviews in pharmacies and patient reviews. As always, you can leave a review.

  • Tablets - only as prescribed by the doctor, in special cases ( more .. )
  • Lucky is the most popular remedy if the fungus is located on the nail plate. How to apply?
  • Drops are also a good option for nails
  • Ointments and creams - the most popular and a mass remedy, is used almost always for any kind of mycosis.

If you are fighting with the Candida fungus, then an article about choosing a special drug intended for fighting thrush will suit you.

Where to go?

Clinic catalog

Clinic catalog

Do not want to guess on the coffee grounds? Do you want to get rid of warts, birthmarks or nail fungus? Then get help in the clinic of dermatology .

Why is a paid clinic better? Reception is conducted by specialists, who have long-term training and practical experience behind them. Patients are not only waiting for quality treatment, but also the most comfortable conditions for staying in the hospital. Any modern dermatological center has a modern medical and diagnostic base. The collection of blood and other materials for analysis is carried out daily.

List of hospitals by city.

In addition, the main principle of the clinic's doctors is interaction with each patient. Only open and confidential communication is the key to obtaining brilliant results in the treatment of skin diseases.

The use of innovative technologies and the latest medical equipment (including laser) can eliminate skin defects, minimizing pain.

Treatment of nail fungus on the legs is a long and complex process. Remember that it is impossible to take uncontrolled medicines even locally, because the fungus acquires resistance to many groups of antifungal drugs that you have assigned yourself on your own. In this case, the doctor will have to treat the nail fungus on the legs with drugs stronger, more toxic, which can affect the overall well-being.