Fungus treatment

Lucky, which relieve fungi
nail polish

In the early stages of the fungal nail disease, doctors prescribe various antifungal varnishes. They not only kill pathogens - molds and yeasts, but also have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action

We fight with nail fungus on hands
zombie nails

The treatment of nail fungus on the hands was previously reduced to the complete removal of the nail plate. Today, this radical and painful method is almost forgotten, because a lot of drugs have been created that cope with a fungal infection in a reasonable time and without harm to the body.

Treatment of fungus laser or complex therapy?

How to cure nail fungus on the legs? With such a question, people who have found strange stripes on their nails, turn to relatives and acquaintances on Internet forums, forgetting that even practical recommendations may not be suitable in his particular case.

Overview of modern drugs from the fungus

To choose the right approach to the treatment of nail fungus, a dermatologist needs to take into account many factors, the main of which is the form of the disease. So, if a superficial fungal infection is diagnosed, then local remedies will be sufficient. For the treatment of subungual proximal onchomycosis, stronger antimycotic drugs will be required. The decision on the need for a combination therapy is taken if there is a pronounced hyperkeratosis.