Fungus treatment

How to apply the ointment from the fungus

One of the central places among the antifungal drugs of the local spectrum of exposure is ointment from the fungus on the legs. This treating agent is prescribed by a dermatologist, as a rule, in the early stages of a mycotic infection, but can be dispensed without a prescription.

We treat nail fungus folk remedies

The appearance of fungus on the toenails - the situation is always unpleasant. But it becomes doubly unpleasant when there is no opportunity to visit a doctor who would prescribe a complex treatment, nor to purchase expensive domestic or imported antifungal drugs.

Treatment of foot mycosis with pharmaceutical medicines (pills)

Toenail fungus is just as common a disease as the common cold. But the cold sometimes goes away by itself, but the infection on the nails is not. If it is not treated, the nails will first change color, then begin to crumble and exfoliate, and, subsequently, will completely lag behind the nail bed.

Symptoms and photos of toenail fungus

More than 30% of the adult population refers to a dermatologist then the cause of fungal infections of the toenails. Such a massive spread of this fungal disease is primarily associated with a large possibility of infection, as well as with a long, sluggish course.

How to beat the fungus of the toenails
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It is easy to get infected with nail fungus, to heal, in principle, too, but only if you detect the first symptoms of the disease in time and consult a doctor. It is better, of course, not to be ill at all, and for this very purpose we suggest finding out why mycosis occurs and how to prevent it.