Yeast Cure Secrets
yeast under a microscope

Today there is a fairly common opinion that a yeast nail fungus is a harmless phenomenon, completely non-representing any danger to human health. Often, because of this, many people are in no hurry to treat yeast fungi, or even ignore it. In fact, everything is much more serious.

Safe treatment of thrush during pregnancy
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During pregnancy, a woman, in order not to pick up any viral infection, tries to avoid large crowds. However, there are also diseases that occur due to a decrease in general immunity and changes in hormonal levels. We are talking about thrush - a disease caused by Candida yeast.

Questions and answers on various forms of candidiasis

Candidiasis is caused by conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, which are a normal part of the microflora. Fungi of the genus Candida inhabit the mucous membranes and skin of a healthy person, but under certain conditions they become pathogenic and begin to actively proliferate.

List of drugs against thrush and their features

Thanks to television advertising, everyone knows about thrush, even the representatives of the strong half of humanity. And only when this unpleasant disease affects not someone virtual, but her own person, does the woman think: is the advertised medicine for thrush really effective?