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Instructions for use

Gel consistency Ointment "Actovegin" is a drug intended for the rapid healing of cuts and wounds.

The drug allows you to restore the damaged structure of the epidermis, accelerate cellular metabolism and activate energy at the cellular level.

"Actovegin" refers to the average price category, is available to a wide range of consumers.


Actovegin cream The indications for the appointment of "Actovegin" are any lesions and mechanical damage to the skin, accompanied by a violation of the integrity of the outer layer of the epidermis. The list of diagnoses for which the use of this tool is shown includes:

  • ulcerative lesions of the skin (including trophic ulcers);
  • bedsores in patients who are forced to lead a recumbent lifestyle;
  • burns of various origins, localized on the skin or mucous membranes (thermal, radiation, chemical, acid, alkaline, etc.);
  • extensive wounds (the drug can be used on large areas, as it does not contain toxic and carcinogenic components).

It is important ! For the treatment of wounds and other injuries over large areas of the body, Actovegin gel or ointment is used only in combination with other drugs that have bactericidal and antimicrobial properties.

For the treatment of purulent wounds and ulcers, it is better to use an antibiotic ointment, for example, tetracycline .

A distinctive feature of the drug is its widespread use in ophthalmology. For example, indications for the use of Actovegin eye gel in patients with diseases or pathologies of the organs of vision are:

  • keratitis;
  • rehabilitation period after corneal transplantation;
  • ulcerative lesions and burns of sclera and corneas;
  • degeneration of the mucous membranes of the eye, resulting from prolonged use of contact lenses;
  • corneal atrophy;
  • prevention of lesions during medical manipulations on the selection of contact lenses.

Application: Actovegin Gel

Mainly used to clean open wounds, as well as their treatment.

Diagnosis Application Method
Burns of various origins and radiation damage Apply a thin layer to the damaged place (as needed 1-2 times a day).
Radiation burns during the treatment of malignant tumors The gel is applied as an application (without rubbing into the skin).
Ulcerative lesions Apply a thick layer of gel on the sore spot, apply a compress from gauze or a thin cloth soaked in Actovegin ointment (the procedure is necessary to prevent drying and sticking to the skin). Compress is changed once a day (if the ulcer gets very wet, then several times a day).
Bedsores in bed patients (prevention and treatment) Therapeutic dressings are changed 3-4 times a day. The duration of therapy can range from 3 days to 2 months.

Ointment "Actovegin"

The ointment is used for long-term therapy, as it is less concentrated compared to the gel (according to the content of the main component). Typically, this dosage form is used after the end of treatment with gel Actovegin.

Diagnosis Mode of application
Wounds and ulcers
Bedsores (prevention and treatment) Dressings with ointment change 3-4 times a day. Duration of use can be up to 2 months.
Radiation injuries (prevention and treatment) Spread a small amount of the drug on the skin over the entire affected area. Apply 2-3 times a day.


Close-up tube Actovegin can be used in patients of any age, including young children and the elderly, as well as pregnant and lactating women. The only limitation to use is hypersensitivity to medication ingredients.

Cases of overdose ointment or gel "Actovegin" are not described.

Side effect

Side effects when using this dosage form of the drug are extremely rare. These are mainly local reactions, characterized by the appearance of itching and burning. These phenomena usually disappear after 2-3 days of use.

Note! When using the gel in ophthalmology, there may be increased tearing and redness of the sclera. If symptoms persist for longer than 3 days, you should consult your doctor for advice.

Composition and release form

against the background of the carpet Ointment and gel "Actovegin" differ only in auxiliary components and the concentration of the active component (deproteinized hemoderivate obtained from calf blood): 1 g of gel contains 4 times more active substance than ointment (8 mg versus 2 mg). Both drugs are available in tubes of 20 g.


It speeds up the healing of wounds and their epithelization, activates sanogenic and reparative processes in damaged tissues (improves trophism).

special instructions

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  • In clinical studies of the use of "Actovegin" in patients with diabetes mellitus of the second type, it was found that therapy is effective only if the level of glucose in the blood is normalized.
  • Use of eye gel "Actovegin" should not exceed 1 month after opening the package.


The shelf life of ointment and gel "Actovegin" - 5 years within the shelf life specified on the package (at room temperature).


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This drug was first prescribed to me by a surgeon when I had complications after the laser removal of a conventional mole. I did not think that I would be so pleasantly surprised, because the wound healed very quickly (although a small scar still remained). The second time she used it after suturing in the hospital. She asked the doctor whether it was possible or not, to which she received an affirmative answer. I helped quickly - after 6 days I was able to sit quietly without experiencing discomfort or pain. Now "Actovegin" is always in my personal first aid kit. Svetlana M., 29 years old, Anapa

I can only share enthusiastic reviews about the drug Actovegin. My five-year-old daughter at the rink cut her arm with skates. Right between the fingers. The wound was very deep. In the emergency room she was quickly treated and released home, advising to buy this ointment, which I did. The texture of the ointment is pleasant, does not stick and does not stink. They worked on the wound regularly, as a result - complete healing within two weeks, although I was very afraid that the scars would remain. I advise everyone who faced the same problem. Anna U., 24, Sterlitamak

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