Amorolfin (loceryl)

nail polish from fungus Amorolfine is contained in the drug Loceryl in the dosage form "nail polish" (50 mg amorolfine in 1 ml).

Analogue based on the same substance - Oflomil .

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Instructions for use

General information

Amorolfin varnish It is antifungal (antimycotic) agent for outdoor use. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the release form is nail polish.

The active ingredient is amorolfine. It causes disturbances in the biosynthesis of sterols, changing the structure of fungal cells. The effectiveness of the substance extends to fungal strains that cause candidiasis.

It must be stored in sealed packaging at temperatures up to + 30 ° C. It has a three-year shelf life. After this time is not subject to use. For children, it must be unavailable.

Therapeutic effect

After applying the solution to the nail plate Amorolfin passes into it and then into the nail bed. This happens during the first day. Already the initial application allows you to maintain an effective concentration of the substance from a week to 10 days.

Clinically important drug interaction with other drugs has not been established.

Who is the treatment intended for?

Indications for the appointment of Lotseril are:

  • onychomycosis of the outer and inner sides of the hands, nail plate, foot (caused by dermatophytes, mold and yeast fungi);
  • prevention of fungal infections in the case of visiting the gym, swimming pool, bath and other similar places where there is a high probability of “catching” the fungus.

For affected nails, nail polish is prescribed if up to 2/3 of the plate area is touched.


Contraindications to the use of Amorolfin include:

  • high sensitivity to the active substance
  • allergic reaction
  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • early childhood (due to the lack of adequate safety studies).

Side effects

lak In the instructions to Lotseril there are practically no data on side effects. This is due to the non-toxicity of the active substance. Sometimes you can observe local allergies in the nail zone from the use of varnish in the form of:

  • burning sensation
  • itch
  • redness.

These manifestations disappear within two hours.

Additional tips

To avoid complications, you should:

  1. Wear special gloves to protect varnished nails (if the work is associated with organic solvents).
  2. Abandon decorative cosmetics for nails.
  3. Do not resort to nail extensions.
  4. Do not handle healthy nails with files that were used when treating affected nails.

Ways to use the drug

pedicure When onychomycosis , Amorolfin varnish is applied to the affected areas of the nail once or twice a week. The affected parts of the nail with the file attached to the medicine are previously removed. Next, the surface of the nail is cleaned and disinfected using a tampon moistened with alcohol. These manipulations are required to be done each time before starting the use of the drug.

Then Loceril is applied with a special spatula over the entire area of ​​the diseased nail. It should dry for 3-5 minutes. When removing the spatula from the bottle, do not touch the neck. At the end of the nail processing, the spatula is wiped with the same swab. The bottle tightly closed immediately after the procedure.

Treatment continues until the affected area is completely cured and the nail is restored. On average, its duration is half a year for fingernails and up to a year for toenails.

Reviews nail polish loceryl

Once I was in the hospital, and because of recklessness I walked there several times on the floor with my bare feet. After some time, I noticed on the toenails a fungus that was rapidly developing. Initially, the treatment began to carry out antifungal ointments, but the result was very small. After much agony, I decided, nevertheless, to get a good, albeit expensive, drug. So I bought Loceril lacquer and absolutely did not regret it. The procedure of applying lacquer seemed to me long and tedious, but I was glad that there was no need to repeat it daily, but to do it only once a week. nborovikhina, Odintsovo

Loceryl bought specifically for the spouse. Packaging pleasantly surprised. The box is filled with auxiliary items, neatly laid out in places. Instructions on the package immediately provide the necessary information about the tool. The box opens comfortably, just need to flip the top cover. My husband applied the drug according to the instructions 2 times a week for 4 months, until a clear result became visible. After six months, he grew completely healthy nail. I didn’t believe my eyes, because before that, with what drugs he didn’t use, everything was senseless. For the treatment of fungus on the nails Loceril is an ideal remedy. It is applied as a normal varnish and is almost invisible on the nail. Among the tried and tested means, he was the most effective. Maybe there is something better than him, but I do not know of such a drug. Maria, Russia, Penza

After moving to a small family apartment, I inadvertently picked up a nail fungus, visiting a shared bathroom without appropriate shoes. I was advised to Lotseril as the most effective means. The pharmacy said that they should not be afraid of the price, as the bottle will last for a long time, and it really turned out to be true. I really liked the kit, everything is at hand. Progress from the use of varnish is already noticeable, soon the nails will be healthy, and I will forget about the fungus as a terrible dream. Dakota92, Russia, Sochi

I never thought that such an unpleasant problem as a nail fungus would touch me. Therefore, at the first signs, I began treatment with antifungal ointments, but they did not suit me. The fact is that it was completely uncomfortable for me to frequently apply ointment on my nails, and I always forgot. That's why I bought Lotseril. The tool, though not cheap, but I was very pleased with the method and frequency of use. Depending on the neglect of the disease, varnish had to be applied only once or twice a week. Since my nails were not neglected, I applied the product according to the instructions only once every seven days. Once a week, I carefully trimmed and sawed my nails with the files that came with the kit, then smeared them with varnish using an applicator. The tool continues to act on the fungus for a long time after application, and therefore there is no need to often smear. After 6 months, there was no trace of the fungus, and I am very pleased. There is even a remedy left in the bottle, sometimes I use it for prophylaxis. Irina, Russia, Volgograd

Nail fungus we got sick with the whole family. My mother got cured with the help of ointments and sprays, but I am not very organized, I constantly forget to apply the medicine. I heard Loceril about nail polish from an advertisement, became interested, then another friend told me about him, they said, very good, it helped. I bought a lacquer at the pharmacy. One pack of varnish is enough for all treatments. Means to apply simply and only once a week, which is very suitable for me, and looks beautifully on nails and glitters. I was told that the treatment of the fungus on the nails can take a lot of time, so besides this remedy I would not have approached, I would have forgotten to smear it and abandoned it. I noticed the first result after 2 weeks, I was very happy. The nail became completely healthy in half a year. I liked the drug, it helps a lot to fight the fungus on the nails. If you are not lucky enough to face such a problem, feel free to buy Loceryl, you will not regret. Svetlana, Russia, Voronezh

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  • Novel :

    I have been using Lotseril for 4 months. I do not see a special result! Is it only slowing the development of fungus. (I use on the toenails). And then time will tell. They say this is a long process! (On average 10-12 months). I'll hope!!!

    • Admin :

      It is necessary to wait until a healthy nail grows. Consult a doctor, perhaps even prescribed pills.

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