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Shelving with drugs The drug is very popular with us, and there are reasons for that - a good effect, time-tested and at the same time quite safe (prescribed even for small children). Is there a worthy replacement for him?

The main active ingredient of Suprastin is chloropyramine .

If you need a solution for injection , then it can often be found in pharmacies under the brand name "Chloropyramine", at a price below the "original".

Tablets "Chloropyramin" from other manufacturers are sold, although not often. At the time of writing, only 25% of pharmacies had such a product in their range. And their cost is about two times lower Suprastin. There are no more complete analogs.

Remember that low price does not mean good quality. Large manufacturers, as a rule, care about their reputation and produce guaranteed high-quality goods, albeit at a higher price.

There are a large number of tablets of similar action - antihistamines, here is a list with approximate prices *:

Title approximate price From what age is allowed
Diazolin 78 r. from 3 years old
Claritin 165 r. since 2 years
Loratadine 64 r. since 2 years
Tavegil 134 r. since 6 years old
Tsetrin 166 r. since 6 years old

Tablets may differ in contraindications and by-product. Before choosing a replacement, read the instructions!

And remember that the analog - does not mean "the same quality . "

See also other antihistamines .

* - the average price among several sellers at the time of monitoring is not a public offer.

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