packs of 20 and 40 tab The active ingredient Umifenovir is available only under the brand name Arbidol and Arbidol maximum. No full analogues.

): Inexpensive analogues, similar in action, on the basis of other substances (in brackets the approximate price * is indicated):

  • Arpeflu (70 r.)
  • Grippferon, nasal drops (200 r.)
  • Ingaron, nasal drops (250 r.)
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  • Kagocel (240 r.)
  • Echinacea (100 rub.)

As analogues in most cases, you can use other antiviral drugs and immunomodulators .

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Instructions for use

pack 10 tab Arbidol is an antiviral agent developed by domestic pharmacologists.

Effective in the treatment of influenza serotypes A and B, ORS (acute respiratory syndrome) with concomitant infectious diseases (pneumonia, bronchitis), ARVI.

As a component of complex therapy, Arbidol is prescribed in the following cases:

  • rotavirus infections ("intestinal flu") in children over three years old;
  • Chronical bronchitis;
  • recurrent herpes ;
  • pneumonia.

For prophylactic purposes, the drug is prescribed to support the immune status during the period of seasonal viral infections and to prevent complications during surgical interventions.

Dosage and administration

1 tablet close up In the treatment of influenza of various serotypes and acute respiratory viral infections, burdened with pneumonia and bronchitis, Arbidol is prescribed orally before eating in the following dosage:

  • adults and children from 12 years old - 200 mg every 6 hours. The duration of therapy is 5 days, then it is necessary to take a maintenance dose of 200 mg every 7 days for 4 weeks.
  • children from 3 to 6 years old - 50 mg every 6 hours, the duration of therapy is 5 days;
  • children from 6 to 12 years old - 100 mg every 6 hours, the duration of therapy is 5 days.

In the same dosage, the agent is prescribed for the treatment of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections without complications, but without a maintenance dose after 5 days of use.

The same dosage is observed in the treatment of intestinal flu, chronic bronchitis, recurrent herpes. After 5 days of the main drug therapy, the dosage is adjusted by the attending physician.

For the prevention of influenza and other seasonal infections of viral etiology, Arbidol is taken 1 time per day for 2 weeks in the following dosage:

  • adults and children from 12 years old - 200 mg.
  • children from 3 to 6 years old - 50 mg.
  • children from 6 to 12 years old - 100 mg.

In the midst of an epidemic of influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections, the frequency of taking the drug is increased up to 2 times a day in a similar dosage. The duration of preventive therapy with Arbidol during the epidemic period is 3 weeks.

In order to avoid complications after operations, an agent in the same dosage is prescribed 2 days before surgery, on the 2nd and 5th day after it.


Side effects when exceeding the therapeutic dosage of Arbidol is not marked.

Side effects

In rare cases, allergic reactions to individual components of the drug.

Composition and pharmacokinetics

Old school The active ingredient of Arbidol is umifenovir. The substance is able to inhibit (absorb) hemagglutinin - the surface protein of the virus and suppress the fusion of the virus with the cell membranes of the body.

Thus, the drug prevents the penetration of the virus into the cells and its spread.

The concentration of the active substance is 50 or 100 mg per 1 capsule / tablet, depending on the form of release.

The following substances are present in the preparation Arbidol:

  • silica;
  • potato starch;
  • cellulose;
  • calcium stearate;
  • Povidone.

Shelf life and storage conditions

The temperature in the room where the drug is stored should not exceed 25 ° C. The shelf life is 24 months from the date of production. The drug expired cannot be used. A prescription for vacation from pharmacies is required.


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We don’t welcome “fans” at work, so at the slightest sign of any ailment I’m starting a shock treatment. When I discovered the symptoms of the flu, on the advice of a colleague I used Arbidol. The drug is a capsule of two colorful parts, you can find it at any pharmacy. I started accepting it immediately when I felt unwell and did not regret it. The instructions indicate that you need to take the pills for 5 days, but to be sure, I was treated with Arbidol for a week, until I was absolutely sure that the flu had receded. No side effects were found, which is very pleased. The only thing to which there is a complaint is that it is not very convenient to swallow the capsules, although by the end of the treatment I got to do it. The price as for an antiviral agent is not the most budgetary, but the speed of the drug’s action fully justifies it. It is better to pay a little more than weeks to swallow cheap drugs and remain a “vegetable”. Maxim, Moscow

Every time the cold comes, our family is “mowed down” by ARVI. The daughter brings the infection from the school and rushed ... It continued until the godmother advised Arbidol for prevention. When her daughter complained about the first tickle in the neck, she immediately gave her a pill. And oh, a miracle! - A week has passed, and the flu has never visited us! Now, with the onset of cold weather, I always arm myself with the packaging of Arbidol. Natalia, Ust-Kamensk

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