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Instructions for use

batrafen-300x200 Batrafen this drug with a wide range of effects on a huge number of fungal microorganisms. Onychomycosis of the nails of the extremities develops under the influence of a different type of fungus and to know exactly the type of infection, it is necessary to examine the nail scraping. This will tell if the Batrofen lacquer will be effective in each case.

Composition and mechanism of action

The main active ingredient of the drug, which has a negative effect on colonies of fungi, is Cyclopirox. This substance has a high activity against mold, yeast-like fungi, dermatomycetes and some other fungal microorganisms.

In addition, Batrafen has antibacterial effects against some gram-positive bacteria and most gram-negative pathogens of skin diseases. A wide range of effects allows you to prescribe lacquer Batrofen for the treatment of onychomycosis of various species. See: How to treat nail fungus on the legs .

Side effects and contraindications

photo on the background of the carpet Applying varnish Batrafen usually does not cause any noticeable changes in the skin and nails. In some patients, hypersensitivity to the main active ingredient and additional components of the drug may be expressed.

This is manifested by the burning of the skin, its redness, the formation of an edematous roller around the nail, and the skin can peel off. If signs of irritation are greatly disturbed, then it is necessary to replace this external agent for the fungus with an analogue. Allergic reactions rarely occur on varnish.

Due to insufficient research when using the drug during pregnancy, it is worth refusing to use it after conception. Do not use nail polish and all the time lactation.

Terms of Use

Luck Batrofen must be used properly. Simple application of this drug will not help to cope with a fungal infection.

  • Before the first application of lacquer, it is necessary to prepare the nail plastic damaged by fungus. For this, most of it is cut with scissors and then a part of the nail bed is removed with a nail file. Using nail files, nails are made uneven, this will increase the penetration of the active substance into the nail plate.
  • Varnish should be applied with a thin layer on the prepared plate.
  • During the first month of treatment, the drug is applied every other day.
  • During the second month of treatment, nail polish should be updated twice a week.
  • During the third month of eliminating the fungal infection, lacquer is used once a week.

pic During the entire course of treatment approximately once a week, the nail should be treated with a solvent in order to remove the remnants of the drug. After this, the nail bed is filed again with a nail file and covered with a new layer of varnish on top. If the varnished nail is damaged, then you need to apply the drug again. Only the observance of all the conditions when using the tool will help to achieve high results of antifungal treatment.

Patients also need to understand that the use of a single external agent in advanced cases of onychomycosis is not enough. In order to completely remove the fungus from the body, it is necessary and to take a course of systemic antifungal medications, a dermatologist must also select them on the basis of diagnostic examinations.

Duration of use of varnish can be up to 6 months. If there are no noticeable results in the first weeks of treatment, then you should consult with your doctor about the possibility of replacing the drug with an analogue.


I got a nail fungus quite recently. At first, yellowish specks appeared on the nail, then it began to crumble from the edge. In the pharmacy, I was advised to buy Batrafen lacquer. I used it for about a month, after which the nail again became as before. Now this drug is always in my first aid kit. Katya, 28 years old

Onychomycosis of the toenails began to develop rapidly after prolonged treatment with antibiotics. Almost all the nails became yellow and thick. Naturally it annoyed me greatly. The dermatologist prescribed me antifungal tablets and lacquer Batrafen. All treatments have benefited, the only thing that annoys is the high price of a bottle of lacquer itself. Vera, 34 years old

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