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Instructions for use

Available forms and components

Betadine Candles According to the instructions to Betadine, this drug is a vaginal candle weighing 0.2 g each. Packaging includes 7 suppositories. They have a torpedo shape and dark brown color.

The active substance is povidone-iodine (200 mg in one candle). The auxiliary ingredient is macrogol.

Storage conditions

The drug should be stored in a dry place where there is no direct sunlight. Temperature is from 5 to 15 ° C. Children should not be allowed access to medication. Candles have a five-year shelf life.

Before replacing the prescribed funds for the same you need to consult a doctor.

Action on the body

Betadine candles have a powerful disinfectant and antiseptic effect. The drug demonstrates high efficiency in relation to:

  • fungi,
  • dispute,
  • viruses,
  • bacteria.

24513160 Its bactericidal properties manifest as a result of the release of free iodine. The introduction of suppositories contribute to the death of fungi and other microorganisms within a minute. Combined with cellular proteins of infectious agents, iodine leads to their coagulation. At the same time it is discolored. As a result, the degree of saturation of the brown color makes it possible to judge the effectiveness of the drug.

The drug has a local effect, it penetrates shallowly into the tissue and is not absorbed into the blood. But his “work” occurs for a long time due to the slow release of active iodine from the tissues.

Improving health from the use of candles is manifested in:

  • normalization of vaginal flora,
  • getting rid of itching and burning,
  • no irritant due to the presence of water-soluble substances.

The advantage of Betadine is also the impossibility of getting used to its composition and non-toxicity.


An important part of the manual is information about indications, contraindications and possible consequences of the use of candles.

Indications for the use of candles Betadine are various infections of the female genital sphere:

  • caused by fungi,
  • bacterial, including sexually transmitted,
  • viral,
  • the simplest.

a02305a Betadine suppositories are prescribed for the following infectious and fungal diseases of the urinary organs:

  • thrush
  • vaginitis (acute and chronic),
  • bacterial vaginosis,
  • candida,
  • trichomoniasis
  • genital herpes,
  • fungal diseases of the vagina after treatment with steroids or antibiotics.

Suppositories are prescribed for prophylactic purposes before gynecological manipulations.

Vaginal suppository prophylaxis can be performed after casual sex without protection. This reduces the risk of infection with genital infection. It is very important not to be late - to make the procedure after contact within two hours.


States in which candles can not be used:

  • dysfunction of the thyroid gland (due to stimulation of additional hormone production by active iodine),
  • treatment of other diseases with radioactive iodine,
  • if you have kidney problems, you need to consult a doctor,
  • With caution during pregnancy and lactation,
  • children's age (from chest to 8 years),
  • chronic skin inflammation with rash and itching
  • allergic to medication components
  • hypersensitivity to iodine.

Pregnancy and lactation

In the first 2 months of pregnancy allowed the use of the drug.

In the later stages of pregnancy and during breastfeeding, the use is possible, but only with the permission of the doctor and under his control.

Possible consequences from the use of

253443 The use of candles can cause an allergic reaction in the form of a bubble rash, itching, redness. With the abolition of the drug, these symptoms disappear.

If you use the suppositories uncontrollably and for a long time, then a woman may develop vaginal dysbiosis. This means the destruction of the beneficial microflora of the vagina and the colonization of the mucous membrane of conditionally pathogenic organisms that provoke inflammation.

With existing hereditary predisposition, thyrotoxicosis may develop (as a result of an increase in the amount of iodine, especially in case of overdose). Symptoms of acute iodine poisoning include:

  • metallic taste in the mouth
  • pain and burning in the throat or mouth,
  • skin reactions
  • renal impairment,
  • laryngeal edema
  • increased salivation,
  • eye irritation,
  • bowel dysfunction, etc.

Keep in mind. Factors to pay special attention to:

  1. Povidone-iodine has oxidizing properties. This may affect the results of blood, urine and scintigraphy tests (an examination of the thyroid gland involving radioisotopes).
  2. Patients who have been diagnosed with renal failure should exercise increased caution.
  3. In the process of treatment with lithium preparations, Betadine suppositories can not be used regularly.
  4. Suppositories have a spermicidal effect that should be considered by those planning a pregnancy.
  5. With proper use of the drug does not change the ability to drive a vehicle.

Compatibility with other drugs

2 It is not recommended to combine Betadine candles with other antiseptic or disinfectants. This requirement especially concerns the presence of alkali, mercury in preparations.

The effectiveness of combined drugs is reduced if Betadine is used together with:

  • hydrogen peroxide,
  • enzyme preparations containing taurolidine, silver, enzymes.

How to apply suppositories

First, it is recommended to moisten the candle with water . Then insert it into the vagina as deep as possible. This is done at bedtime in the evening.

The treatment regimen depends on the disease:

  1. Acute vaginitis. One candle once or twice a day. The general term is seven days.
  2. Chronic and subacute vaginitis. Once a day for one candle. Duration two weeks. If necessary, this period is extended.

During the course of treatment is recommended to use sanitary pads. During the period of menstruation the use of suppositories do not stop.


I developed inflammation, but I didn’t go to the doctor for a long time. As a result, chronic vaginitis was launched and brought to diagnosis. I felt discomfort in my vagina, my stomach ached in the lower part. The doctor prescribed suppositories Betadine. A day on a candle for a two-week course. During the treatment, I did not feel any side effects from those indicated in the instructions. Now feeling good, great smear. Zoya, 27, Vologda

I learned about Betadine candles when trichomoniasis was discovered. This was on the eve of the operation to remove ligatures (non-absorbed threads after cesarean). Two weeks put candles. At first there was a slight itch. But he quickly left. The only discomfort - the substance is strongly flowing and soils laundry. And the treatment was effective, without side effects. After him, I went for surgery. Larisa, 32 years old, Moscow

When removing polyps, Betadin suppositories were used for prophylaxis. The procedure was performed before surgery and after it. From iodine tingled a little, but inflammation did not arise. The operation was successful. Betadine vaginal suppositories are a great remedy against bacteria. If you do everything right and under the control of a doctor, you can completely get rid of fungi and other types of infections. Valentina, 37 years old, Perm

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  • Julia :

    The thyroid gland is enlarged, during the 11 weeks gestation, the doctor prescribed Betadine if he was wrong, she put in the second night at nine o'clock in the evening at twelve at night she left for an emergency with bleeding (((it was not possible to save the child !!!!!!

    • Olga :

      so they can not be if problems with the thyroid ... Doctor-a konovat ... Sorry for the child.

  • Julia :

    Hello, the doctor prescribed betadine, but I have an enlarged thyroid on one side, before that I was prescribed iodomarin, propyl, can I use candles ??

    • Doc :


      With a lack of iodine, you can put Betadine. Iodoiarin is prescribed when iodine is not enough.

  • Julia :

    good day. The doctor prescribed betadine for 7 days, from the 3rd day after the candle was inserted, a strong judgment and burning appeared immediately. And began a white discharge, although this was not. I put all the 6 candles on it, I’m not thinking anymore, I'm afraid it will be worse. Also, the doctor after these candles prescribed another course of treatment of lactonorm, can I use them immediately? I have some sort of selection. Or should I go to the doctor again? Thanks in advance for the help !!

    • Doc :


      Yes, put Laktonorm right away. If after a few days the discharge does not pass, then see a doctor.

  • Asya :

    Hello! Tell me please, if itching and burning lasts for two hours, after applying the candle, even on day 4, is this normal? There are also white highlights. Maybe it is better to stop using?

    • Doc :


      Yes, this is a common reaction. If it is very difficult - consult a doctor to pick up another drug, it all depends on the disease.

  • Irina :

    Hello. I have a bad smear and cervical erosion. The doctor prescribed Betadine suppositories for 6 days and then neotrizol for 8 days. I have hypothyroidism, is it worth starting the diagnosis? Thanks for the answer

    • Doc :


      With hypothyroidism, Betadine can be, unless you have hyperthyroidism and no other thyroid problems. You'd better consult your doctor.

  • Rita :

    Good evening. What does it mean to take candles with caution during lactation? As I understand it is possible, but how? The doctor advises every other day, I breastfeed the child for 4.5 months.

  • Larisa :

    Hello, I have hypothyroidism with nodes. Can I use Betadine I drink L-thyroxine.

  • Angelina :

    Is it possible to combine betadine and lactonorm?
    2 candles of both a day?

    • Doc :


      There is no special sense in this, it is better to start putting Laktonorm after the end of the course of treatment with Betadine.

  • Natalia :

    Hello. 1.5 years ago there was an operation to remove the thyroid gland, almost all were removed. Today, the doctor prescribed candles Betadine. Tell me, can I take it?

    • Doc :


      If the doctor knew about the thyroid, then you can.

      Usually in such cases, iodine preparations are allowed, but without knowing the whole picture you cannot give advice.

  • Alla :

    Excellent prevention candles are very satisfied.

  • Anna :

    Hello. Prescribed candles after electropoxia cervix. Put two weeks, now I zakrivilo (peel off supposedly) can I continue to put candles and how much longer can you?

    • Doc :


      Beadine is rarely prescribed for more than 2 weeks, your doctor should have said the exact duration.

  • Elena :

    Good day! Could you tell me please, the doctor prescribed Unidox and Metronidozol tablets, as well as Betadine suppositories. You can take it all at once. Or, first, finish the course of treatment with the first two drugs, and then immediately continue the treatment. Betadine? Thank.

  • Tatiana :

    Hello, in the spring one ovary was removed since there was an ectopic pregnancy. Now I sometimes have a pain in the right ovary. Sometimes thrush can I use betadine suppositories?

  • Dinara :

    Hello! I have thrush and severe itching, caught a cold. And here is the result)) please tell me if you can take Betadine candles yourself ??? There are no problems with the thyroid !!!

    • Doc :


      You can, if you are not pregnant and there is no chronic disease. There are more effective drugs - Livarol, Pimafucin.

  • Gulmira :

    Hello !!! helps St. BETADIN in the treatment of chlamydia ?????

    • Doc :


      No, we need special drugs, such as Azithromycin or Erythromycin. Consult a doctor, he will appoint.

  • Damira :

    Hello! Today the gynecologist appointed Depantol and Betodin (erosion) 1 candle 2 times alternate 6 days. Are the drugs compatible? The doctor did not cause confidence, decided to consult here. Thank you in advance!

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