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Instructions for use

bifidumbakterin-2 Vaginal-rectal suppositories (in a simple way - candles) Bifidumbakterin designed to normalize the microflora.

The active component of suppositories are bifidobacteria bifidum - a type of anaerobic bacteria, characterized by the speed of reproduction in the body and the rapid suppression of pathogenic microorganisms, accumulating them and decomposing them to harmless to health components.


The drug is prescribed vaginally in inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs in women:

  • Vulvitis;
  • colpitis;
  • Bartholinite;
  • salpingo-oophoritis;
  • cervicitis and others

bifidumbakterin-5 In the subacute and chronic course and disorders of the vaginal microflora: gardnerellosis, etc.

Bifidumbacterin can be used as part of complex therapy in the treatment of a number of urogenital infections: chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes, etc.

Suppositories are also prescribed for the prevention of postoperative complications of an infectious nature in preparation for various gynecological operations.

Candles Bifidumbakterin for rectal administration are prescribed for:

  • chronic colitis;
  • intestinal dysfunction;
  • acute dysbacteriosis, which arose as a result of acute intestinal infections.

In pediatrics, Bifidumbacterin is used as part of complex therapy in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders in the newborn, acute dysbiosis, diathesis and anemia, and rickets prevention. May be appointed to stabilize the microflora during the transition from breastfeeding to artificial.

Dosage and administration

bifidumbakterin-1 In the treatment of urogenital infections in women, the drug is prescribed vaginally 1 candle twice a day for 5-10 days.

Pregnant women Bifidumbakterin appointed to prevent the development of vaginal infections in violation of the purity of the vaginal smear 1 candle per day. Therapy continues until the vaginal secretions are completely stabilized.

As part of rehabilitation therapy after a course of treatment with antibiotics, 1-2 suppositories are prescribed daily. The duration of the rehabilitation course is 5-10 days.

For acute intestinal infections and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the drug is prescribed rectally, 1-2 candles three times a day. Possible combination with oral forms of the drug (capsules and tablets Bifidumbakterin). The duration of the course of therapy depends on the specific diagnosis and the severity of the course of the disease.


Bifidumbacterin suppositories are not recommended if the patient is hypersensitive to actinobacteria. With caution, the drug is prescribed to pregnant women and children under 3 years old.

Overdose and side effects

bifidumbakterin-4 Since the active component of the drug (bacteria bifidum) is not aggressive in terms of pharmacological effects, no side effects of the drug are observed.

In rare cases, allergic reactions to supportive supportive components are possible. Cases of negative effects of exceeding the dosage of the drug is not fixed.

Composition and pharmacokinetics

The drug is available in the form of suppositories of white or beige color in the form of a cylinder or a cone. The concentration of the active substance in 1 dose (1 candle) - at least 10 million bacteria bifidum. Paraffin, T-2 emulsifier and confectionary fat act as auxiliary components.

Interaction with other drugs

The simultaneous use of antibiotics during the course of treatment with suppositories Bifidumbacterin reduces the therapeutic effect of the latter. The positive effect of the drug increases the simultaneous intake of vitamins of group B.


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After a long and tedious treatment with antibiotics, I encountered such an unpleasant phenomenon as bacterial vaginosis in combination with candidiasis (or thrush). To cure them, I cured them, but it was necessary to restore the microflora. At that time I was limited in funds, so I was looking for an inexpensive medicine. Read on the Internet about candles Bifidumbakterin. Pack of 10 pcs. cost less than 100 rubles, it bribed me. The most important thing in treating with such drugs is to get rid of thrush until the end, since there is a high probability that during treatment with suppositories it attacks again. Therefore, at first I “finished off” thrush with pills, and then I started to put candles on Bifidumbacterin. I was afraid that the thrush would be aggravated because of them, but in vain. The candles themselves are very convenient to use: they do not flow for a long time, one daily pant was enough to completely absorb the discharge. Alevtina, Krasnodar

The advantage of these candles is that they really cope with their main task - they restore the microflora. He definitely will not harm, so you can safely buy and for prevention, unless you are allergic to these bacteria. The truth is that the smell of these candles ... I was really sick of it in the first days, then I got used to it. It smells strong fat, the smell remains on the hands, however, it can be survived. And so very good candles, especially at this price (the package costs about 90 rubles). Ksenia, Petrozavodsk

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