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Celestoderm B belongs to the group of glucocorticoid drugs, and is a local external anti-inflammatory agent with anti-allergenic, anti-proliferative, and pronounced vasiconstrictor effect, and stronger than that of other fluorocarcinoma GCS.

Systemic action is very weak due to the slight ability to be absorbed through the skin. This provides a relatively low chance of side effects.


The ointment is indicated to reduce the manifestations of inflammation on moist and oily skin that respond to therapy with glucocorticosteroids. Also, with a secondary infection, pathogens resistant to gentamicin or the likelihood of such an infection. In addition to these reasons, the indication for use is the presence of the following diseases:

Dosage and administration

Box and tube on the table The tool is applied topically to the affected area with a thin layer, and then rubbed with care.

Allowed to use from 2 to 6 times per day, depending on the severity of the disease. When the effect appears, the frequency is reduced to 1-2 times per day.

Applying the cream is made on a moist or moist surface, and ointment for dry scaly or lichen-free lesions.

In case of severe infiltration, it makes sense to apply ointment and put an occlusive dressing on the affected area.

Children and patients with affected skin in the face are prescribed a course of treatment that lasts no more than 5 days.


The drug is contraindicated in:

  • High sensitivity to medication components;
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Manifestations of syphilis on the skin;
  • Skin diseases of fungal nature;
  • Vaccination, and skin post-vaccination reactions;
  • Cutaneous tuberculosis;
  • Herpes simplex;
  • Chicken pox;
  • Cracks in the skin and long treatment of large areas of the skin;
  • Under 6 years old.

Side effects

Reverse tube As well as as a result of the action of other topical corticosteroid preparations, especially when using occlusive dressings, Celestoderm B can cause the following side effects:

  • Irritation with a feeling of dryness, burning and itching;
  • Perioral and allergic contact dermatitis;
  • Folliculitis;
  • Acne-like rash;
  • Hypertrichosis;
  • Cutaneous maceration;
  • Fistula, prickly heat, skin atrophy;
  • Secondary infection.

Composition and pharmacokinetics

tselb The drug is available in the form of ointment intended for external use. 1 g of the drug contains 1 mg. betamethasone 17-valerate. Auxiliary substances are white soft and liquid paraffin, chlorocreazol, phosphoric acid, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate. Located in aluminum tubes of 15 or 30 g.

The intensity of absorption into the skin during local application depends on several factors:

  • Polypropylene-based solvents improve diffusion;
  • Absorption increases swelling and skin diseases.

The active substance binds to plasma proteins, quickly passes through histohematogenous barriers, including the placenta, a part of it is excreted into breast milk. Almost all biotransformation occurs in the liver with the formation of inactive metabolites and is excreted by the kidneys.


tselpic The lack of positive results in drug treatment for up to 2 weeks is a reason to consult a specialist to clarify the diagnosis.

If during the treatment with the drug there are signs of hypersensitivity or irritation, discontinue the use of the medication and select the appropriate therapy.

Celestoderm B is used only as an external agent, and is not used in ophthalmology.

It is released without a prescription. Shelf life 3 years. Keep out of the reach of children at a temperature not higher than 25 ° C.


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My husband has eczema, which, when resting on the sea, began to intensify from the sea water. There were ulcers and swollen lymph nodes under the armpits. The doctor attributed several antibiotics and ointments, but the treatment was difficult, new ones appeared to replace the healed abscesses. Before Celestoderm B, several ointments were replaced, but when they began to apply it with bandages, their hands began to dry out. By the time of departure, everything was almost healed. Sometimes it has to be used repeatedly, but the price that has risen on it lately upsets. Catherine, Stavropol

She has been familiar with Celestoderm for almost 15 years. It all started with the fact that because of the love of animals she stroked a stray dog. Already at home I felt an itch on my body. A dermatologist attributed this ointment, which immediately liked the lack of smell and good absorbency. Itching gradually subsided. It turned out that I am allergic to animals, after which I use Celestoderm from time to time. Tried and ointment, and cream, it seemed that ointment is more effective. Evgenia, Omsk

My mother and father had eczema, I got it too. Began to appear after contact with household chemicals, and sometimes with shampoo. Over time, the disease worsened in the form of a thickening of the fingers with blisters, in which fluid accumulated. The dermatologist immediately diagnosed, prescribed different baths and advised to avoid detergents. Over time, there was no improvement, I had to change the doctor who appointed Celestoderm B. The effect felt in less than a week, and after two the illness went away. But when it comes into contact with eczema powder it makes itself felt, and then I use the ointment again. Elena, Borisoglebsk

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