What disease is thrush?

Che_milklady_297x230_UK.indd Most women have had a genital disease, which appears as a fungal infection. And what is a thrush in women, called candida colpitis, consider its symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of recurrent diseases.

Thrush is caused by the defeat of mucous yeast-like fungi Candida albicans. The woman easily notices the first signs of the disease by pronounced secretions, like grains of cottage cheese, whiter. There are various symptoms of vaginal candidiasis.

Women often self-diagnose thrush, if they are concerned about the allocation of white.

General information about thrush

It appears as follows:

  • Unpleasant itching in the labia , vagina , anus,
  • Appearance of white patches (isolated or continuous),
  • The appearance of redness,
  • Before the formation of cracks, seals on the mucosa,
  • Abundant vaginal discharge odorless,
  • Pain during urination (acute burning),
  • Can appear soreness in sexual intercourse.

More questions? Urine, getting on the inflamed parts of the vagina, causes unpleasant burning, disrupts the work of the urinary system. Symptoms most often occur 1 week before menstruation. Unaesthetic appearance of the mucous vagina prevents sexual intercourse and the likelihood of contracting a partner.

Burning and itching is felt strongly by women with allergies. After taking baths, the burning sensation in a warm environment increases.

Depending on the cycle of menstruation in healthy women there are secretions, but not gray, white or green and thick consistency. Pain even prevents sleep.

The presence of all the symptoms does not say that you have a thrush. Most of the signs are inherent in other more dangerous diseases (chlamydia, gonorrhea, myco-or ureplasmosis, genital herpes, bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis). Thrush in these cases is a concomitant indicator of the presence of infection in the body. Therefore, self-medication can not be done if you are concerned about such symptoms. Make an appointment with a doctor to clarify the reasons.

How does it all look like?

All listed external symptoms are visible in the photo. Carefully, some photos show the neglected form of the disease and they are not for the faint of heart:

Attention! Content can be unpleasant for viewing

The very spots on your underpants (transparent or barely white) do not mean that you have thrush. If there are no other symptoms - burning, itching, etc., then the disease is unlikely.

However, if there are suspicions, especially if:

  • The dynamics are negative (there is more discharge),
  • Discharge have a sharp odor ,
  • Or unhealthy color (green, brown shades or milky-white),
  • Or they are heterogeneous, cheesy mass is observed -

- It is worth going to the doctor.

Where does it come from?

In the human body Candida fungus is not so rare. But usually the immune system does not allow it to multiply excessively.

Doctor Sometimes favorable conditions are created for this, among them:

  • Reception of antibiotics, weakening body defense;
  • Taking hormonal drugs ( prednisolone , dexamethasone );
  • Premenstrual changes in the vagina (acid-base balance is disturbed);
  • Pathologies of the thyroid gland;
  • Use of tampons;
  • Sexual intercourse with a dry vagina;
  • After surgical interventions;
  • Wearing thongs;
  • Use of means of intimate hygiene (deodorants, soaps, bath salts);
  • Hot and humid weather;
  • Decreased immunity;
  • HIV infection.

Always consult a doctor, especially if:

  • Symptoms first appeared;
  • More than 3 episodes of candidiasis a year, a second time for 2 months;
  • You are pregnant or nursing;
  • Treat, and the symptoms do not disappear;
  • There were pains in the chest, abdomen, back;
  • You are less than 12 or more than 60 years;
  • You take immunosuppressants, medications for diabetes.

More common is thrush in adolescent girls during puberty and girls.

What is thrush in girls and how to cure it? During the establishment of a balance of microorganisms that occupy the genital tract, thrush may appear. The consequences of which adversely affect the childbearing ability.

A visit to the doctor for finding out the correct diagnosis is necessary to establish the pathogen, and to select the treatment with antifungal medications in the form of taking tablets and capsules, using ointments and vaginal suppositories .

Distinguish from a dozen different yeast fungi that cause thrush, and which specifically you have to identify with bapsoseva.

Albicans-wiki Diagnosis of thrush is based on light microscopy. Detection of Candida fungi by the method of PIF - direct immunofluorescence (in sowing), by DNA-diagnostics (PCR) method. With thrush, it is important not to have a presence, but the number of fungi of the genus Candida. Treatment of vaginal mycosis is complex.

Detection in candida tests does not mean that you have candidiasis. If in addition to deviations in the analyzes, there are also curdled vaginal discharge, accompanied by itching, then the manifestations of the disease are obvious.

Thrush is passed on to a baby from a pregnant woman. In children it has a light bloom in the oral cavity: in the tongue, gums, in the sky. And it hurts the baby to suckle.

Is it contagious?

Thrush is transmitted sexually. But in healthy men who do not have problems with immunity, it gets extremely bad. This is due to the peculiarities of the structure of male and female genital organs. Nevertheless, men should not forget about the rules of personal hygiene and protection. Read more about the male version here.

What can be done for preventive purposes?

  • To do syringing ;
  • Do not wear tight underwear, synthetic tights;
  • Do not use shower gels, vaginal deodorants, salts, bath foam;
  • Use water-based lubricants during sexual intercourse;
  • Use special gels for balance in the vagina;
  • When relapsing candidiasis, use antifungal agents ( tablets or suppositories ).

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