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Among the effective remedies for acne, most people prefer old and proven drugs, one of which is Tsindol.

This is a topical agent with a strong drying and anti-inflammatory effect.

It includes only natural ingredients that allow you to use the medicine without restrictions.


Zindol Suspension is used for the following skin problems:

  • Diaper rash and prickly heat;
  • Various types of dermatitis;
  • Cuts, scratches, or wounds on the skin;
  • UV or temperature burns;
  • Ulcers, trophic ulcers;
  • Eczema in remission;
  • Dermal erosion and expression;
  • Papular pimples;
  • Streptoderma;
  • Herpetic rash.

Dosage and administration

zindol-1 Zindol is applied externally, the application procedure is carried out in the following order:

  • Pre-cleansing the skin and drying before applying the tool;
  • Thoroughly shaking the vial with the medium to a uniform consistency;
  • Wetting a cotton swab or disc, and applying the preparation on the treated areas in a uniform layer;
  • After application it is impossible to wash off. This is done only with complete drying, when the dry film will fall off the skin.

Processing is carried out from 4 to 6 times a day. The duration of the course depends on the neglect of the disease and the speed of the onset of a positive effect.

For severe lesions, it is possible to use masks with a suspension of the drug. They are applied to problem areas and allowed to dry for some time, then covered with a piece of gauze or a natural cloth for the night. In the morning, the remains are washed off, the skin is treated with tonic and a moisturizer is applied.

Treatment of burns and wounds is performed by applying a bandage moistened with the preparation. The bandage is replaced if necessary, depending on the treatment tactics prescribed by the doctor. Each subsequent application is made after wetting the clean dressing in a suspension of Zindol.

zindol-3 For the prevention of children, you can put a mash on the skin in contact with wet clothes. Diaper dermatitis is treated with Zindol at the first sign of redness, irritation or diaper rash. For this treatment is carried out 3 times a day., Or as the diaper is replaced, if necessary.

Small areas with cuts, scratches, temperature or sun damage are processed by applying a thin layer, which is covered with gauze cut. When treatments are not allowed to hit the drug in the mouth or eyes.

The suspension is applied only to areas with no signs of infection, as it is not intended for the treatment of ulcers.

In children, Zindol is treated for sores, various types of allergies and rashes, soak. Allowed to use in places of frustration, peeling, to reduce inflammation and relieve itching, after an insect bite. To combat chickenpox and herpes rash, 1-2 treatments a day are enough.


The drug is safe for all categories of the population. Contraindications can only be hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Side effects

In rare cases, after applying Zindol, excessive dryness of the skin, itching and redness is observed. Unwanted symptoms disappear after stopping the use of the drug.

Composition and pharmacokinetics

zindol-0 Suspension (or suspension) Zindol includes the active component - zinc oxide, as well as auxiliary - talc, glycerin, ethanol, starch, dist. water The tool is poured into 125 ml. vials.

The active ingredient of Zindol is zinc oxide, whose antimicrobial action is based on the property of protein denaturation. Tsindol, or "talker", falling on the skin, instantly removes microorganisms that caused inflammation. This allows you to remove the existing problem and prevent the emergence of a new one.

Disinfectant properties of the drug accelerate the resorption of scars, stimulate the metabolism of epithelial tissues, cleanse, dry and heal existing damage to the skin. The knitting properties of the talker protect the skin from irritating external factors due to the physico-chemical interactions of the drug and the skin, compacting its upper layer, and reducing the permeability.

The formation of a protective layer in addition to drying the skin, removing the swelling of local anesthesia, have the following positive properties:

  • Decreased glandular secretion activity;
  • Compaction of the walls of blood vessels and their overflow with blood;
  • A drop in enzyme activity;
  • The narrowing of the capillaries.


Before you start using Zindol, conduct a sensitivity test by applying a solution to the elbow and checking the skin condition at that place in an hour. The test will be more accurate if the procedure is carried out before bedtime, and check the result in the morning.

If the condition of the skin remains the same, you can apply the medicine. If an itch is felt at the test site, a redness or rash has occurred, the drug should be discarded, or in extreme cases it should be applied to a point.


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I have a problem - atopic dermatitis. Every summer a red itchy rash appears, and the itch is so severe that sometimes I brush my skin into the blood. I used Sanflanova ointment, but since this is a hormonal medicine, she refused it, and the doctor advised the mash. This cheap tool helps very quickly, just a godsend for allergy sufferers. The only drawback is that you need to wait until it dries, so as not to leave dark spots on the clothes. Irina, Moscow

Not so long ago, there was allergy to the joints in the form of red blisters, which became more and more. A dermatologist prescribed Tsindol to relieve itching and swelling. The spots were scratched so much that instead of a cotton pad, it spread the talker by hand. She managed the symptoms. Although for a complete cure I had to use complex therapy, I was satisfied with the effect of the remedy. Nadezhda, Novorossiysk

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