Douching with soda for thrush

Baking soda Treatment with soda is the best folk remedy for thrush, which is also recommended by traditional medicine. Doctors say it is proven that using soda has a strong therapeutic effect in almost half of the patients. This is because the alkaline solution has a negative effect on the fungus, because candida is not adapted to live in such an environment. When this occurs, the dissolution of microfibers of the fungus and its chemical structure is destroyed.

Soda for medicinal purposes with thrush can be used as a solution for washing and douching. Performing douching for thrush with soda, you should not stop treatment immediately after the disappearance of the main symptoms:

  • itching and redness of the genitals;
  • sour cheesy discharge;
  • burning sensation during urination and intercourse.

There is no guarantee that a complete cure has come, yet. Sit baths with soda help to fix the achieved effect.

To do this, you need one big spoon of soda per liter of water (warm and always boiled). Everything is stirred in the pelvis and then you need to sit in it for about a quarter of an hour. Procedures to perform at least six times.

For the rehabilitation of the vagina is better to use candles with chlorhexidine .

Gynecological syringe Douching with soda also relieves itching and redness well, besides this procedure helps to eliminate unpleasant odor and cheesy discharge. With its help, it is possible to cure thrush at home. Douching should be carried out only with the appropriate diagnosis, so as not to cause disturbances in the vaginal microflora.

Perform the procedure lying on your back, for example in the bathroom. Pre-recommended use of sterile vaseline as a lubricant. Then, releasing the air, gently insert the tip of the syringe into the vagina. It is necessary that the solution was washed and poured it completely. The duration of the procedure should not exceed a third of an hour. After it is recommended to lie down for about fifteen minutes.

By the way, it has been proven that syringing soda several times increases the success of conception. This is an effective folk remedy for thrush should be combined with other means of antifungal therapy or other measures of drug treatment. Douching with soda, along with leaching, very effectively destroys the signs of thrush.

For lovers of self-treatment, it is worth emphasizing that this method is permissible only after obtaining approval at a gynecological consultation. This is due to the fact that douching is carried out only with appropriate indications, since such a procedure can significantly disrupt the vaginal microflora.

In technical terms, it is worth noting that washing the vagina should be performed only with a gynecological syringe, always disinfecting it before each session. It can also be replaced with a special device - an Esmarkh mug, which can be purchased in all pharmacies. And yet - the water must be boiled before preparing the solution.

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