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At the moment, Dermazole shampoo is not commercially available, see analogues.

Instructions for use

Dermazole Shampoo Dermazole Shampoo is a drug. The main active ingredient of this drug is part of antifungal tablets and ointments, these forms of drugs also have their own scope of use.

The main pharmacological action

The main active ingredient of the medicinal shampoo is Ketoconazole, which has fungistatic and fungicidal effects on various types of fungi . There is a high antimicrobial activity of ketoconazole, aimed at neutralizing the action of staphylococci and streptococci.

Penetrating into the cell of the fungal microorganism, Ketoconazole inevitably begins to inhibit the synthesis of substances involved in the construction of the cell membrane. Thus, the production of important elements necessary for the work of all cells is disrupted, irreversible changes lead to the death of the fungus.

The fungistatic effect of Ketoconazole containing shampoo is to reduce the ability of fungal microorganisms to create colonies. Fungicidal effect leads to a decrease in the strength of the cell membrane structure. Under the influence of the drug, the activity of the fungus is reduced, it can no longer form colonies, and gradually all the microorganisms die.

Indications for use

Bottle Dermazole in the palm of your hand Dermazol dermazol shampoo is recommended for use by patients suffering from:

Due to the antifungal and antimicrobial action of Ketoconazole, the shampoo can also be used to eliminate oily and dry dandruff. With external use, the active substances of the drug practically do not penetrate into the body, and therefore do not accumulate in it.

Side effects and contraindications

Dermazole shampoo is well tolerated in most cases. Local irritation reactions manifest as itching, a slight burning sensation, dryness of the strands may increase or, on the contrary, increase their fat content. In some patients, there is an increased loss of curls, and sometimes some change in their color. If the effects of irritation are greatly disturbed, then it is necessary to change this drug to a shampoo with a similar effect on the fungal infection.

Dermazole shampoo is contraindicated in the only case - if its use revealed signs of intolerance to the main active ingredient. Caution when using Ketoconazole should be exercised during pregnancy and lactation. It is best to postpone treatment with such drugs during these periods of life.

Method of use

Dermazole - the color of the liquid In order to obtain a pronounced therapeutic effect from the use of Dermazole shampoo recommended for fungal infections of the scalp, you need to know how to properly use it.

  • A small amount of shampoo is mixed with water and spread on wet hair. After foaming, the agent should be left on the head for about 5-7 minutes and then rinsed with plenty of running water.
  • During the use of the drug should be monitored so that it does not fall into the eyes.
  • Pityriasis versicolor are treated with Dermazole, applying this shampoo once a day for five days. After that, you need to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis and eczema are treated for three days with the condition of everyday use of funds.
  • If you need to eliminate dandruff or prevent its use, then the drug is recommended to be used once every one to two weeks.

With fungal lesions of the scalp, the course of treatment ranges from three weeks to two months. If Dermazole shampoo does not help, then you need to find other analogues of this antimicrobial agent.

The effectiveness of any treatment increases many times, if before using drugs pre- tested . Based on the data obtained, a dermatologist can make a treatment regimen consisting not only of the use of a shampoo. Sometimes systemic medications, i.e. tablets or capsules , are urgently needed to restore the condition of the hair and to eliminate the fungal infection.


Oily dandruff has been bothering me since adolescence. To eliminate it, she applied not only different shampoos, but also various popular recipes. A noticeable and pleasing effect appeared only after my sister used my shampoo with the name Dermazole to wash her hair. The very next day I noticed that there were almost no yellow scales. I bought this shampoo and now I use it twice a month. I do not think I need more, because I am afraid that the hair will get used to it Olesya, 25 years old, Novosibirsk

Seborrheic eczema on my head began to manifest itself after stress. Among other drugs, a dermatologist prescribed Dermazole shampoo for external use. I noticed the disappearance of plaques after about three days of daily use of this drug, after which I began to use this shampoo for prophylaxis two or three times a month. Now I’m pretty with my hair and I’m not ashamed of my hair, Anna, 42 years old


  • Rina :

    I am very pleased with the shampoo. After three days of everyday use, dandruff disappeared. I tried all the shampoos with Dermazole. Recommend.

  • Sergey :

    Hello everyone. I can say only good things about the shampoo “Dermazole”. After four applications, there was no trace of dandruff, but it was large, even if the skin peels off. I am very glad that there is such an effective remedy. Sergiy is 39 years old.

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