Disinfection of shoes after a fungal infection

This treatment is carried out with special solutions and sprays. In addition, special instruments that can influence the spores by ultraviolet can help.

Means for disinfection

Nika In any large city there are shops of disinfectants, medical chemistry, professional chemistry. They can be found in regional directories or on the Internet. An example .

The table below shows a list of disinfectants suitable for disinfection of shoes, their concentration and duration of soaking.

Only those funds are selected for which the official instruction clearly states "Processing of footwear from leather and leatherette", "Treatment against candida and dermatophytes":

Name Concentration An example of how to dilute Soaking time Link to the official instruction
A-des 1% 100 ml of the preparation per 10 l of water 15 minutes Pdf
Absolutide Diquat 1% see above 60 minutes Pdf
Abacteril 1% see above 30 minutes Html
Alpinica 5% 0.5 liters of preparation per 9.5 liters of water 30 minutes Pdf
Nick Neodez * 3.5% 350 ml of the preparation per 10 l of water 60 minutes 1 and 2
Ultima 2% 200 ml of the preparation per 10 l of water 30 minutes Pdf

You need to make a solution of this concentration and soak the shoes in it for the time indicated in the table. After soaking, rinse shoes thoroughly in clean water and dry them.

How to do it: a detailed photo report .

Note (*): Nick is a fairly popular and very wide line of tools. For shoes fit only "Nick Neodez".

Concentrated disinfectant can be quite aggressive, do not let it get into your eyes or mouth, wash your hands with soap after use. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and contact your nearest admissions office. If accidentally swallowed, it is necessary to rinse the stomach and also to see a doctor.

Chlorhexidine 1%


For the disinfection of shoes, chlorhexidine bigluconate is suitable, but only at a concentration of 1% . It is effective against yeasts and dermatophytes. Chlorhexidine is colorless and odorless, so it's very convenient to use it. The only drawback - it's not easy to get it. Pharmacies sell 0.05%, because in a higher concentration it is dangerous for mucous membranes, etc.

How to disinfect footwear from a fungus: soak a cotton swab in the solution and wipe the entire inner surface of the shoe with them, paying special attention to hard-to-reach places. Next, the processed shoes are put in a plastic bag, tightly knotted and left for 3-4 hours. After their expiration, 2-3 days are given to drying shoes.

Full instruction

You can buy in the shops of disinfectants, see our photo report .

Synonym 1% chlorogexidine - Desiheend , it, as well as Chlorhexidine, can be found in stores of medical technology, medical chemistry, professional des. Means .

Use 1% solution only for disinfection of shoes and surfaces.

For rinses, in the same way for the treatment of genital organs and open wounds a solution of 0.05% is intended!


Spray Mikostop The spray from the fungus for shoes " Mikostop " is very convenient. It is sprayed overnight on the inside surface of the shoe for 3-5 days. Antifungal treatment should be carried out for all pairs of shoes that were in use after the detection of the fungus and during its treatment. Note that the remedy for shoe fungus based on undecylenamine is effective against all fungi that are responsible for the occurrence of fungal infections. More ..


Miramistin 500 ml A fairly well-known universal antibacterial agent. It is sold in pharmacies.

It is used as a local antiseptic, practically odorless, but it is worth a lot, considering how much it will have to spend even for a pair of shoes. In this sense, the most advantageous option is a 500 ml bottle. Sold infrequently, but more profitable than small bottles.

Complete instruction, price, where to buy .

Use 0.1% solution - thoroughly moisten the cotton / gauze swab and soak the entire inner surface of the shoe. After that, let the shoes dry.


The agent destroys the fungi of the genus Candida and fungi-dermatophytes, mold fungi. This eliminates the relapse of the disease due to their own contaminated shoes. Dezavid also eliminates unpleasant odors and is a powerful antiseptic.

Produced in the form of a spray in a 150 ml bottle. The price is 200-300 rubles. In household chemistry stores.

Desadid Pluses:

  • Hypoallergenic drug (among components there are no perfumes, alcohol and chlorine).
  • Suitable for shoes of any material, including leather and suede.
  • It has no smell.
  • Does not leave traces.

Mode of application:

Option 1. Abundantly moisten any rag or cotton swab with a spray and wipe the inside surface of the shoe.

Option 2. Spray the "Desavid" at a distance of 30 cm on the inside surface of the shoe. The aging time is 3-5 minutes. As soon as the agent dries, the shoes can be used for their intended purpose.

During treatment with antifungal agents, the treatment of shoes with a nail fungus spray should be daily.


Laina - liquid for disinfection Transparent liquid of blue or green color with a smell is active against fungi of the genus Trichophyton (dermatophytes), Candida, mold fungi. Available in the form of a solution in bottles and jerricans with a capacity of 0.5 liters, 1.0 liters, 5 liters and 10 liters.

Often sold in veterinary pharmacies.

Do not use white shoes and light tones for shoes!

Mode of application:

Shoes are wiped twice with a swab densely moistened in solution. After a certain time has elapsed, the inner surface is treated with water and dried. Slippers, bath sandals and other shoes of this type are disinfected by immersion in the Laine solution and create obstacles to their ascent. Then the shoes are rinsed with water.

Attention! The concentration of the solution for the disinfection of shoes for fungal infections is 0.5% and 0.8%. Shoe processing with foot fungus is 30 and 15 minutes, respectively.


This remedy has a very sharp smell, which undoubtedly is its biggest drawback, but not the main one. Sometimes it is advised to use it for shoes disinfection, but remember that the substance is carcinogenic and toxic . With constant use, negatively affects the central nervous system, reproductive organs, respiratory tract, mucous membranes, skin.


Bicine Spray and Ampule A patented nano-complex that protects shoes from fungus for 20-40 days, destroys the sharp smell of sweat, destroys harmful bacteria and spores of Candida fungi, molds and dermatophytes. The kit includes: a plastic ampoule concentrate concentrate, a spray bottle with prepared water. The prepared solution can be stored for up to 5 years.

How to handle shoes after a fungus? In a bottle of prepared water poured all the concentrate from the ampoule, tighten and shake 5-6 times. The finished solution is sprayed onto the inside surface of the shoe. It is permitted to spray Bicin on wet shoes. Shoes can be worn immediately after treatment. The kit is sufficient for 2-3 treatments.

Sold in pharmacies, although it is not easy to find. It can also be sold in stores for tourists, hunters and fishermen.

Sometimes it is advised to use vinegar to disinfect shoes, but keep in mind that it has a strong odor that is very difficult to remove. Maybe you do not want to wear shoes after such disinfection.


Concentrate "Alaminol" diluted 1: 100 or 5: 100 (it turns out either 1% or 5% solution). The resulting solution is poured into the shoes and immediately poured. Wet shoes are left for 1.5 hours, and then rinsed twice with tap water. After drying, shoes can be worn.

The same solution is used for soaking the insoles.

A liter liquid costs 300-500 rubles, is sold in specialized stores of medical goods and des. Means.

Devices for disinfection of footwear

Xenelight Dryer Disinfection of shoes from the fungus can be carried out and special ultraviolet devices. They kill spores of fungi and bacteria, but they do not pose a danger to pets and humans. In addition to disinfection, some models also dry their shoes.

THIMSON . According to independent (?) Studies, the device, if included for 6-8 hours, placing inside the shoes, destroys 100% Candida fungi, 99.67% Trichophyton rubrum mushrooms, and 99.87% mushrooms of the genus Trichophyton mentaqrophytes.

Let's leave questions about the accuracy of the studies, since UV radiation destroys the fungus, this is 100% fact.

It is very simple to use: the device is put into each toe of shoes for 6-12 hours. At this time, the fungal spores in the shoe are affected by four ultraviolet lamps built around the perimeter.

XENELITE . The ultraviolet of this device affects the DNA of the fungi and kills them by 99.9%. The instructions say that the treatment of shoes from the fungus will take 5 minutes, so in an hour you can disinfect the shoes of all family members.

Inside Xenelayte, gas-discharge bactericidal lamps are installed. Together with the device, a dehumidifier is placed in the shoes. Attention! For drying, it is necessary to leave desiccants in the shoes for 4-6 hours. The device is suitable for home, sports and model shoes. It is not necessary to plug it into the socket: it works from 4 AAA batteries (accordingly, for a pair of shoes, 8 batteries will be needed). They last for 2 months. In total, the device should work for 5-7 years.


  • Angela :

    Good advice, you need to use and recommend your own. I'll go try for prophylaxis

  • Lyudmila Dmitrievna :

    Thanks for the advice, I discovered very useful and necessary knowledge for myself today. Thank you again!

  • Lyudmila :

    The advice is useful, only it is not possible to apply, you recommend chlorhexidine 1%, and in pharmacies only 0.05% is sold, and the photo shows exactly such an interest, and there are no other drugs in pharmacies in our city at all, where to buy?

    • Administrator :

      Many thanks for the feedback!

      The article has been edited. Yes, 1% of chlorhexidine at the moment is not in the pharmacies, look in the stores of medical technology and honey. Goods, they are in any major city.

      In extreme cases, you can order via the Internet, the links above.

      In addition, chlorhexidine is not the only remedy.

  • Anna :

    In Medtekhnika they sell the means of "Betadez". 1L is 420 rubles, enough for everything and for a long time.
    Table 7 instructions. Modes of disinfection of shoes with solutions of the "BETADEZ" remedy. The inside surface of the shoe is wiped twice with a tampon moistened with a disinfectant 1% solution (Table 7) "Betadez". After the expiration of 30 minutes, the treated surface is wiped with water and dried. Bath sandals, slippers are disinfected by immersion in the solution, preventing them from ascending. After disinfection, they are rinsed with water.
    In addition, instead of acetic essence, you can use apple cider vinegar, after aging from the smell, rub the shoes with ammonia.

  • Pauline :

    Xenaline - just a super thing! I got it as a gift, I confess I did not even hear about it, now I'm telling everyone about this wonderful thing and I highly recommend it! And keep the shoes for a longer time, and for the feet it is comfortable and safe from the fungus due to disinfection

    • Natalia :

      And where they sell, in the network of which stores xenaline and thymson

    • Elena :

      This is a conventional thermal drying, has nothing to do with UV!
      And yes, UV kills fungi, but only DEFINED wavelength.

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