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Pharmacological properties

Diflucan Diflucan 150 mg belongs to the triazole antifungal agents of the new class and is considered a powerful way to combat fungi of various nature. The drug Diflucan contains the active ingredient fluconazole, which has an antibiotic effect. By suppressing the vital processes of fungal microorganisms, fluconazole causes their inevitable death. Moreover, the drug in no way affects the hormones of a woman. The effectiveness of fluconazole was tested on various models of fungal diseases. The drug showed particular activity in opportunistic mycoses, including those caused by Candida spp.


  • Cryptococcosis (cryptococcal meningitis, infections of the lungs, skin and others), may be treated in patients with AIDS.
  • Generalized candidiasis (infections of the peritoneum, eyes, urinary and respiratory tract infections, endocardium), may be treated in patients with malignant tumors.
  • Candidiasis of the mucous membranes (oral cavity - more about the treatment , pharynx, esophagus , candiduria, mucocutaneous, chronic oral atrophic).
  • Genital candidiasis (vaginal, acute or recurrent).
  • Mycoses of the skin (body, feet, groin, onychomycosis, pityriasis versicolor).
  • Other types of mycoses (coccidioidomycosis, sporotrichosis, histoplasmosis, paracoccidiomycosis and others).

In addition, Diflucan 150 mg is prescribed to prevent fungal infections in people undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy prescribed to fight malignant tumors, if they have a predisposition to their development.


The main contraindications are simultaneous use with such substances as cisapride, terfenadine, astemizole. In addition, the reception is contraindicated for persons with hypersensitivity to fluconazole and azole substances similar in chemical structure.

Diflucan 150 mg is contraindicated during pregnancy unless the fetus is threatened with a fungal infection, and the benefits of the drug will be higher than the expected risk. During breastfeeding, it is also worth refusing to take the drug, since fluconazole passes into the milk in the same concentration as in the blood of the nursing mother.

In rare cases, you should refrain from taking the drug for:

  • liver disease,
  • rash after starting
  • the appearance of bullous lesions and erythema (multiforme).

Dosing and Administration

img1392_41155_big Diflucan 150 mg capsules are swallowed whole. The daily dose of the active substance depends on the type of fungal infection and the age of the patient. Drug treatment can begin even before the results of laboratory studies, but the definition of specific therapy is possible only when they become known. For the prevention of recurrence of candidiasis (thrush), Diflucan is taken monthly in a dosage of 150 mg for a single dose.


For thrush (vaginal candidiasis), a single dose of 150 mg is sufficient . However, if there is a frequent recurrence, then the drug can be used in the same dosage once a month . The duration of admission is 4-12 months depending on the individual characteristics. When balanitis caused by the same Candida fungi, fluconazole is administered once in the same dose of 150 mg.

With other candidal infections , the regimen of administration of the drug is as follows: on the first day, 400 mg, on subsequent days, 200 mg 1 time per day. The dosage, starting from the second day, can be increased to 400 mg, if the effect of taking the medicine is insufficient.

For cryptococcal infections, the following regimen is prescribed: on the first day - 400 mg, on subsequent days, 200-400 mg 1 time per day.

For skin infections, the recommended dosage: 150 mg 1 time per week or 50 mg once daily. The duration of treatment is 2-4 weeks.

In case of pityriasis lichen , 2 treatment regimens are possible. The first scheme: 1 time per week, 300 mg (duration 2 weeks). The second scheme: 1 time per day, 50 mg (2-4 weeks duration).

With onychomycosis, a weekly dose of 150 mg per week is prescribed until the non-infected nail fully grows (for hands this period lasts from 3 to 6 months, for legs from 6 to 12 months).

When oropharyngeal candidiasis is appointed daily intake for 1-2 weeks at a dosage of 50-100 mg per day. In case of atrophic oral candidiasis (when wearing dentures), Diflucan is prescribed for 2 weeks at a dose of 50 mg per day in combination with antiseptic agents for the treatment of the prosthesis.

For other types of candidal infections of the mucous membranes, the effective dosage is 50-100 mg per day with a duration of therapy from 14 to 30 days.


2214 For the treatment of mucosal candidiasis, children are prescribed a dose of 6 mg per kg of body weight on the first day, after which it is reduced to 3 mg per kg of body weight per day. In generalized candidiasis and cryptococcal infections, the dosage ranges from 6 to 12 mg per kg of body weight per day and depends on the severity of the disease.

For the prevention of fungal infections in children with reduced immunity after radiation or chemotherapy, it is prescribed from 3 to 12 mg per kg of body weight, depending on the severity of neutropenia.

In newborns, fluconazole is eliminated more slowly than in older children, therefore, in the first 2 weeks of life, the child is given in the usual infant dosage, but with an interval of 72 hours. For babies aged 3-4 weeks, the same dosage is administered at intervals of 48 hours.


Elderly patients not suffering from renal failure, the drug is prescribed in the average dosage.

Side effects

The main side effects after taking the drug may be dizziness, nausea, stomach pain and headaches, flatulence, diarrhea, rash, leukopenia, edema, seizures and changes in taste.

In some cases, changes in blood parameters and in the work of the kidneys and liver are possible (especially in AIDS patients and people with malignant neoplasms).


I have a relapse of thrush. The first time was treated with candles from another manufacturer, but the effect of them had to wait a very long time. I needed a faster-acting drug, and here my friends were talking about Diflucan. On their advice and bought it. The effect after it was instant. Now only buy it and I will. Anna, Moscow

Quickly copes with thrush, literally two pills were enough to stop the burning and strong discharge. After the vigilant Livarola in the candles, the problem of thrush returned all the time, and after Diflucan okay, almost half a year! The only negative - a couple of days hurt the stomach after the pills, but you can suffer. Svetlana Yakina, Novosibirsk

As for me, this is one of the most effective means for treating thrush in women. Every time I get thrush, I drink Diflucan in combination with local drugs to treat this unpleasant disease. There were no side effects, but the result was fast and long-lasting. Angelina, Dnepropetrovsk

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  • People :

    When is it better to take Diflucan? in the morning, at night, after eating, on the toshchak ???

    • Doc :

      Regardless of the meal.

      It does not matter in the morning or in the evening. If the reception is not a one-time course, then you need to take at the same time.

  • Nikolay :

    I have had a thrush after a sexual intercourse. A month has passed. Will Diflucan help. What doses and how many days to drink it? What can be combined to go faster. And what else can you do

    • Doc :


      You can try the cream first, such as Candide or Pimafucin. Apply during the week 2 times a day.

      A tablet of Diflucan 150 mg is enough to drink 1 time.

      A complete list is in the "Preparations" section, and there is an instruction for everyone there.

      PS If this is exactly thrush.

  • Irina :

    Hello! Please tell me how to use Diflucan for children (10 years) with vaginal candidiasis. (After taking antibiotics, symptoms appeared inno on the mucous membrane of the genital organs)?

    • Doc :


      For children, the rate is 3 mg / kg / day. That is, if a child weighs, for example, 33 kg, then its dosage is 3 * 33 = 99 mg, or 2/3 tablets.

      The duration of treatment is the same as for an adult, in the case of thrush it is a single dose.

      PS The site administration as always reminds of the need to consult a doctor.

  • Julia :

    I am 16 years old. Thrush for the first time. She took Diflucan, one pill. 12 hours have passed - no changes, only Vagisil saves, helps to eliminate the itch. What to do? How much does Diflucan work through? Should I take another pill?

    • Doc :


      Usually it goes away in a day. If there is no change, then most likely it is not thrush, go to the doctor.

  • Ruslan :

    Tell me please, I had sexual intercourse with two girls and after both of them had thrush - what could it be? At the same time, all I can not see anything, before there was a white veil on the head of the penis, but now there is not and there is only a sour smell .. Thank you for your help.

  • Anna :

    Hello! Ultrasound showed that I have ciscitis. The doctor prescribed Diflucan. Esteemed and doubted, there is prescribed for other diseases. Urine analysis is good. Is it true that he is prescribed for my diagnosis?

    • Doc :


      Cystitis happens for various reasons, if the disease is caused by a fungus, then Diflucan or similar medications are prescribed.

  • Amina :

    Hello! When thrush can be delayed menstrual cycle?

    • Doc :


      This is unlikely. There could be some kind of stress or hormonal failure, which caused both delay and provoked thrush.

      • Olga :

        Hello ! I have a very severe itching. Itches all. Highlight white go. Thrush. Will Diflucan help?

        • Doc :


          Under such symptoms a lot of diseases fit, you need to be examined by a doctor.

  • Alexander :

    Good day!! Already as two weeks on the penis appeared white spots, and around their sores. The girl passed all tests, she is fine. I am far away and do not have the opportunity to visit a doctor, I have tried to lubricate with Triderm, no improvements Will the use of Diflucan? One to take it? Thank you very much in advance ...

    • Doc :


      You need a medical checkup. According to the description, several diseases and different treatment options are possible.

      Diflucan can try. It is taken one time, one tablet 150 mg. The result will be within 1-2 days, or it is not a fungus.

  • Julia :

    Hello, tell me there are spots on my tongue and they hurt and do not pass. I passed the analysis for Candida. It turned out to be positive.

  • Alina :

    Hello, tell me if there is a discharge from the cycle to the cycle, and in the interval between the menstruation do not go away, for several months already, will Diflucan help and you need to take a course or once?

    • Doc :


      It depends on the nature of the discharge, if cheesy with a sour specific smell, then yes, you need Diflucan, once 150 mg, if there is no relapse, then again in a month.

      But it is better to go to the gynecologist anyway, to make sure that this is not another disease.

  • Tatyana :

    Hello, tell me how many days you need to take Diflucan Suspension of a child at 3 years old with oral candidiasis?

    • Doc :


      For children, this drug is prescribed at the rate of: 3 mg per 1 kg of baby weight 1 time per day, for 7-14 days.

      We strongly recommend doing this under the supervision of a physician.

  • Olya :

    Good evening. Can you please tell me how much of the drug to use for the treatment of chiopteremus?

    • Doc :


      300 mg 1 time / week for 2 weeks; some patients require a third dose of 300 mg / week, while for some patients a single dose is sufficient.

  • Vlada :

    Hello! I know for sure that thrush, there is no possibility to go to the doctor. When thrush need to take tablets Diflucan or eat in the form of candles? What is the regimen?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Doc :


      Candles have a lot of different, see the section "Preparations". But Diflucan is available only in pills. Take one pill 150 mg once. In extreme cases, if there are any symptoms - another pill after a week.

  • Yuri :

    Hello! The doctor prescribed doxycycline for a course of 14 days. In the middle of the second week, the classic symptoms of candidiasis appeared - itching and burning in the urethra, small white lumps on the head of the penis, and an unpleasant smell. The doctor advised to use one of the preparations of ointments to choose from (I chose Candida). When I was already treating candidiasis, I was helped by a single dose of Diflucan. I think to take it once and this time, in connection with which the question is: when is it better to take it? After completing the course of doxycycline or in parallel with it? I have 4 days left until the end of the course of doxycycline. Thank you in advance.

  • Alina :

    I do not even remember how long it is with me but ... I am 16 years old
    There is always some white discharge, a sour, specific odor once or twice, but it does not itch (as some say), sometimes there is a burning sensation, there is pain in the lower abdomen, mostly on the left side. What is thrush? Will Diflucan help? And in what proportions to take?

    • Doc :


      Yes, the symptoms are very similar, except for one. Abdominal pain can talk about some other disease. You have to go to the gynecologist.

      As for thrush, 150 mg at one time, exactly one week later, another 150 mg. If this scheme does not help, again - to the doctor.

  • Katya :

    I have thrush. Of the symptoms, only excretion. The doctor prescribed these tablets for a course of 7 days, 50 mg each, and then 150 mg once. I drank a large dose yesterday. And today the selection has become more? This is normal?

    • Doc :


      Not that it was normal, but it’s too early to draw conclusions. If a week does not pass, go to the reception again.

  • Anna :

    Hello. Tell me, is it possible to breastfeed if I take Diflucan? (150 mg one capsule) A child of 10 months.

    • Doc :


      It is undesirable, it is better to be treated with candles during GW.

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