Generics and problems of the pharmacological market

What are generics?

Generic (generic) is called a generic drug, which is a copy of the original drug composition of the active ingredient. Generics (analogs) can be released only after the expiration of the period of patent protection of the active substance of the original drug. cheap - left, expensive - right An ideal counterpart should:

  1. to transport the body the same amount of active ingredient (biological equivalence);
  2. consist of the same components (pharmaceutical equivalence);
  3. have the same therapeutic effect as the original (therapeutic efficacy).

In practice, in most countries, including Russia, only the first indicator is controlled .

Generic companies are required to prove that the active ingredient is identical to the original drug. But excipients (fillers, preservatives, dyes) in their counterparts are usually different (cheaper). This circumstance may reduce the therapeutic efficacy of the generic.

The share of generics in the international pharmaceutical market is constantly growing. This percentage is lower in countries with a high material standard of living, where most patients can afford the original.

Is the original better?

The main part of the cost of the original drug is the reimbursement of the huge costs of the manufacturer for the creation of a new drug. It includes the following steps:

  • the development of a new drug substance;
  • study of efficacy and side effects;
  • development of production technology;
  • tests on animals and volunteers;
  • advertising campaigns for active market entry.

good or evil? The patent obtained for a new drug is 20-25 years old. The first half of this period, the pharmaceutical company reimburses the costs incurred, and the second half - makes a profit. This allows it to continue its activities in the pharmaceutical market. The number of companies that produce innovative medicines in the global pharmaceutical market does not exceed half a thousand.

Original drugs are expensive. But the patient taking these drugs can be confident in their quality and effectiveness.

The side effects of such drugs are minimized due to optimal selection and auxiliary substances.

The original drugs higher purity of the substance. This is not true for many generics made from Indian or Chinese raw materials.

What gives analog

Cheap pills or expensive? The cost of generics is several times less than the price of the original drug. Low cost due to objective factors. After all, manufacturers of analogues use ready-made formula of active medicinal substance. They do not need to compensate for the large funds invested in the creation of the drug. Tens of thousands of companies are engaged in the production of analogues.

However, in some cases, the quality of cheap analogs leaves much to be desired. Generic manufacturers are not faced with the task of winning the pharmaceutical market and creating a good reputation for the medicine. This has already been done by others.

Therefore, much less attention is paid to the combination of active substances with auxiliary substances and the stability of a chemical compound. Incorrectly selected inactive ingredients can significantly reduce the therapeutic efficacy of active ingredients.


We will not chop off the shoulder. Buying an inexpensive equivalent you can get good quality, but not always .

Most analogues at least in some way inferior to the prototype. If your budget allows, buy original medicines.

When purchasing them, you should follow certain rules in order not to run into a low-quality drug:

  • you should consult with the doctors: they are well aware of the quality not only of the original drugs, but also of their analogues;
  • It is better to buy a generic, produced not the first year;
  • it is better to buy drugs in large pharmacies that value their reputation;
  • if possible, you should purchase drugs produced in countries with a developed system of control of the drug market (old members of the European Union, the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan).

Patients who already have experience of receiving the original, as a rule, can check the effect of the generic by comparison.

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