Effective tablets for thrush for women

pills To common diseases it is not by chance that thrush is considered. It refers to infectious diseases, and its originators are Candida fungi. The disease not only causes discomfort, but also brings a lot of trouble. And, according to statistics, she is familiar to many.

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Therefore, there is so much interest in ways to get rid of the disease; The choice of a good tool that has an acceptable cost. Among the huge assortment of pharmaceuticals manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies today, there are many drugs that can solve the problem quickly:

  • Means that are applied externally (there are a large number of various ointments, creams and suppositories);
  • Tablets from thrush for women, they allow you to cure the disease with the greatest effect.

So when can women take pills?

pills Despite the fact that local treatment of this disease gives good results, often specialists prescribe to patients exactly the tablets from thrush, inexpensive and effective.

  • Such pharmaceuticals have an excellent therapeutic effect. Their use in treatment often guarantees the disappearance of the symptoms of such an unpleasant disease, literally after a single administration of the remedy.
  • When the examining physician identifies the thrush, it is recurrent. In some patients, it occurs several times a year and causes inconvenience.
  • This is a chronic form of the disease.
  • They will help them to cure even extremely difficult forms of the disease.

It is justified to use such means when patients have certain features of the genital organs. In this case, the use of therapy is locally excluded.

As practice shows, tablets are well proven in the treatment of fungal diseases of any form and location.

It is important to remember: self-treatment is completely inappropriate. To address to physicians follows at the first signs of illness.

It is the specialist who will prescribe the correct treatment regimen taking into account all the features of this serious ailment. He also determines, the better to use the patient (a local drug or one that needs to be taken orally).

It is possible that the doctor will be given a recommendation to use different medications in the complex. Only the doctor knows all the nuances, as well as the differences of the same, as may seem at first glance, drugs.

How long the course of treatment will last, the doctor also determines. It can be 1-10 days. The choice of medicine for each person is strictly individual. It occurs after the examination by the doctors and the delivery of all the analyzes in this case.

Is inexpensive treatment possible?

Koshel In what form the disease would not occur, it must be treated without fail. True, many of the strong drugs of this orientation are not very accessible, they are quite expensive. It is not surprising that women have a question, and are there any tablets from thrush, inexpensive and effective? As an example, there are a number of drugs, they can easily be found in any pharmacy:

To them it is possible to attribute « Fluconazole » . Having taken one pill, it is possible to get rid of the disease (when it is in mild form). A doctor can prescribe a medication for 1 to 3 months. After six months, the course of treatment is repeated to avoid relapse. This drug is effective against mycoses caused by Candida spp., Trichophyton spp., Cryptococcus, Microsporum spp., Coccidioides immitis, Histoplasma capsulatum.

For a long time already, in the treatment of women with antifungal diseases, Nystatin has been successfully used. It belongs to the most affordable drugs and is an excellent tool in the fight against superficial forms of candidiasis. Its action is directed to the destruction of microorganisms of fungi.

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Among the most popular inexpensive drugs is Flucostat . Its highly effective action is based on a relatively small number of side effects. He is prescribed not only to treat a beginning illness, but also to prescribe in case of chronic candidiasis.

As a variety of diseases of very different nature, thrush can also be cured as an expensive drug, and much more affordable (analog). Having bought inexpensive tablets, you can successfully cure even from severe forms of the disease. After all, every drug that is offered in the pharmacy, there are several commercial names. In this case, there are only about ten active substances that suppress Candida fungi.

The same "Fluconazole" , for example, in the domestic market can be found under different names. And, it is he among all has the lowest cost, and the most expensive is "Diflucan", which costs an order of magnitude more. Despite the huge difference, the basis of these drugs is the same active substance.

The assortment of tablets has several types of chemical structure. Why pay more for the drug, when the composition of the same active substances.

Group of antifungal Active substance Name of tablets
Imidazoles Isoconazole Ovulum
Clotrimazole ( suppositories are on the order of 20-30 p., In tablets it is extremely rare) Kanesten
Ketoconazole (120-150 rub.) Oronazole
Miconazole Ginezole
Levorin Nystatin (20-30 r.)
Natamycin Pimafucine
Fluconazole (30-50 rub.) Diflucan
Itraconazole Mycosyst
Flucostat (200 rub.)

Note: Pimafucin in tablets is not effective against vaginal candidiasis, see the instructions .

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Do not forget that the cost of tablets is affected by the effectiveness of the funds themselves, the amount of active ingredient in antifungal drugs, the form of their release and the number of tablets in the package.

The toxicity of drugs, the range of their effects also have an impact on the price. As for antifungal drugs, which are allowed for pregnant women and during lactation, many of them have a fairly high cost.

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