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all forms of release Ecofemin Floravag is a probiotic complex consisting of three types of lactobacilli that make up the normal microflora of the female vagina. The composition of the drug as close as possible to the natural content of the vaginal environment.

The tool allows you to eliminate the increased vaginal dryness, discomfort during intimate intimacy. "Ecofemin Floravag" perfectly fights the signs of dysbiosis, eliminates unpleasant odor and burning sensation in the genital area.

The tool belongs to the group of food additives with the biological activity of the constituent components. It is sold to the public through the pharmacy chain, distribution companies and specialized departments in stores.

When is it applied?

Ecofemin Floravag can be used for prophylactic purposes (coursework is recommended) to maintain the optimal state of the vaginal flora and improve the quality of everyday and intimate life.

Lactobacilli that are part of the drug, help to restore the pH level necessary for the health of the genitals. In the case of internal administration, the agent has a complex effect on the female sexual system:

  • eliminates unpleasant odor in the intimate area;
  • moisturizes the mucous membranes of the vagina;
  • stimulates the production of natural vaginal secretions;
  • facilitates penetration of the penis of the partner during sexual intimacy;
  • regulates the amount of discharge (whiter);
  • eliminates burning and itching;
  • supports the health of the vagina and external genital organs;
  • strengthens local immunity to fight infections.

ekofemin-0 With the purpose of treatment, Ecofemin Floravag is used for diseases of the genital area, accompanied by a violation of the normal content of lactic acid bacteria and the growth of pathogenic flora. Reception of funds can be indicated for the following diseases (as part of a complex scheme):

  • vaginitis;
  • vulvitis;
  • vaginal bacteriosis;
  • infections of the genital tract.

Ecofemin Floravag is recommended to be taken after antibiotic treatment to restore normal acidity and the growth of beneficial lactic bacteria.

Important! The drug can be taken simultaneously with antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral agents.

How to use?

Ekofemin Floravag capsules can be used for prophylaxis or treatment.

For therapeutic purposes, the drug is taken in 1 capsule (in the morning and in the evening). Chew means not necessary. Take with meals or after meals. Important! “Ecofemin Floravag” can be taken 3 hours after taking antifungal and antibacterial drugs.

For the prevention of vaginal bacteriosis and dysbiosis, 1 capsule is prescribed. The duration of treatment in both cases is 10 days. With the preventive purpose of the drug should be taken every six months.


The drug has no contraindications or restrictions for use. The exceptions are cases of intolerance to components that are extremely rare, since the lactobacilli that are part of Ecofemin Floravag are an integral part of the vaginal environment of a healthy woman.

Important! Patients with various forms of immunodeficiency need to consult a doctor before starting an appointment.

Pregnancy and lactation

ekofemin-3 The drug can be used for therapeutic purposes as an additional component of therapy if indicated. The applicability should be determined by the observing physician.

Lactation is not a limitation for the use of capsules.

Side effects

Side effects during the administration of Ecofemin Floravag capsules were not diagnosed. The possibility of an allergic reaction to the ingredients used to produce the capsule shell cannot be excluded.

Composition and release form

"Ecofemin Floravag" contains 3 types of dairy crops that ensure the health of the vaginal environment.

  • Lactobacillus brevis. When it enters the body enters the vaginal epithelium at the cellular level, it produces the synthesis of enzymes. Reduces the level of acidity of the vagina, providing the necessary conditions for the growth and reproduction of beneficial flora.
  • Lactobacillus crispatus. Restores the vaginal microflora, normalizes local immunity in the event of infections of the urogenital area.
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus. Regulates the production of lactic acid, necessary to maintain the natural balance of the vaginal flora. Responsible for biochemical processes. Destroys harmful bacteria.

The drug is available in the form of capsules of 20 pieces per pack. The express course consists of 10 capsules (with enhanced formula).


The drug should be stored at a temperature of 2 to 6 degrees (in the refrigerator) in a sealed form no longer than 2 years within the expiration date.


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At one time, had serious problems with increased vaginal dryness. Sexual intercourse has become a real torture - a terrible feeling, when everything rubs, and about any pleasure and there is no question. Complained to a friend, he, in turn, advised capsules "Ecofemin Floravag." She assured me that this is a very good additive and a great tool for solving my problem. Not really hoping for success, still decided to buy. And not lost. After a week of use, the amount of natural lubrication increased, discomfort disappeared, and sex finally began to bring joy. Marina, 23 years old

Saw capsules "Ecofemin Floravag" on the advice of a gynecologist when she treated vaginal bacteriosis. She immediately warned me that there are drugs cheaper, but not so effective. I decided not to save. The result is very pleased. Cured quickly, discharge normalized, the unpleasant smell disappeared. I feel much more confident. I will drink a course twice a year, as advised by the doctor. Cristina, 19, Chisinau

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  • Sergey :

    Tell a man a man, you can drink these pills too, give smears for everything and everything is fine, but you still have an unpleasant smell and feelings of spitting and burning?

    • Doc :


      no, it's only for women. Smear does not determine 100% of infections.
      If there is a burning sensation after treatment, then it happens. If there was no treatment, only a smear, then you need to consult a doctor to prescribe a broad-spectrum drug.

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