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The drug "Elidel" is a dermatotropic (acting on the skin) pharmacological agent that has a local anti-inflammatory effect.

The main active substance in this preparation is Pimecrolimus, which is derived from macrolactam ascomycin.

"Elidel" is recognized as an effective drug in the fight against atopic dermatitis and its main symptoms, as evidenced by a number of clinical studies, however, not all of them have been fully completed.

The mechanism of action of the drug

elidel This drug has a selective inhibitory effect on the formation of specific substances - cytokines and inflammatory mediators (compounds that trigger the inflammatory response).

These substances are secreted by specialized cells, the so-called lymphocytes and mast cells. The active ingredient of the drug is able to bind to the receptors of these cells and block the activity of a special enzyme called calcineurin.

The block leads to a violation of the increase in the number and differentiation of lymphocytes, as well as to a decrease in the release of those same mediators and cytokines (interleukins, interferon, tumor necrosis factor).

This mechanism is carried out mainly in the affected areas of the skin, however, in patients there is also a general response of the immune system to the administration of the substance. The cream reduces itching, its swelling, redness, reduces the temperature of the inflamed areas.


The main diseases in which dermatologists or allergists prescribe this drug are:

"Elidel" is able to have a therapeutic effect on the areas of affected skin in both adults and children (from 3 months of age) and adolescents.

How to apply

Krem-elidel Since this substance is produced as a cream in a tube, the only way to use it is external. The drug is recommended to be applied to the affected skin on any part of the body immediately after the onset of the initial symptoms, rather thinly and carefully rubbed. The substance is used 2 times a day.

If after 6 weeks the symptoms of dermatitis do not subside, the doctor should think about clarifying the correctness of the diagnosis. If the treatment was successful, and the symptoms regressed, but then resumed, it was recommended to continue the application of the cream. In case of contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth or nose, immediately remove the remnants of the drug as thoroughly as possible and rinse everything with running water.

For elderly patients, the effect of this drug is not fully understood: these people almost never use drugs to treat atopic dermatitis, since it is quite rare in this age period. For children (after 3 months) and adolescents, the dose and the number of applications do not differ from those in adults.


"Elidel" should be absolutely excluded from the application in the case of:

  1. Hypersensitivity of the body to the components included in its composition.
  2. An active inflammatory process on the skin of viral, bacterial or fungal origin.
  3. If symptoms of atopic dermatitis are present in children less than 3 months old.

The use of the drug in patients with:

  1. immunodeficiency;
  2. severe inflammatory skin reaction;
  3. Netherton syndrome (a hereditary combination of ichthyosis, neurodermatitis, cataracts and hair thickening).

It is especially important to note that the study of the pharmacological effect of this drug on the fetus in pregnant women, as well as on lactation, is not complete. However, it is not recommended to apply this cream on the skin of the mammary glands of lactating women. Risks of use are considered insignificant for the fetus and woman bearing it.

Side effects

elidel250 Cream "Elidel" can cause a burning sensation in the place where it was applied, as well as local reactions in the form of itching of the skin, its redness, irritation.

Sometimes there is folliculitis. Less commonly, the drug contributes to worsening of the course of dermatitis, suppuration, swelling, rash, peeling of the skin, the formation of boils and papillomas.

Such undesirable effects as:

  1. anaphylaxis;
  2. violation of metabolic processes;
  3. allergic rash;
  4. hives;
  5. hyperpigmentation;
  6. hypopigmentation.


As mentioned above, this drug is a cream that has a whitish color. Its consistency is uniform. The main component of the cream is Pimecrolimus in an amount of 10 mg. The composition also has auxiliary components, which include:

  • sodium hydroxide;
  • benzyl alcohol;
  • oleyl alcohol;
  • stearyl alcohol;
  • cetyl alcohol;
  • propylene glycol;
  • anhydrous citric acid;
  • sodium cetylstearyl sulfate;
  • monoglycerides;
  • diglycerides;
  • purified water;
  • triglycerides.


elidel62 In adult patients using the drug "Elidel" because of the presence of atopic dermatitis, a study was conducted, the purpose of which was to determine the maximum and minimum concentration in the blood. So, on average in 77.5% of cases it was less than 0.5 ng / ml, in 99.8% - less than 1 ng / ml. The maximum concentration was determined at 1.4 ng / ml. Only two people had a maximum concentration of 0.91 ng / ml.

In children, the study was conducted among 58 patients (necessarily older than 3 months, but younger than 14 years). Certain drug concentrations were consistently low and corresponded to those in the adults tested. The maximum value was registered only in two children (8 months, 14 years old) and was 2 ng / ml.

The ability to bind to plasma proteins of the drug "Elidel" according to research "in vitro" is 99.6%. And since the concentration of a substance in the blood is low enough, the determination of its metabolic characteristics is impossible.


Dispensed from pharmacies by prescription. Shelf life 2 years. Keep out of the reach of children, at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C (can not be frozen).


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The drug was prescribed to my child at the age of 1 year and 6 months at the reception of an allergist as a substitute for hormonal drugs. We smeared 2 times a day, and on the very first morning the effect was excellent. The skin of the child has become lighter and cleaner. Of course, after some time I began to doubt the quality of this drug, because quickly the effect simply could not come. I read on the Internet that this cream is not prescribed in other countries due to reduced immunity in children. But after I found out that there he was allowed in children older than 2 years, and calmed down. By the way, my child had a very good effect. Ale

We use this cream together with our daughter. Both suffer from allergic dermatitis. It should be noted that it not only works well, but is economically spent. One tube for two lasts a very long time. We like everything. Valentine

The best quality of this medicine is that it does not need to wait long until it is absorbed into the skin. Pleases and the lack of hormonal components in its composition. The exacerbations of my dermatitis have significantly decreased since the start of the application of the cream. Plus, I began to use hormonal drugs less often, smear them only at the very peak of exacerbations, and then again turn to the use of this cream. Yuliya

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