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Epigen Spray 15 and 60 ml

  • Ammonium Glycyrrhizinate
  • Glyciram
  • Glycyrrhizinic acid
  • Epigenes labial


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Instructions for use

It does not help with thrush, although sometimes they try to use it against a fungus.

Epigen intim in packing The drug is available in cylinders with a capacity of 15 ml or 60 ml, equipped with convenient sprayers that help to process the damaged surface. An additional spray nozzle used for intravaginal use is attached to the preparation.

Pharmacological properties

At the heart of the spray is an active active agent - glycyrrhizic acid. The composition of the drug are auxiliary acids and water.

The therapeutic solution has a light brown color and a specific smell.

Properties of glycyrrhizic acid

Activated glycyrrhizic acid is a substance obtained from the roots of licorice. This plant has healing properties, and the resulting acid increases the formation of interferon, an increased amount of which activates the body's immune response against resistant types of pathogens, primarily against viruses.

Gently affecting the mucous tissues, the acid does not cause pathological changes in the skin, but rather restores them, destroying various pathogens of pathological processes.

Glycyrrhizic acid is especially active against human papillomavirus, herpes zoster, and cytomegalovirus.

It has the ability to inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins, which leads to the disappearance of tumors and the restoration of the skin.

Mode of application

package contents

  1. Prior to removal of condylomas, the treatment is carried out 3 times a day, continuing to do this until the period of etiotropic therapy passes.
  2. With the destruction of cells and tissues of neoplasms of the papillomavirus, they are processed 5 times a day for at least 10 days until complete healing.
  3. To prevent the exacerbation of the disease, the treatment is carried out 3 times a day for 1 month.
  4. In case of genital herpes and cytomegalovirus infection, the treatment of the affected sites is performed externally and intravaginally. The course of treatment is 14 days 5 times a day.
  5. After the termination of the exacerbation, the spray is applied for at least 10 days - 3 times a day.

Preventive treatment

  1. For the prevention of the development and growth of papillomas, it is recommended that treatment be carried out with a spray before and after intercourse. To prevent the appearance of herpes, the places of its constant rash are treated
  2. 3 times a day is treated in the presence of provoking factors. Reducing the protective functions of the body occurs during stress, extreme hypothermia, a sharp overheating in the sauna or bath.
  3. Herpes virus appears after ARVI. Treatment with antibiotics and cytostatics can cause painful blisters on the skin.
  4. Women to prevent rash of genital herpes during menstruation, it is recommended to carry out the treatment of the external and internal genital organs. This is started from the 18th - 20th day of the menstrual cycle and until the end of the discharge. Spray is used 2 times a day.

Side effects

Sometimes there are local allergic reactions, contact dermatitis may develop. Individual intolerance to the active substance or components of the drug may occur. Then the drug is canceled. There are no contraindications.

Impact of the drug on pregnant and lactating mothers

The drug is safe and does not affect the fetus and breastfeeding.

Rules of application


  1. Before spraying, the contents must be actively mixed by shaking the medicine can.
  2. Spraying the liquid onto the surface is done by holding the cylinder in a vertical position, at a distance of 4-5 cm. To apply the required amount of liquid, 1-2 strokes of the valve are enough.
  3. Intravaginal use of the drug is possible with a special nozzle. Its design allows irrigation of the internal genital organs with a uniform layer. In the supine position, a special nozzle is inserted into the vagina, and then irrigation is performed.
  4. After treatment, it is recommended to lie down, with your legs elevated for a while, so that the drug can act.
  5. Men who use the drug should inject it into the urethra. After use, the nozzle is immediately washed with soap and running water and stored in a special bag.


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  • Faith :

    Is it possible for men to use epigen intimate spray when developing papillomas on the penis? If so, how often?

    • Doc :

      You can, 3 times a day. But this is only for the prevention of growth and spread. Papillomas need to be removed.

  • Rita :

    It is strange that on the website such information, I cleaned Epigen by spraying the first symptoms of thrush, then after going to the doctor I used it in complex treatment, so he cured thrush + using it from papillomas so that the infection does not develop and does not spread there.

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