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Instructions for use

Nizhpharm Erythromycin ointment belongs to the group of macrolide antibiotics prescribed in case of allergy to penicillin drugs.

Macrolides have the same performance as drugs based on penicillin, but are better tolerated and less likely to cause side effects and unwanted reactions.

The ointment is used for local (external) use and has a bactericidal effect, effectively affecting the majority of gram-positive bacteria (mycoplasma, chlamydia, ureaplasma, etc.).

When is it used?

Drugs from the macrolide group are used in cases when the pathogen is resistant to other antibiotics.

Erythromycin exhibits pronounced antibacterial properties, so it can be used for infectious skin lesions or damage to the outer layer of the dermis, accompanied by the addition of bacterial infections.

Also, the ointment is used as a preventive measure for injuring small areas of the skin (to kill pathogenic microorganisms and prevent infection).

Tatkhimpharmpreparaty The indications for using erythromycin ointment are:

  • purulent skin lesions;
  • acne;
  • infectious skin diseases;
  • trophic ulcers;
  • bedsores in bedridden patients;
  • burn wounds of 1 degree (for disinfecting the surface).

It is important ! The use of erythromycin ointment for burns of 2 degrees and above is not allowed.

If you have a wound without suppuration, use a simple healing ointment , for example Actovegin .

Erythromycin-based ointment is also widely used in ophthalmic practice for the treatment of infectious diseases of the mucous membranes of the organs of vision. Eye ointment can be prescribed as the main component of drug therapy for the following indications:

  • bacterial blepharitis;
  • purulent conjunctivitis;
  • chalazion;
  • barley;
  • trachoma;
  • chlamydia;
  • keratitis, etc.

Note! The use of ointment for viral conjunctivitis will be ineffective, so apply the tool only after consulting with an ophthalmologist.

How to apply?

Biosynthesis Ointment is used to treat damaged areas, causing a thin layer. The procedure should be carried out 2-3 times a day (treatment of burn surfaces - 2-3 times a week). The duration of use of erythromycin ointment should not exceed 2 months.

Eye ointment is placed on the lower eyelid of the sore eye 3 times a day. Before applying the composition is recommended to conduct eye hygiene using a solution of furatsilina or herbal decoction. Treatment of eye infections is allowed for 14 days.

Note! During the treatment of trachoma, the ointment is applied 5 times a day per eyelid (the course of treatment can last up to 3 months). Mandatory procedure on the background of treatment with erythromycin is the opening of purulent follicles, which should be carried out by an experienced doctor.


! Similar drugs

The ointment has no contraindications for use and can be used in all age groups of patients. Should be aware of possible allergic reactions with intolerance to the components of the drug - in this case, treatment with erythromycin will be contraindicated.

Pregnancy and lactation

The use of the drug in these periods is allowed if there is evidence and the inability to carry out therapy with other drugs. The drug does not penetrate the placental barrier and does not have a teratogenic effect on the formation, development and growth of the fetus.

When used topically, erythromycin does not accumulate in breast milk.


Cases of overdose with erythromycin have not been recorded to date (subject to local use).

Side effects

eritromitsin80 After application to the skin, skin reactions may appear, which are characterized by itching, redness of the treated areas, peeling and dryness. When using an eye ointment, there may be increased tearing, redness of the eye sclera and burning.

The specified phenomena should pass within 15-30 minutes after use of ointment. If signs of allergies persist for more than 48 hours, you should consult a doctor.

It is important ! With long-term use of erythromycin ointment may reduce the effectiveness of treatment, which is the result of the resistance of microorganisms to the active substance. Against this background, the accession of a secondary infection is not excluded.

Composition and release form

The main component of the ointment is erythromycin, which is highly effective in the treatment of bacterial infections. As auxiliary ingredients, medical vaseline, anhydrous lanolin and synthetic sodium derivatives are used. The drug is packaged in aluminum tubes of 3 g, 7 g, 10 g and 15 g.


Back side tuba The drug is not absorbed and does not penetrate into the bloodstream, as a result of which there is no connection with plasma proteins.


The maximum allowable storage temperature for erythromycin ointment is 15 degrees. Shelf life - 2 years from the date specified on the original packaging.


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We bought erythromycin ointment to our daughter when she was diagnosed with chalazia at 5 months. It is difficult and time-consuming to cure the disease; the use of local antibiotics to destroy the bacterial flora is imperative. Laying it on a child is, of course, difficult, as there is a risk of injury to the eye. But without this it was not enough. Used the drug for 2 weeks. During this time, the redness has gone, the swelling of the eyelids has decreased, the lump itself (chalazion) has become smaller in size. But completely failed. As the doctor explained, this is a very good result, so I can’t say anything bad. Means well transferred, side effects, even in such a small child did not arise. Michael, 28 years old

Ointment with erythromycin applied to my burned hand as prescribed by a doctor. As the surgeon told me, it is necessary that bacteria do not penetrate into the damaged layers of the skin, and that infection does not occur, which could lead to suppuration and gangrene. Used 2 times a week for two months, until the hand is fully healed. No complications have arisen - I think that thanks to erythromycin ointment. Anna, 34 years old

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