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Instructions for use

Echinacea purpurea Echinacea extract tablets or tincture is a herbal medicine made from Echinacea purpurea juice.

It is used to treat acute respiratory infections, viral diseases, chronic infections and certain diseases of internal organs.

This effect is achieved thanks to the immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effect of the drug, and its widespread use is due to the safety of the drug.

Echinacea tablets and infusion increase the body's resistance to viral, bacterial and fungal infections. At the same time non-specific resistance increases, phagocytosis increases, granulocytes and macrophages are activated.

Some substances of echinacea extract have antiviral activity against herpes viruses and influenza, and have an inhibitory effect on bacterial and tissue hyaluronidase. The drug as a whole increases the effectiveness of drug treatment.


ehinaceya-2 Echinacea in pill form is indicated in the following cases:

  1. As a preventive measure SARS and acute respiratory infections.
  2. As a component of complex therapy for the initial signs of a cold or flu.
  3. As an adjuvant in the presence of recurrent urinary and respiratory infections.
  4. In acute infections of the upper respiratory tract.
  5. In female and male diseases with the presence of inflammatory processes.
  6. As a means of promoting recovery after long courses of antibiotics, chemotherapy, exposure to ionizing radiation.

Dosage and administration

Echinacea tablets are taken by children over 12 years old and adults by 1 tab. 3-4 times a day. The drug is kept in the mouth until complete resorption. Duration of a course of reception - from 1 week, but no more than 8 weeks. The recommended dose of the drug should not be exceeded.


ehinaceya-5 Echinacea in pill form is contraindicated for use in the following cases:

  1. With increased sensitivity to Echinacea purpurea and other members of the Asteraceae family (arnica, marigold, chamomile, gold daisy), or individual components of the drug.
  2. With systemic diseases of connective tissues, or such progressive systemic diseases as widespread atherosclerosis, tuberculosis and leukemia.
  3. With cancer of the blood.
  4. In autoimmune disorders and multiple sclerosis.
  5. In the presence of HIV infection or AIDS.
  6. At children's age till 12 years.

Pregnancy and lactation

The effect of Echinacea tablets during pregnancy and lactation on the woman’s body and the fetus has not been fully studied, it is not recommended to take the drug during these periods.


Echinacea tablets are safe medicines. At the moment, there are no cases of intoxication after taking the drug.

Side effects

Echinacea tincture In rare cases, echinacea tablets can provoke the following symptoms:

  1. Rash on the skin and itching.
  2. Lowering blood pressure.
  3. Swelling of the face.
  4. Dizziness.
  5. Labored breathing.

With the development of signs of hypersensitivity to the drug, its use is immediately suspended.

Composition and pharmacokinetics

Each Echinacea tablet (Natur Produkt) contains:

  1. Active ingredients: Echinacea extract (20.0 mg), menthol (2.0 mg).
  2. Excipients: flavors from pine needles (1.5 mg) and herbs (25.0 mg), sucrose, glucose, distilled water.

ehinaceya-4 Due to the content of purple water-soluble immunostimulatory polysaccharides, essential oils, flavonoids, alkamides and polyenes in Echinacea, an anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating effect is observed after taking the drug.

Polysaccharides increase the phagocytic action of neurophils, macrophages, and contribute to an increase in the production of interleukin-1. The active substances together induce the transformation of B-lymphocytes into plasma cells and improve the functions of T-helper cells. Betaine, inulin, levulose improve metabolic processes in the kidneys.


The drug in its original packaging is stored at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C for 3 years. Dispensed in pharmacy chains without a prescription.

Thanks to the immunostimulating properties, Echinacea tablets can, when taken together with immunosuppressants, reduce their effectiveness and, together with cytokines, enhance their action.


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The daughter finishes school, and after having had the flu and complications, she began to get sore throat several times in the winter with a cough and high fever. The therapist prescribed Echinacea tablets to improve immunity, which we take for prevention twice a year - at the end of winter and early spring before the epidemic season. After that, the daughter began to get sick no more than two times a year and it was easy enough to endure a cold without complications. Elena, Tambov

For several years she had a sore throat, and after taking antibiotics, she killed all immunity, which is why she picked up ARI even in summer in normal weather. In addition to this, cystitis worried, which worsened with colds. Echinacea tablets began to take on their own, selecting it among several drugs that increase immunity. She did not take any other drugs, and took the pill in courses for 4 weeks. The effect became noticeable after a few months - cystitis stopped bothering you, and colds do not appear so acute. Svetlana, Ukhta

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