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With applicators There are no complete analogues at the moment.

Under the brand name "Fenistil" gel , drops and emulsion are produced, but they are designed to combat allergies and insect bites.


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Instructions for use


Fenistil® Pencivir is formulated for topical use against:

  • Herpes Simplex virus ( human herpes ) of the 1st and 2nd types. These include strains with altered DNA polymerase, which have developed resistance to acyclovir;
  • Varicel Lazoster virus.

This drug is recommended for the treatment of Herpes Labialis (herpes simplex) in a recurrent form with localization on the lips and in the periphery zone. At any stage of herpes infection, treatment and elimination of symptoms takes an average of 4 days. If you suffer from a so-called “cold on the lips,” this cream is for you.

Dosage and administration

Old and new Antiherpetic drug fenistil is very easy to use:

  • use a disposable applicator or cotton swab;
  • apply a thin layer of the agent on the affected areas of the lips and the surrounding area;
  • the amount depends on the size of the affected areas;
  • frequency of use - every 2 hours (excluding sleep time);
  • standard course of treatment - 4 days, adjust based on the results;
  • It is advisable to apply the cream in the morning immediately after waking up, and also shortly before the night's sleep


A number of contraindications:

  • age under 12 years;
  • idiosyncrasy of any of the inactive components of the drug;
  • hypersensitivity to famciclovir or penciclovir.

In case of allergic reactions, stop using the medication immediately.

Pregnancy and lactation

Care should be taken when pregnant. On the use of this tool consult your doctor. Application is permissible under strict indications. With the condition that the possible risk to the fetus is significantly less than the expected benefit to the mother.

Treatment of herpes during pregnancy .


tuba During the period of clinical studies and testing of cases of overdose of the drug Fenistil Pentsivir when applied topically is not fixed.

Also, no interactions with other drugs have been identified.

In addition, the drug has low oral absorption.

Therefore, there is no danger for the consumer even in the case of oral ingestion by mistake (with the exception of the unlikely irritation of the mucous tissues of the oral cavity and esophagus).

Side effects

Possible side effects:

  • short numbness in places of application;
  • tingling;
  • slight burning sensation.

Composition and pharmacokinetics

consistency Antiviral agent Fenistil Penzivir is a uniform cream of white color for external use.

Form release - aluminum tube of 2 or 5 grams, screw cap.

The main active ingredient of the patented Fenistil® Pencivir formulation is penciclovir (10 mg / 1 g cream).

This is a unique antiviral component. It is thanks to him that the development of the herpes virus is blocked immediately after application.

The role of excipients play:

  • propylene glycol;
  • liquid paraffin (vaseline oil);
  • white paraffin soft;
  • cetomacrogol-1000;
  • purified water;
  • cetosteryl alcohol.

Herpes in the body may not be felt for a long time. Its activation occurs under certain conditions:

  • overwork;
  • reduced immunity;
  • cold;
  • stress.

Bubble-type rashes form on the skin of the lips and on the areas of the skin adjacent to the lips. High antiherpetic drug activity allows:

  • in a relatively short time to stop the reproduction of the virus;
  • block it;
  • reduce pain;
  • significantly reduce the period when there is a risk of airborne transmission of the virus.

The pharmacological activity of Fenistil® Pencivir in the affected cells lasts for 12 hours.


pencivir-real Recommendations for handling the drug:

  • use the tool only on the affected areas;
  • wash hands thoroughly before applying the cream on the affected areas, as well as after the procedure;
  • Before applying anti-herpes cream, it is advisable to consult a doctor (people with weakened immune systems may have other problems for the rash, that is, there is no need to treat herpes);
  • To fix the effect, use the cream for 4 days, despite the visible disappearance of bubble eruptions after the first 2 days of use;
  • Keep the drug out of the reach of children. Storage temperature up to 30 ° C.


  • refreeze the medicine in the refrigerator;
  • apply on the eyes, genitalia, nasal mucosa, oral cavity;
  • use Fenistil® Pencivir at the end of its shelf life (it is 3 years, the end date is indicated on the package).

Manufacturer Details:

  • The drug is patented by Novartis Consumer Health SA, Switzerland (Novartis Consumer Health SA, Switzerland);
  • Produced by Novartis Pharma Products GmbH, Germany (Novartis Pharma Produktions GmbH, Germany).


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I noticed that the previous medications did not help me for long. That is what I want to say: the symptoms disappeared, soon appeared again. Painful herpes literally did not let work. All day on drafts. Bought fenistil without much hope. The result was a surprise, the effect is just wonderful. Ulyana M., dispatcher

In recent years, it has become difficult to work with children - a cold on the lips does not look very pleasant, agree. What I just did not try! In addition, it should be noted, too much risk of all infecting with infection. I began to use Fenistil cream - in a couple of days the eruption dried out. Just keep in mind, the effect needs to be fixed and act according to the instructions (4 days). Then the bubbles will finally disappear. Tamara V., teacher

Not long ago, herpes began to appear on the lips. Doctors believe the reason for stress. This is no easier for me - I was looking for an effective remedy for symptoms. On the advice of a colleague, I purchased Fenistil Pentsivir 5 g. According to the instructions, regularly, for 2 hours intervals, you have to apply the cream with a thin layer. It is necessary to process the place of rashes immediately, as soon as a hint of an itch appeared. Cream works perfectly Oleg T., manager

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