Features of the conjunctival sac
conjunctival sac structure

The cavity located between the eye and the eyelid is called the conjunctival sac. The surface of the conjunctival sac is covered with a smooth shell of soft pink color. The outer and inner corners of the conjunctiva are loose and red, since there are many vessels in it. The conjunctival sac is necessary for the secretion of tears and wetting of the eye, removing particles of dust and lint along with the mucous fluid.

Photo disinfection shoes

So, today we have a small report on how to disinfect shoes in real conditions. First of all, you need to go to 2gis or to a search engine and find the store of professional disinfectants closest to you, call or write to them, find out if the store is working at retail, if there is a suitable tool and how to get there. In our case it turned out to be one of [...]

Immunomodulators and adaptogens

Contents: Classification List of drugs Can I take during pregnancy Preparations for children General information Classification Modern immunostimulating drugs are classified according to their origin into the following groups: Herbal remedies - extracts or tinctures of echinacea, eleutherococcus, schisandra, Immunal, etc. These remedies are mild adaptogenic and immunostimulating effects and assigned to patients with immunodeficiency. With prophylactic intake such [...]

List of Antiviral Drugs

Contents: List ascending prices (for adults) Preparations permitted during pregnancy Preparations for children Antiviral drugs are a separate group of medicines prescribed for the treatment and prevention of a number of diseases caused by the virus. Do not assume that all drugs with antiviral activity can help prevent the development of colds. Each medicine has a certain composition and mechanism of action, due to […]


The term hyperthermia in medicine denotes overheating of the human body, which develops under the influence of a number of reasons and leads to a rapid rise in temperature. The human body itself is able to regulate the temperature of the whole body and internal organs, including. This happens due to two processes - heat production and heat transfer.

RPC analysis

For the diagnosis of various diseases today is used quite a wide variety of tests and tests. Each of them should determine to the maximum the exact cause of the disease and the causative agent. One of the most popular research methods today is PCR diagnostics.