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Suppository Hexicon, packaging and packaging A complete analogue of Hexicon is Chlorhexidine, which has an identical chemical composition and spectrum of action. Other structural analogues of the active substance are:


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Instructions for use

The use of vaginal candles Hexicon is a reliable modern way to combat sexually transmitted infections. The simplicity of treatment does not mean that Hexion candles can be “prescribed” to yourself without the participation of a doctor. Only a specialist can determine the appropriate treatment regimen.

It is worth saying that the drug is almost not effective against thrush , although sometimes patients try to use it in this area. This again tells us that self-treatment is not always effective.


Vaginal suppositories Hexicon belong to the group of antiseptics of local exposure. As an active substance, they contain chlorhexidine digluconate (8 or 16 mg in each candle), which is active against the simplest gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

They have a torpedo shape and white color (a yellowish tint is possible). Packed in 10 pieces. in the cell contour packaging. Packages of 1 piece are also produced.

Included are 2 plastic disposable fingerprints for maximum hygiene, they are depicted in the first photo (the equipment may vary, check with the purchase).

The drug should be stored in a dry place out of the reach of light and children. The ambient temperature should not exceed 25 ° C. Has a two-year term of use.


Hexion is an emergency aid in protecting against sexually transmitted infections. The drug is used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. One candle is enough to reduce the risk of contracting such unpleasant diseases as:

  • ureaplasmosis,
  • genital herpes,
  • syphilis,
  • trichomoniasis
  • bacterial vaginosis
  • gonorrhea,
  • chlamydia

Open packaging, looks like a candle The most important point in the prevention of these diseases is efficiency. The drug should be used no later than two hours after the end of sexual intercourse. At a later time, the drug will not give the desired result due to the penetration of the pathogen into the vaginal mucosa.

The advantage of candles is the absence of a negative impact on the vaginal microflora. Treatment does not violate the functional activity of lactobacilli.

As stated in the description, Hexicon candles are shown in the following cases:

  • prevention of genital infections,
  • therapy of vaginitis of different etiology, bacterial colpitis.

Suppositories are prescribed as a prophylactic measure of gynecological and obstetric complications of an infectious and inflammatory nature:

  • before giving birth
  • before surgery in the field of gynecology,
  • on the eve of an abortion,
  • in the case of studies of the uterus,
  • when install intrauterine device.

Contraindications and side effects

74011934 The only category of patients who can not use candles - people with particular sensitivity to the components of the drug. This property may be manifested by an allergic reaction - itching in the area of ​​contact with the drug. Other rare manifestations of a particular reaction can be:

  • the skin of the hands becomes sticky (maximum 5 minutes),
  • in general, the skin becomes drier,
  • painted tooth enamel,
  • taste may be disturbed.

No other restrictions. Even during pregnancy and feeding, the product is allowed to use. This is due to the local action of the drug, which is almost not absorbed into the blood.

Be careful with children. They are allowed to use the drug Hexicon D - vaginal suppositories of 8 mg.

Special information. If intensive therapy is carried out, it is better not to have sex at the time of treatment and wait for a full recovery.

These candles are not compatible with detergents, which include anionic group:

  • sodium carboxymethylcellulose,
  • saponins,
  • sodium lauryl sulfate.

xl22412 It is also unacceptable combination with soaps and other detergents, which are intended for intravaginal administration.

How to use

For treatment purposes, Hexicon candles must be inserted deep into the vagina twice a day - in the morning and in the evening one candle. The duration of the procedure from 7 to 10 days (i.e. 2 packs required). In some cases, this period is extended to 20 days.

Preventive measures consist in the introduction of a suppository after intercourse without protection. The procedure to perform before the expiration of two hours. Such prophylaxis does not guarantee complete disinfection and can only be carried out if absolutely necessary.

After the introduction of medication possible discharge. Under the influence of heat, the candles melt inside and fill the space with a therapeutic gel.

It is not recommended to start treatment before menstruation. With menstruation, treatment is interrupted, and after they end, they start over again

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Cured vaginitis Hexicon. At first, I did not want to use medicines. Limited to douching with chamomile, calendula, and St. John's wort. But it did not help for long. I had to go to the doctor. The candles prescribed to them proved to be effective. On the third day the symptoms of the disease disappeared. But I completed the course to the end. No more problem. Vika, 28 years old, Saratov

Candles Hexicon I treated bacterial vaginosis. Recovered pretty quickly. I also liked not the high cost of the medicine. There were almost no side effects. Only on the first day there was a slight burning sensation. But then it disappeared. Elena, 31 years old, Uralsk

I was attracted to the fact that these candles are not an antibiotic, they are not addictive. I was diagnosed with chlamydia. Prescribed Terzhinan . At first it passed, but then the disease returned twice. Replaced by Hexicon. Very satisfied, since almost a year now there are no signs of indisposition Valentina, 39, Vologda

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  • Marina :

    Hello. After the birth, 2.5 months passed, the doctor said that hexicon prescribed some discharges. The second day after inserting the candle, after some time, the backache begins and the burning sensation. Please tell me how should I be or should I stop all the same treatment? I also breastfeed ... feeding?

    • Doc :


      Feeding is not affected. Itching and burning - the usual reaction, it is best to continue. If it is completely difficult to endure, then you need to pick up another drug.

  • Dinah :

    Hello! At the 33rd week of pregnancy, I was prescribed hexicon for prophylaxis before childbirth, I had a little bit of brown discharge, this is the norm? thanks in advance

    • Doc :


      This happens, but during pregnancy is not the norm. You need to consult a doctor.

  • Gulnara :

    Hello! I am 10 weeks pregnant. Every year I take tests at the gynecologist, but I don’t trust him very much because at the beginning of the year I took a smear test at the AIDS center, where the doctors explained to me that I was fine, I did not need ureoplasma and I didn’t need to be treated, but my gynecologist decided that need to be treated, prescribed 2 antibiotics from which I started having stomach problems and my treatment was canceled. At the 6th week of pregnancy I again passed a smear on the ZPP, where ureoplasma showed a clinically significant level, and a small percentage of chlamydia, again in the AIDS center said that there is no ureaplasmosis, now I have entered conservation, where I was prescribed only Hexicon, and the rest was stopped , because preporaty reconciled with 16 weeks of pregnancy. I am concerned about the question whether I have ureoplasmosis and what does the clinically significant level mean? Should I continue the treatment of ureoplasmosis with other drugs or will the hexicon be suitable? Although I did not have any symptoms.

    • Doc :


      Clinically significant means that it should be treated. But during pregnancy, almost all drugs are prohibited, so do not prescribe anything on your own. As long as Hexicon is enough, when it will be possible, antibiotics will be prescribed.

  • Elena :

    I was undergoing a medical examination and a dermo-venerologist discovered Trichomonad's disease with Hexicon and I can cure him

  • Sandibel :

    Hello, 34-week pregnant, tormented by thrush, strong discharge, right up to the itch. Named Hexion question: will hexion help get rid of thrush, or is the doctor prescribed as a prophylaxis before childbirth?

    • Doc :


      Rather, for prevention. During pregnancy from thrush can only Pimafutsin candles. After you treat, douche with soda for prevention.

  • Valentina :

    Hello! Menstruation should have begun. But at the reception at the gynecologist, the Hexicon candles were prescribed. Immediately began their introduction. Monthly and did not begin, but their prerequisites were. Is there a delay on the background of candles?

  • Alina :

    Hello, I have now the 12th week of pregnancy, I passed a smear, turned out to be bad, they attributed Kanesten and Hexicon, can I put Hexicon in the evening about Kanesten at night? Or is it better to put some candles and then the second?
    Thanks in advance .

  • Alesya :

    Hello. Can candles hexicon relieve inflammation of the ovaries and do they help with uterine myoma? Thank.

  • Karina :

    Can hexicon suppositories affect hepatitis B test results?

  • Daria 17 years old :

    Hello. I had a suspicion of rupture of the ovary, I was prescribed Dickloberl anal candles. She was treated for five days. After she was treated by Dikloberlom, she decided to go through a course of treatment with Hexicon, but after she inserted the candle, she woke up at night when my fifth and lower abdomen dragged me to the toilet. What could it be and is it worth continuing the treatment?

  • Kira :

    Hello, I have cervical erosion will help hexicon?

    • Doc :


      Erosion is almost always cauterized. Before this procedure, the doctor may prescribe a course of Hexicon.

  • fira :

    Hello, is it possible to use candles hexicon for pain of the uterus and thrush?

  • Irina :

    Hello! I am on the 21st week of pregnancy, I have passed a smear, showed mycoplasma hominis. Tell me, how is it treated?

    • Doc :


      By itself, the mycoplasma smear is not an indication for treatment. If there are other symptoms, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

  • Marina :

    Hello. I have 23 weeks of pregnancy. Handed over a smear, said colpit. The doctor wrote out candles "Hexicon". 1 pc each for the night for 10 days. The instructions say, 2 candles per day. I wanted to ask if the doctor prescribed them correctly, or I did not understand her correctly. You can recover by applying 1 candle per day. Now it's holidays and I can't go to a doctor, and I don’t postpone the treatment. Thank you in advance.

    • Doc :


      It all depends on the disease, the doctor who did the examination is better to know.

  • Victoria :

    A partner does not need to treat ??

  • Olga :

    I found cocci in the analysis, put down the packaging, but somehow I don’t feel any improvements, do I need to continue?

  • Nata :

    Good day.

    I had a staphylococcus in a smear on conditionally pathogenic microflora from the vagina. Hexicon was prescribed 1 time per day.
    Will this medication for staphylococcus help and should a partner be treated (preparing for IVF)?

    • Doc :


      By itself, staphylococcus in a smear is not a reason for treatment if there are no symptoms. The doctor may prescribe Hexicon rather for prevention, if the partner needed treatment, he would be prescribed.

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