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Ginoflor E is a product of MEDINOVA, a Swiss pharmaceutical company. The medicine is produced in the form of vaginal tablets, packaged in a contour cell and packaged in cardboard packaging. The tool is released from pharmacies without a prescription.

Storage conditions

Ginoflor vaginal tablets should be stored in a dry place at a temperature of 2-8 ° C. Freezing of the product is contraindicated.

Active ingredients

The action of vaginal tablets is based on the content of active substances:

  • probiotics Lactobacillus acidophilus (50 mg in 1 tablet);
  • hormone estriol (30 µg per tablet).

Indications for use

Gynoflor E suppositories are prescribed to restore the normal microflora of the vagina in several cases:

  • after antibiotic therapy;
  • for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis of various origin;
  • for the treatment of inflammation of the vaginal mucosa (vaginitis, colpitis , endocolpitis);
  • for the treatment of vaginitis in the postmenopausal period caused by hormonal imbalances.

What is the basis of the effect of the drug

lekarstvo.26633 Lactobacilli are part of the vaginal flora and play a protective function: they help reduce the acidity of the vagina and help prevent the spread of germs. Conditionally pathogenic microbes in a certain amount are present in the body of women.

The ratio of "useful" and "harmful" flora may change due to several factors:

  • antibacterial treatment;
  • chemotherapy;
  • change of sexual partner;
  • non-compliance with personal hygiene;
  • use of condoms and contraceptives with 9-nonoxynol;
  • hormonal disorders in the postmenopausal period.

The hormone estriol also has a protective effect on the vaginal mucosa. Estriol promotes the production of glycogen, which is processed by lactic acid bacteria into lactic acid, thereby reducing the acidity of the vaginal flora.

Mode of application

Vaginal suppositories are inserted deep into the vagina at bedtime. For insertion, it is recommended to take a supine position, with your knees slightly bent. It should be noted that the composition of the vaginal tablets include substances that do not dissolve completely. In order to improve the dissolution, you can moisten the tablet with water - this is especially recommended when vaginal dryness. There are traces of suppositories in underwear.

Drug dosage

1. According to the prescriptions of a specialist, Ginoflor E is administered 1-2 tablets daily for 6-2 days.

  • for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis;
  • for the treatment of vaginal dysbiosis due to antibiotic or chemotherapy.

2. According to the doctor's prescription, for the treatment of atrophic vaginitis resulting from hormonal imbalance in postmenopausal women, 1 tablet is used daily for 6-12 days, then, 1 suppository is administered 1–2 times a week as a maintenance dose.

Interaction with other drugs

The activity of active substances (acidophilic lactobacilli) decreases with the simultaneous use of antibiotics. The effectiveness of the drug Gynoflor E in this case is reduced.


Gynoflor E vaginal tablets are not recommended for use in the following cases and conditions:

  • children's age (before the onset of sexual activity);
  • vaginal bleeding of unknown origin;
  • with suspected endometriosis or diagnosed with endometriosis;
  • in case of identified or suspected malignant estrogen-dependent neoplasms;
  • endometrial hyperplasia;
  • hypersensitivity to components Gynoflor E.

Special instructions: pregnancy and lactation

The use of Gynoflor E during pregnancy is possible, but with caution. In the first trimester of pregnancy, when the formation of all systems, organs and placenta occur, the use of Gynoflor E vaginal tablets is undesirable. In the second and third trimester, as well as during breastfeeding, the drug can be used for its intended purpose.

Use in children

Gynoflor E is contraindicated for use in children.

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  • nik_a :

    I put these pills, it helped. Before that, I suffered from thrush, she came back and came back. Flora restored with different drugs, but none came up. And ginoflor came up. Some people write about itching and burning, when you bet, there was no such thing. After two pills, the feeling of discomfort was gone, although the whole main course was still ahead, and after its completion everything returned to normal, the thrush had not returned since then, so I think this is completely the merit of the ginoflora. Without the restorative part it was impossible to get rid of it.

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