Herpes type 1, " Cold on the lips ." It begins with a slight, sometimes barely noticeable itching and burning, then bubbles appear, filled with liquid. They are typical for most types of herpes.

The sooner the treatment begins, the faster the symptoms go.

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Herpes of the second type , often localized to the genitals. It can appear around the anus, on the lips, on the body. Symptoms appear a few days after infection.

There is a burning sensation, itching, then bubbles form, most often as a group. During the initial infection, the development of the infection is accompanied by high fever, headache, weakness, and an increase in the lymph nodes.

Herpes in the intimate area in men and women - photo. 18+

Treatment - acyclovir (tablets and ointment) and its analogues, immunomodulators. Read more ...

Herpes zoster (outdated name - shingles). Very common. In children, it manifests as chickenpox and passes quickly.

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If an adult is sick for the first time, there can be serious complications. Requires complex treatment in several stages. Read more ...

6 type . Not as popular as chickenpox, but also common. 6A is characteristic of individuals suffering from pathologies of nerve fibers. 6B is popular with everyone.

In children, it appears as roseola. Aciclovir is prescribed, as always, and, if necessary, antipyretic. Drugs are being developed specifically for this type, but it is too early to talk about them.

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