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Instructions for use

Ichthyol ointment in a jar Ichthyol ointment is an effective, safe and affordable remedy for getting rid of acne, boils and other skin pathologies accompanied by the formation of the inflammatory process.

Ointment eliminates skin itching with dermatitis, has keratolytic effect and can be used as a local antiseptic.

Ichthyol-based ointment softens rough skin, helps restore regeneration at the cellular level and normalizes metabolic processes.

When pain syndrome of low and moderate intensity, the ointment produces an analgesic effect, which occurs several hours after application of the drug.

When is appointed?

in a large jar 200 g The indications for using ichthyol ointment are skin diseases in which the integrity of the outer layer of the epidermis is disturbed. The tool is also used to relieve inflammation, eliminate excessive dryness and flaking, and local anesthesia.

As an indication for use, the manufacturer indicates the following diagnoses:

  • hydradenitis (formation of pus in the sweat glands);
  • folliculitis;
  • furunculosis;
  • burns (provided that the area of ​​the damaged surface is no more than 10 cm 2 , and the degree of damage does not exceed a second);
  • eczema;
  • sycosis (inflammation of hair follicles);
  • microsporia and trichophytosis (with the formation of pus);
  • erysipelas;
  • streptoderma;
  • prostatitis;
  • light pox and eczema;
  • lupus erythematosus;
  • arthritis, arthrosis, neurological disorders with signs of inflammation.

In arthritis and arthrosis, ichthyol ointment is used not only as an anti-inflammatory agent - the drug relieves pain, is especially effective in arthritis of the knee joints.

Important! It is forbidden to apply ointment on open wounds or mucous membranes.

How to apply?

what color is ichthyol ointment Ichthyol ointment should be applied to the affected areas in a thin layer, using a bandage if necessary. In some cases, use of lotion with the addition of glycerin.

Features of application at various diagnoses

Burns, arthritis, eczema, etc. Apply a small amount of ointment (about 2-5 g) to the affected place with light stroking movements, then cover the treated surface with a gauze cloth. For better fixation, you can fix the bandage with a plaster. The procedure for changing the bandage is carried out daily.

Gynecology . A mixture of ichthyol ointment and glycerin in the form of a 10% aqueous solution (in a 1: 1 ratio) should be prepared immediately before use. Dip a cotton swab in the resulting composition and gently enter into the rectum (after a bowel movement and hygienic cleaning.)

ihtiolovaja-m Boils and hydradenitis . Squeeze a small amount of the drug directly onto the boil and cover it with a special napkin or cotton swab, then firmly fix and leave for 8-10 hours. Change the application should be every 10 hours, that is, 2 times a day.

Streptoderma . A mixture of glycerin and ichthyol ointment is applied to the diseased surface. For increased efficiency, use an occlusive dressing.

Note ! For the treatment of acne and boils on the face ichthyol ointment should be diluted with glycerol solution. Care must be taken to ensure that the tool does not fall into the eyes and mucous membranes (for example, the oral cavity).


Ichthyol ointment can be used to treat skin diseases in any patient group. Contraindications for use are intolerance to ichthyol or vaseline, as well as allergies to these components. It is not recommended to use the ointment in children under six years of age.

Pregnancy and lactation

Ichthyol in a tube If there is an urgent indication, the drug can be used during the indicated periods. When used topically, ichthyol has zero absorption, so it cannot harm a fetus or child, even if it is used for a long time.

Side effects

Very rarely, on the background of the use of ichthyol ointment, skin reactions may occur: burning, itching, redness, tingling. These side effects are their own, have a low degree of severity, and the duration of their manifestation usually does not exceed 1-3 days.


There are no cases of overdose.

Release form and composition

what the ointment looks like The main component of the ointment is ichthyol, which has regenerative, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and analgesic properties. Ichthyol is an antiseptic and is suitable for local skin disinfection.

Vaseline is used as an auxiliary component in the production of ichthyol ointment.

The drug is available in two dosage forms:

  • ointment 10% (contains 10 g of ichthyol and 90 g of vaseline);
  • ointment 20% (contains 20 g of ichthyol and 80 g of vaseline).

Available in 25g glass jars.


With local use, ichthyol is not absorbed by the walls of the gastrointestinal tract and does not penetrate into the general bloodstream.


The shelf life of ichthyol ointment is 3 years from the date of issue. Store the drug should be in a cool place (can be stored in the refrigerator). Do not freeze!


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A year ago, I had beautiful and healthy skin, which gave me confidence in myself and my attractiveness. However, it so happened that I had to undergo a course of treatment with the use of antibiotics and hormonal drugs, and then it started! Acne crept out literally everywhere: on the cheeks, forehead, chin, even on the nose! I almost ceased to leave the house, about personal life and can not speak. On the Internet, I stumbled across a blog of a girl who advised ichthyol ointment as a remedy for acne. Deciding that I'm not losing anything, I decided to buy. It is cheap - I bought a jar for 115 rubles. I started using it once a day in the evening. Applied for 3-4 hours, and before going to bed, washed off. And the miracle did happen! Applied the remedy for exactly two months: during this time, pimples almost all opened up, dried and became invisible. Ichthyol ointment is definitely worth trying for those who can not cope with acne. Only for starters, it is better to take 10%, and if there is no irritation, then you can buy a more concentrated one. Alisa, 18 years old, Krasnoyarsk

I play in the theater, so looking good is my professional duty. And it was necessary for such a thing to happen that two days before the performance on the cheek, a terribly large and painful pimple jumped up. I ran to the pharmacy with a request to give me any remedy, if only it would help. Pharmacist advised ichthyol ointment. She said that first a pimple should be cauterized with alcohol or alcohol lotion, and then apply the tool. I did just that. Smeared a pimple 3 times a day (left for 3-4 hours, after which it was washed off). On the second day, he burst at me, and all the pus flowed out. Once again I applied ointment (after preliminary disinfection), and the next day only a tiny spot remained on my cheek, which was easily disguised using tonal means. It took exactly two days to fix the problem! Now I always keep in the first-aid kit, suddenly it will come in handy again. Tatiana, 27 years old, Kaluga

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