Because of what do I have thrush?

The identification of the main cause of thrush development is the first step towards successful treatment. Causes of candidiasis are many and can be identified through a comprehensive survey.

So, what influences the development of the disease?

Woman-reading-a-book-on-sofa Thrush in women or vaginal candidiasis, although not fatal, but quite unpleasant in its symptoms, the disease. A severe burning sensation, an uncomfortable itching, a negative effect on sexual activity are the main but not the only manifestations of candidiasis.

In order to quickly and effectively cure the disease, it is necessary to find the main causes of thrush in women, and there are not so few of them as it seems at first glance. Clarifying the disease-provoking factor allows to exclude its influence, which affects the effectiveness of the therapy prescribed by the doctor and the absence of exacerbation of the disease in the future.

Common causes

The organism of every woman and girl who are in reproductive age is individual, and therefore the influence of external and internal negative factors has a completely different effect on the functioning of internal organs. That is, increasing the level of yeast-like fungi in the vagina can not be provoked by a single cause.

Woman-talking-to-doctor An experienced gynecologist tries to identify this disease-provoking factor in her patients, this affects the quality of treatment and the improvement of the woman's well-being for only a few days. The causes of thrush appearing in most cases arise under the influence of the following changes in the body:

  • Against the background of a decrease in immunity.
  • During treatment with antibiotics and a group of other medications.
  • With hormonal failure in the body.
  • Against the background of endocrine disorders.
  • During infectious diseases.
  • Under the influence of long psychoemotional stresses.
  • If the necessary hygiene is not observed.
  • Under the influence of allergens.

The listed provoking factors are the most frequently detected with thrush, but not the only ones. Sometimes to find the cause of often escalating candidiasis one has to undergo a whole cycle of diagnostic measures and one does not need to consider that this does not make sense.

Elucidation of the main and most important cause of vaginal candidiasis is especially necessary for those women who can not conceive or conceive ends with miscarriage. Sometimes thrush adversely affects the course of pregnancy and can be the cause of candida in a newborn.

Decreased functioning of the immune system

Immunity Thrush is in most cases detected in women who have chronic diseases of internal organs or have had a serious illness.

With reduced immunity, the body can not regulate all the occurring biochemical reactions and the level of useful microflora, and therefore the growth of fungi is observed.

Especially often an increase in the number of yeast-like microorganisms is observed in those patients who have chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Often candidiasis occurs for the first time or worsens after surgical, cavitary operations. This is due to the general weakening of the body and the intake of antibiotics and other pharmacological drugs.

Antibiotic therapy

With the invention of antibiotics, mankind managed to cope with many diseases that took thousands of lives. The active substances of antibiotics quickly cope with the bacteria attacking the disease and allow the person to be cured in just a few days.

Antib2 But there is also a downside to this medal - the antibiotic therapy that is being carried out also affects the decrease in useful microflora in the body, which controls the growth of pathogenic microflora.

The destruction of lactobacilli in the vagina and intestines leads to the fact that yeast-like fungi begin to multiply rapidly. This is what causes thrush in women in the period after prolonged therapy with antibiotics.

Fortunately, now there are dietary supplements that can quickly restore the microflora of the vagina, for example:

Endocrine diseases

Women with diabetes often pay attention to the periodic exacerbation of candidiasis. And this fact has a reasonable explanation. A high level of glucose in the blood also affects the change in the acidity of the vaginal fluid. Isolated with the vaginal secretion of sugar contributes to the creation of a favorable environment for yeast-like fungi.

Hormonal imbalance

The formula of estrogen Increasing the level of some female hormones in the body leads to a change in the acidic environment to alkaline, in which the yeast-like fungi quickly and unhindered develop. To cause hormonal imbalance can:

  • Pregnancy. The appearance of thrush can occur in any trimester, treatment at this time is especially necessary, since candidiasis can negatively affect the baby.
  • Thrush in most patients occurs a few days before menstruation. This is due to the increase in the hormone progesterone and the increase in temperature during ovulation, which is also beneficial for fungi.
  • Climax.
  • Contraceptive means. Contraceptives with hormones change the vaginal environment to alkaline, in which fungi develop rapidly. Long use of the intrauterine device also causes growth of fungal colonies.

The hormonal imbalance caused by contraceptives can be adjusted if the contraceptive is correctly selected.

Venereal diseases

Very often thrush appears against a background of sexually transmitted diseases. Chlamydia, trichomonads, gonococci and other microorganisms change the microflora of the vagina, which leads to a deviation of the level of yeast-like fungi in the direction of their growth. And although thrush is not a venereal disease, it can be transmitted from partner to partner during sexual intercourse.

It should be remembered that if the thrush is constantly aggravated and the treatment does not bring a prolonged remission, then it is necessary to examine a permanent partner. In men, thrush can be completely asymptomatic, but this does not mean that the level of yeast-like fungi in them is normal.

Non-compliance with hygiene

Hello Kitty pads One of the main reasons for the development of vaginal candidiasis is improper hygiene of the genitals, namely:

  • Excessive passion for soap and various gels. The constant use of intimate cosmetics disrupts the normal microflora and develops an ideal environment for yeast-like fungi.
  • Rare change of gaskets. Getting into the gasket, the fungus gets good conditions for rapid development and if you rarely change this subject of feminine hygiene, then the microorganisms will also pass into the vagina.
  • Yeast-like fungus is in the intestine and if you do not comply with hygiene after defecation, this microorganism will also pass to the mucous membrane of the vagina.

To the wrong hygiene can be attributed and the wearing of synthetic or tight fitting linen. When wearing such panties the acidity of the vagina changes, which provokes the development of yeast.

The main prophylaxis of thrush is the exclusion of all of the above factors. When treating antibiotics, it is always important to restore the intestinal microflora with probiotics and diet compliance. Constant increase of immunity also contributes to the fact that diseases of the genital sphere arise only in exceptional cases. Dosing with soda for the prevention of illness was also well established.

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