How to treat the running form of the fungus?

Stages of neglect in pictures You can become infected with a fungus in a shoe store, if a person with such a disease has tried on a couple before you, in the shower, bath or pool. Due to the wrong time to start treatment, the disease can progress quite quickly.

At the initial stage, many patients are unaware of the problem, since there is no pain and discomfort, and appearance does not say much about it. Therefore, the severe form of mycoses is not such a rarity. Fortunately, she is being treated, you just have to be patient.

Before treatment:

  1. It is important to eliminate the cause of severe mycosis. This may be a constant visit to a public bath without your shale or, for example, the use of someone else's shoes at work. Anything that may contribute to infection should be excluded.
  2. You should always remember about hygiene - you need to keep your feet clean and dry, wear clean socks every morning, keep your house clean. Sometimes it seems that all this stuff, but in fact it is hygiene that allows you to avoid infection. After the course of treatment, all shoes must be disinfected .
  3. To maintain immunity, you should drink vitamins, eat healthy foods and give up bad habits.
  4. Finally, the treatment must be continuous. We must not forget to drink pills and apply local preparations, otherwise all the treatment is a waste.

Read more about the forms and stages of neglect here (photo).


Treatment of the fungus of the nail of the neglected form requires an integrated approach. At this stage it is impossible to cure, using only the drug for external use (ointment or varnish, for example), a complex of medicines is necessary:

  • Local remedies (gels, varnishes , ointments and creams , drops).
  • System remedies ( tablets for oral administration).
  • Mechanical removal. This can be a neat cutting / cutting of the damaged part of the nail, a medical pedicure in the hospital, or an appropriate preparation for softening the nail.
  • Restorative remedies (multivitamins required) and agents that activate the immune system.

Consider specific examples from medical practice:

case1 1. Hit the nail on the big toe. The patient went to the clinic after part of the nail collapsed.

Sample scraping and seeding was carried out. Identified infection with dermatophytes.

Orungal tablets prescribed courses for 1 week, a break between courses of 3 weeks, only 3 courses.

In the first 3 months, Exoderil drops were prescribed, after that a significant improvement came, the damaged part of the nail was removed by the patient independently. This was done with a nail file, gradually, before each application of drops.

After that, the patient was transferred to lacquer Loceril, applied 1 time in 2 weeks. Before each application occurred removing the remnants of the old varnish.

Only six months later, a significant improvement was noticeable (bottom photo). It is recommended to continue applying varnish for another six months, disinfecting shoes and living quarters, a course of multivitamins every 2 months.

case2 2. A similar case, with the exclusion of the pathogen, is a family of yeast-like fungi.

Assigned tablets Lamisil courses for 2 weeks, a break between courses 4 weeks, only 2 courses.

There were several procedures of mechanical processing in the clinic with the application of a special varnish, after which a significant part of the nail was removed. In parallel, the patient applied anti-fungal drops daily.

The second photo was taken after 8 months, noticeably better, not as fast as in the first case, in view of the more solid age of the patient.

It is recommended to apply antifungal varnish and further observation by a doctor.

Here is another good example, lacquer + pill courses:


  • ruslan:

    how much does it cost to remove the nail surgically completely. and what are the chances that a healthy nail will grow

    • Admin :

      The surgeon in the clinic or the ARC can remove the policy for free. In paid clinics they usually grind out gradually over several sessions, see the video. Therefore, the price range is very large, select the nearest hospital in the “Clinics” section, they can always give advice there.

      Regarding regrowth - in the case of the fungus, it is extremely rare that the nail dies completely, in 99% of cases it will have to be treated long and hard, but it will continue to grow. There would be a desire to heal.

  • Alex:

    Microderil + terbinafine, the most effective way to get rid of the fungus. The dermatologist assigned me this.

  • Ro Man:

    And how much does laser treatment increase the chance?

    • Doc :

      Laser treatment is a painless option and the most gentle for nails.

      Only the necessary minimum of the nail is removed, then the laser beam penetrating to the desired depth kills the spores.

      The main thing - patience and consistency, fungus is a treatable disease.

  • Mary :

    My toenails were soft, brittle, changed in color (yellowish brown with a gray tinge) and became convex. When you try to mow the nails, their edges are bent and broken. There were thickenings and transverse furrows. One private dermatologist during the inspection says that it is onychodystrophy and there is no nail fungus (I didn’t take the fungus from the fungus). And another dermatologist (in the clinic) said that it was a fungus (he didn’t send it to the scraping either) and prescribed a treatment - Eszol + Estezifin. Tell me, please, what should I do? It seems to me that I have a neglected fungus, and as a result, nail dystrophy. How do I get treated?

    • Doc :


      Unfortunately everyone can be wrong. In paid clinics they like to draw money from a client, in free clinics they do everything according to the established scheme.

      Determine remotely that you can not, therefore, the advice is. It is necessary to insist that a private dermatologist: 1. send for scraping, 2. name the causes of onystrophy and treatment options. Then proceed on the basis of this information.

      If it is not possible to establish a dialogue in this way, you can begin the treatment that was prescribed in the clinic. If there is a fungus, tablets and drops will give the result. The nails of course grow slowly, but somewhere in a month it will be obvious whether healthy nails grow or dystrophy continues.

      • Mary :

        And if you start the treatment, which was prescribed in the clinic, and the fungus is actually not, it can damage the nails?

        And another such question. If now there is no possibility to go to pass scraping on the fungus, is it possible at home to determine whether there is a fungus or not? I read that they use a solution of potassium permanganate or iodine. And how to determine the sugar at home? Tell me please.

        • Doc :

          Iodine determines the fungus on the skin, holding a strip across the border of the spot. The affected area is painted much more intense. But on the nails, it is ineffective.

          External remedies will not damage the nails. If prescribed pills, it is always stressful for the body, but, again, the doctor knows better on the spot whether it is a fungus or not.

  • Sergey :

    Tell me how to be? Already more than a year ago, he hit his feet in the bath and injured him to the blood. Three weeks later, I noticed an infection of the nail with a fungus. He began treatment with exoderil for about a month. In a way, everything would have gone (I didn’t pay much attention, because visually nothing was observed), and in three weeks I found it on the other leg and to a greater degree of infection. Treatment began with folk remedies: an egg soluble in vinegar (1.5-2 months of treatment) - drowsiness, but not a cure; Iodine (1.5-2 months.) - the result is the same, Zelenka (about 3 months.) No result. 2 months ago I went to the doctor, Mikosan was prescribed and Terbinafin tablets, took a month, there is no result, I would even say the opposite, the fungus began to penetrate the root of the nail, the fingers began to swell. The doctor prescribed Mikospor, a week of treatment, until the result is not clear. I doubt the competence of a young doctor (maybe in vain for now). I decided to turn in the sowing to identify the type of fungus, but this is also a problem, I found only in INVITRO, called: sowing mushrooms for dermatophytes. I do not know if this is the anaziz !? Today is Saturday, I signed up for a doctor on Monday, I’ll see what she’s going to say, especially since the attending physician should do the scraping (as they said in invitro). What to do and how to be!? I hope for professional advice.

    • Doc :


      Well, firstly for a month, it is impossible to treat the fungus with an external remedy, this is done until a healthy nail grows, on average half a year or a year.

      Tablets are prescribed in conjunction with external agents. If Terbinafin does not help, you can try others, but after the break, let the doctor appoint.

      Folk remedies usually only exacerbate the problem. Therefore, do scraping, choose the drug and treat. The most difficult thing is to apply the drug every day, without missing it, during the entire course.

      In addition, you need to disinfect shoes, do wet cleaning, monitor hygiene, because fungal spores live long outside the human body.

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