All about candidiasis in men

Men are more reverent than women are about their health. Most attention goes to the urinary system. However, today we will not talk about venereal diseases known to a wide range of people, but about a disease caused by an inguinal fungus - candidiasis, or thrush.

By the way, if you have a fungus not on the mucous membrane of the reproductive organ, but on the skin - on the pubis or next to the genitals, then most likely it is not candidiasis, but an inguinal athlete, more .

The reasons

Cheerful milkman (do not take too seriously) Yeast-like fungi Candida (they cause disease) are present in the body of each person, regardless of gender. In a laboratory study, they are found in the mouth, in the ears, in the intestines, and on the genitals. In an unfavorable period for Candida, when a person is healthy and his immunity is strong, the single-celled microorganism creates a dense shell around itself and waits for the decline of protective forces.

Having waited for a favorable moment, fungi begin to actively form bags with spores and populate the surrounding space. They do not just parasitize, but poison the body with toxins and destroy cells.

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Depending on the place of localization of fungi, there are several forms of thrush in men:

Balanitis (see photo) is a form in which only the head of the penis is affected. Characterized by swelling and gray-white bloom on the penis, slight redness. In the chronic stage of redness and rash occur in the groin area.

Balanoposthitis (symptoms and photo) . The same foreskin is affected, but the previously mentioned symptoms are joined by a certain complexity of exposing the head and the impossibility of psychological relaxation and the attainment of physical comfort during ejaculation. It is worth noting that sexual desire does not disappear, rather, on the contrary: due to the constant irritation of the receptors on the head, it increases significantly.

Urethritis . It occurs when the fungi settle on the mucous membrane of the urenta, and provoke the development of an inflammatory reaction. The urination at this form becomes painful, purulent discharges are possible. The latter resemble thick whitish mucus, which becomes almost transparent during the day.

When a gray-white pasty mass appears on the head of the penis, which is nothing but a desquamated epithelium, sexual intercourse due to thinning of the skin layers becomes painful. Violation of the protective functions of the skin leads to erosions, which indicate damage to the deeper layers of the skin. Erosion is transformed into painful cracks, cracks - into scars, and they in turn lead to a narrowing of the foreskin.

Attention! Self-medication is dangerous, consult your doctor. Sometimes mucus is a symptom of a formidable venereologic disease - gonorrhea, therefore, when it appears, consult an urologist immediately.

To summarize, if:

  • The opening of the urethra became bright red;
  • The head of the penis is swollen and covered with small pimples;
  • The penis has become hot to the touch;
  • The urethra in the morning glued thick mucus;
  • Under the foreskin appeared cheesy white discharge,

..that you need to consult a urologist. He will confirm or deny candidiasis. It is wrong to self-medicate, because it is fraught with orchitis - inflammation of the testicles, prostatitis, narrowing of the foreskin and even gangrenization of the penis.

Male candidiasis in the photo. Attention! Content may be unpleasant to view.

How to treat?

If candidiasis occurs in a mild form, the application of local antifungal drugs is sufficient in most cases. Independently assign them to yourself not only does not make sense, but also dangerous, because resistance of inguinal fungi Candida may occur, the inflammatory process will progress and the disease will become chronic.

More about treatment:

Topical preparations

ointment (here she is guys!) Patients are prescribed baths, applications, ointments and antifungal creams.

Baths with potassium permanganate, saline and liquid Burov remove erythematous phenomena. Do them 2-3 times a day, each session for 20 minutes. After the bath, apply ointment or cream prescribed by a specialist. For the purpose of disinfection, it is preferable to make baths from a clear potassium solution.

Creams and ointments:
  • Clotrimazole (on the head and foreskin 2 times a day)
  • Pimafucin (per glans 3-4 times a day, until symptoms disappear, then another 2-3 days)
  • Nystatin (7-10 days, one or two applications per day)
  • Miconazole (until symptoms disappear 2 times a day)
  • Ketoconazole (trade names - Sebozol, Mycozoral , Dermazole, Mycoket)

Details on local preparations (recommended):

Details about the tablets (as prescribed by the doctor):

Prevents the application of local drugs toilet head and foreskin. It is necessary for the removal of sperm residues, plaque and secretions.

9_lazer Now let's talk not about the main, but, nevertheless, effective methods of treatment of male candidiasis. This is laser phoresis and phytotherapy . Laser radiation inhibits the reproduction of unicellular organisms Candida, has a general healing effect and increases immunity. Herbal medicine also has a healing effect (relieves inflammation).

The essence of herbal medicine is to take baths of chamomile, barberry, calendula, cloves, etc. You can also make herbal applications for treating the penis before applying any local antifungal medication .

Of great importance is an antifungal diet. So, from the daily diet at the time of treatment should be excluded products that serve as a dope for fungal microorganisms. This is fast food, pastry, pastries, spicy and smoked products, refined products, alcoholic beverages. Banned even pumpkin, corn, carrots, beets, potatoes, dairy products.

Tea and coffee should also not be consumed in excess, but lactose free dairy products in the refrigerator should be required. If candidiasis has provoked a decrease in immunity, then it is necessary to drink a course of vitamins, and after the end of treatment to remove the remaining toxins in the body with enterosorbents.

It remains only to add that timely treatment will help preserve men's health and avoid surgical intervention. It is used when antibacterial and antifungal therapies have failed. Another cause of surgery is phimosis, which is the cause or proceeds against the background of candidiasis. In this case, the dissection of the foreskin and its circular excision.

How can a man cure thrush?
Medicine will help us!

Stress, immunodeficiency, endocrine pathologies, blood diseases, avitaminosis and uncontrolled use of a number of drugs are factors that trigger the development of thrush in men.

Candida urethritis

Urethritis is an inflammation of the urethra - urethra. Quite a common urological disease. So, for example, candidal urethritis appears on the background of the activity of the yeast fungi of the genus Candida, which affect the mucous membrane of the urethra.

We treat thrush at home (for men)
folk sredstava

Herbal medicine How to cure thrush in men with herbal medicine? An effective herbal remedy for thrush in men is a herbal collection consisting of pharmacy chamomile, clove, barberry, calendula. It is used to make broths and infusions with which the external genitals are treated, herbal applications and baths are made. Chamomile herbal tea is useful to take inside, as this medicinal plant has antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect. [...]

Thrush tablets for men

Systemic treatment of the disease is carried out with the help of tableted medicines only as prescribed by a doctor. Pills for thrush in men: Fluconazole Itraconazole The duration of treatment and dosage is selected by the doctor depending on the severity of the disease. The therapeutic effect of Fluconazole is associated with the destruction of certain enzymes necessary for the reproduction of fungi. The drug circulates in the blood and destroys fungal cells that are not able to destroy […]

Candida balanitis

Candida balanitis is the most common type of inflammation of the glans penis, which got its name from the fungus Candida. The disease develops after sexual contact with a sick person, and also manifests itself in persons suffering from diabetes or taking antibiotics for a long time.

Candida balanoposthitis

Candida balanoposthitis - a disease of fungal etiology, manifested by inflammation of the foreskin and glans penis. The risk group consists of men suffering from diabetes mellitus or long-lasting antibacterial agents. The causative agent of the disease is a fungus of the genus Candida.