Candidiasis balanitis

9114804_s The causative agent of candida balanitis in men is the Candida fungus, the pathogenicity of which is determined by the state of the human immune system. Fungal infection refers to a conditionally pathogenic microflora and is present in the body of perfectly healthy people. Under the influence of unfavorable factors there is an active multiplication of microorganisms that cause inflammation. They treat candidal balanitis for sexual infections because it is sexually transmitted and has a similar treatment regimen. With rare exceptions, the disease is accompanied by inflammation of the prepuce - balanoposthitis .

Factors that increase the likelihood of the disease:

  • Diabetes mellitus and some other endocrine diseases,
  • Neglect of personal hygiene,
  • Wearing a narrow synthetic underwear that disrupts normal thermoregulation in the groin area, which promotes active reproduction of fungi,
  • Disorderly sexual contacts,
  • Unprotected sex,
  • Phimosis,
  • Long and uncontrolled reception of antibiotics,
  • Decreased immunity.


Confused man The main clinical sign of balanitis is pruritus and burning of the penis, intensifying when trying to open the head.

Specific manifestations of Candida balanitis are:

  • Redness and swelling of the penis head,
  • An unpleasant sour smell from the genitals, appearing almost immediately after the shower,
  • The presence of a whitish coating on the head, when removing which reveals a bright red skin and can go blood,
  • Cheesy discharge of gray or cream color,
  • The accumulation of cheesy flakes in the coronal sulcus,
  • On the head in due course there are spots or erosions of a different shape and size, which are manifested by pain during movement.

Acute fungal infection is usually accompanied by symptoms of intoxication - a rise in body temperature, a headache and a decrease in general tone.

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Signs of Candida balanitis in the photo: hyperemia of the glans penis, the presence of red spots that are delimited from healthy skin, curdled plaque, vesicles, erosion.


A typical clinical picture does not cause doubts among specialists. Additional studies are conducted to determine the causative agent of the disease. To do this, a bacteriological study of the smear from the urethra is prescribed.

The detailed diagnosis of balanitis includes:

  • Polymerase chain reaction to the presence of sexual infections,
  • A general analysis of blood and urine,
  • Determining the level of sugar in the blood.


Pills2 Treatment of candidiasis balanitis in men is complex and stage-by-stage. It consists in getting rid of fungal infection, elimination of provoking factors and treatment of concomitant diseases.

The use of local therapy will relieve the patient of the symptoms of inflammation, but will not defeat the infection. Therefore, local remedies should be combined with antimycotic therapy and drugs that support and strengthen immunity.

  • Local treatment consists of applying 1% cream " Clotrimazole " and 2% cream "Miconazole" . Drugs are applied to the head of the penis 2 times a day until the symptoms disappear completely. Cream "Nystatin" is used for allergies to other drugs and high resistance to them. In severe inflammation, antifungal creams and ointments are applied together with hydrocortisone .
  • The general treatment is based on the oral administration of 150 mg fluconazole , which has various commercial names - Diflucan , Flucostat , Diflazon.
  • Non-drug treatment is laser radiation that provides immunomodulating and immunostimulating effects. Helium - neon radiation is indicated in the recurrent and persistent course of Candida balanitis.

Treatment for candidal balanitis is performed in both sexual partners, regardless of the presence or absence of characteristic clinical symptoms.


Confused-man11 Preventive measures that guarantee resistance to fungi of the genus Candida, for today does not exist. A general procedure for the prevention of this disease has been developed and is being actively applied.

  1. A diet that excludes fatty, salty, smoked, sweet food, buns and simple carbohydrates, any yeast foods, mushrooms and moldy cheeses. Food should contain a large number of vitamins, fermented milk products, nuts, garlic, red pepper, cranberries and other products that have antimycotic properties.
  2. Fighting overweight.
  3. Thorough hygiene procedures.
  4. Refusal of antibiotic therapy and hormone therapy.
  5. Circumcision is an indispensable measure, which is indispensable for congenital phimosis. Men with circumcised foreskin are practically not ill with candida balanitis and other forms of the disease.
  6. To prevent the spread of balanitis and protect yourself from candidiasis, you should use condoms even with a regular partner.
  7. During the illness and treatment it is necessary to completely exclude sexual relations from the life of both partners.
  8. To prevent the spread of infection, you should change the bed and bed linen daily and treat the bed with antiseptic.
  9. After the course of treatment should check the presence of infection in the body, and if necessary - repeat it.

Fungi of the genus Candida are much less likely to cause pathology in men than in women. This is due to a simple washout of their urine from the urethra and poor "survival" of fungi on the male genital organs. The appearance of the corresponding clinical signs in men indicates a decrease in immune defense or the presence of sexually transmitted infections in the body.

When the first signs of the disease appear, you should immediately consult a doctor. The earlier the disease is diagnosed and started treatment, the less the risk of relapse. Candidiasis balanitis recurs rather often. Even correct and timely treatment does not always completely eliminate the infection. The course of antifungal therapy is often repeated.

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