Candidiasis of the vaginitis

Welcome to Endoscopy The diagnosis of candidal vaginitis or colpitis is exhibited when the manifestations of the life of yeast-like fungi affect only the sheaths of the vagina.

The disease is also characterized by intense itching and burning, the appearance of curdled secret from the genital tract. Itching is worse after water procedures and at night. Sometimes irritation is so severe that it leads to neurotic disorders.

When examined, there is a hyperemia of the vaginal walls and the presence of grayish plaques, which are difficult to separate. With a long course of fungus penetrate the epithelial layer and pass to the cervix and lower parts of the uterus, which causes their inflammation. With a chronic course of vaginitis, the disease can worsen to several times a year.

It is necessary to know that the lack of treatment in the presence of genital candidiasis affects not only the sexual life and psychological mood of a woman, but it can also negatively affect the condition of all organs. With a long course of the disease, fungi can penetrate into the lungs, liver, respiratory system, as a result of which the generalized form of thrush develops.

Diagnosis by photo (18+):

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Remember that the symptoms can be evidence of other diseases, including those transmitted sexually. Do not self-medicate, it is better to see a doctor.

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