Candida vulvitis

rkjuaC3LM1qcmrp8 Vulvitis is an inflammatory change that affects only the external genitals, that is, the large and small labia. The manifestations of the disease include:

  • Burning and itching of the vulva.
  • Irritation of the mucous layer causes pain when emptying the bladder.
  • On examination, the labia are swollen, hyperemic, and with prolonged inflammation they acquire a bluish-purple color.
  • In the photo of the vulva with vulvovaginal candidiasis, small vesicles can be seen, usually pimples indicate an acute stage of the disease.

Vulvitis can develop not only in girls and women who have sex. Often this disease is detected in young girls and the lack of treatment at this age can lead to fusion of the labia. In girls, the main reason for vulvitis is non-compliance with personal hygiene, which can be the fault of the mother.

Diagnosis by photo (18+):

Attention! Content may be unpleasant to view.

Remember that similar symptoms occur not only in thrush, but for example in STDs. Instead of self-treatment, go to an appointment with a gynecologist.

On the choice of drug for the treatment of vulvitis

About tablets

About flucostat and its analogues

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