Canesten_gin-1 Kanesten is an antifungal medication intended for outdoor use. Currently out of stock. Its analogues:

6565 Release form:

  • Cream 1%, available in tubes of 5, 20, 35 and 50 grams;
  • Cream 2%, produced in tubes of 20 grams;
  • Cream vaginal 10% (available in tubes of 35 grams);
  • Candles vaginal (available in 100, 200 and 500 mg);
  • Spray 1%, used for outdoor use (available in vials of 30 ml);
  • A solution of 1%, used for outdoor use (available in vials of 30 ml).

Instructions for use

pharmachologic effect

In addition to the antimycotic effect, Kanesten also has an antimicrobial effect against gram-negative and gram-positive microbes. It actively influences any species of fungi, and the development of repeated reliance can be observed extremely rarely. Kanesten inhibits the growth of fungi by eliminating the synthesis in the cells. In addition, it destroys the synthesis of components that make up the membrane - ergosterol, which leads to the destruction of the integrity of the cell, and to its early death.

Dosing and Administration

Kanesten oral & cream The solution is used for washing wounds. It is recommended to use it 2 times a day;

Vaginal suppositories are inserted into the vagina 1 time per day. The course of treatment depends on the dosage:

  • Candles of 100 mg are administered 1 time per day for 5-7 days;
  • Candles 200 mg are administered 1 time per day. The course of treatment is 3 days;
  • Candles of 500 mg are administered once.
  • The cream should also be used 2 times a day. A strip of 0, 5 mm should be carefully rubbed into the skin.

The average duration of treatment is 4 weeks, individual diseases:

  • Treatment of genital candidiasis is 1-2 weeks;
  • Treatment of ringworm is 3-4 weeks;
  • Erythrasma treatment is 2-4 weeks;
  • Lichen treatment is 3 weeks.

It is recommended to carry out treatment for 2 weeks after the symptoms disappear.

Indications and contraindications

Canesten_Once_5g_applicator Indications for use:

Contraindications to use are:

  • Period of menstruation (for vaginal use);
  • Intolerance of the individual components that make up the drug;
  • 1 trimester of pregnancy.

b5192f38200ac3094485349b589532bf Side effects:

  • Burning;
  • Skin peeling;
  • Puffiness;
  • Blistering;
  • Any skin rash;
  • The appearance of allergies ;
  • The appearance of any discharge from the vagina;
  • Frequent urination;
  • Headache;
  • Soreness during intercourse;
  • Burning in the penis of the partner;
  • Gastralgia;
  • Cystitis.


Overdose with local use is almost impossible.

Interaction with other drugs:

Kanesten reduces the effectiveness of other antifungal drugs, including antibiotics such as natamycin or nystatin.


Kanesten on the shelf in the pharmacy Although it has not been established that during pregnancy, Kanesten may have any negative effect on the body of the fetus and its mother, however, it is better not to use this drug at all in the first 3 months.

special instructions

  • In order that the infection does not appear again, treatment is recommended for both partners at the same time;
  • Once the cream has been applied, no bandages should be applied;
  • Do not allow the drug to get into the eyes;
  • If irritation occurs, treatment ends immediately;
  • If positive dynamics is not observed after 4 weeks, then it is recommended to apply to honey. center for help.

Storage conditions

Pharmacies drug is available without a prescription. It is recommended to store it in a place protected from light and children. The shelf life of the drug is 3 years.


I use Kanesten candles when I have thrush . He does an excellent job with her. The first time I started using this drug was when I was pregnant. Due to the fact that the active substance is not absorbed into the blood, it can be used during pregnancy. However, as the doctor explained to me, they cannot be used in the first trimester, so I started treatment already at 8 months. Thrush disappeared. Olga 25 years old, Omsk

Today in pharmacies you can find a huge number of different ointments, creams, solutions aimed at the treatment of fungus. Cream “Kanesten” is one of them and is intended for the treatment of many types of diseases. Personally, I used it for treatment between the toes depriving. I do not understand how this sore hit my legs, but the terrible itching made me go to the doctor. He wrote me this wonderful drug. I felt the action of Canestan after 12 hours. The itching disappeared almost immediately and the redness also disappeared. I was very pleased. Daria 40 years old, Voronezh

My husband had a nail fungus , and the only thing we did not try to get rid of him, all to no avail. However, I have such a habit: if a pharmacy has any means and it is unfamiliar to me, I take it on trial. Also Kanesten was acquired. Unfortunately, the cream did not help her husband and he stayed at home. Soon my peeling began on my feet. I did not start the process, but began to actively smear with cream. And he helped me. The skin became very smooth, the itching was gone, but no trace was left of the peeling. We also use this cream when the skin starts to peel off sunburn. I advise everyone! Svetlana 30 years old, St. Petersburg

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