Ketoconazole Candles

Ketoconazole Candles Currently, candles under the brand name "Ketoconazole" are not available. Candles with ketoconazole are manufactured by Nizhfarm under the trademark Livarol .

Ketoconazole is also available in other dosage forms:


: 398 р. Average price of ketoconazole candles online * : 398 р.

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Instructions for use

rod-07104 A candle is inserted into the vagina 1 time per day, before going to bed, as deep as possible.

The duration of treatment is 3-5 days for ordinary thrush, 10 days for chronic.

Ingredients: 1 candle Livarola contains 400 mt of ketoconazole and excipients: butyloxyanisole, polyethylene oxide 400, polyethylene oxide 1500.


svechi-svechechki Ketoconazole has a slight systemic absorption, that is, a small amount of the drug from the candle is absorbed into the blood, so it is completely contraindicated in the first trimester of pregnancy and should not be used without emergency in 2 and 3 trimesters as well as during feeding.

Learn more about the safe treatment of thrush during pregnancy.

In addition, no one has canceled starndarton contraindications: individual hypersensitivity to the drug.

Side effects

Itching and irritation of the vaginal mucosa.

Allergic reactions on the skin: rash, urticaria.

In order not to repeat, here is a link to the complete instructions for use .


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... thrush thrilled every second woman, so there is nothing surprising. I, too, at the beginning doused with broths of celandine and chamomile. Then soda. By the way, soda removes the symptoms for several days, but then again everything is new. In general, I went to a gynecologist, she wrote me a prescription for these candles. 5 days treated and that's it. Since then, I have never been ill. True, I wash it with soda even occasionally for prevention. Anonymous user

Long suffered from chronic thrush. A friend advised Clotrimazole (she treated herself). Of course, it would be better to go to the doctor. But I did not find time. The course of treatment helped to get rid of this scourge forever. I made my friend treat too. Alina, 30 years old, Saransk

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