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Kanizon, Triacutan, Triderm , Amyclone, Guine-Lotrimin, Yenamazol, Candide, Kanesten , Clotrimazole-Akri, Faktodin, Antifungol, Imidil, Candibene, Candizol, Kanizon, Lotrimin


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Instructions for use

klotrimazol In short: a candle is administered once a day, before bedtime, it is not necessary to moisten. The standard course is 6 days, but the doctor may prescribe another.

These vaginal tablets, often referred to as suppositories, are antifungal agents. They are oval suppositories of white color (they are yellowish).

One vaginal tablet contains clotrimazole (100 mg) as an active substance. Among the auxiliary components:

  • lactose (milk sugar),
  • potato starch,
  • microcrystalline cellulose,
  • magnesium stearate,
  • citric acid.

In one package placed 6 candles. In addition to them, in the box is the applicator (depending on the manufacturer), which helps to insert the candle into the vagina.

The shelf life of the drug is 42 months. At the end of this period, the medicine should not be used. The temperature of its storage is not more than 25 ° С. The place where the medicine is contained must be dry and protected from light. Children are not allowed to access it.


First of all, of course, thrush .

1379193181_rews_168 It is important that Clotrimazole Candles help resist a large number of types of fungi. Their action is based on the destruction of cells in the composition of pathogenic microflora. In particular, the objects of exposure to the drug are:

  • yeast mushrooms (including candida),
  • mold fungi,
  • dermatophytes,
  • microorganisms that promote the appearance of lichen colored and erythrasma,
  • Trichomonas,
  • streptococci
  • staphylococcus and others.

The antimycotic effect of clotrimazole as an active active ingredient is a violation of the synthesis of ergosterol, an integral element of the cell membrane of fungi. This leads to a change in the permeability of the membrane and the subsequent dissolution of the cells.

In small concentrations, the substance of the drug inhibits and stops the growth of fungi. And in large doses contributes to their death.

After the introduction of the drug, its high concentration in the vaginal secretion and low in the blood persist from 48 to 72 hours. Metabolism in the liver to inactive metabolites occurs rapidly.

Who is prescribed medication

g5118 Clotrimazole in the form of suppositories is prescribed when the genitals are affected by a fungal infection with:

Other uses of the drug are:

  • improvement of the birth canal on the eve of childbirth,
  • prevention of infection before surgery or other therapeutic actions on the genitals.


Candles Clotrimazole should not be treated patients with hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or auxiliary ingredients. During menstruation, you also can not use the medicine.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding require caution in treatment. In accordance with clinical and experimental studies, the use of suppositories in these conditions did not lead to negative consequences for the health of the woman and child. But for greater certainty, the question of the possibility of prescribing the drug should be decided by the doctor in each case separately.

Side effects

28915911 Using clotrimazole as a vaginal tablet can cause side effects:

  • headache,
  • burning, itching, and swelling in the vaginal mucosa,
  • discharge,
  • gastralgia
  • cystitis,
  • frequent urination,
  • pain during intercourse,
  • burning in the penis partner.


  1. To prevent recurrence of urogenital infections, it is necessary to undergo a course of treatment for both sexual partners.
  2. Prior to the completion of the treatment of partners, sexual contact is undesirable, as they can cause re-infection.
  3. In pregnancy, do not use the applicator.
  4. Patients with liver failure require periodic monitoring of the liver.
  5. If the effect of treatment is absent within a month, then confirmation of the diagnosis is necessary.

Interaction with other drugs

  1. Vaginal suppository reduces the effectiveness of Amphotericin B and other polyene antibiotics.
  2. The parallel use of nystatin weakens the effect of clotrimazole.
  3. Allowed to combine treatment with candles and taking vitamin and herbal supplements.

Treatment regimen

638kl-1242369505 The physician is required to select an adequate concentration of the active substance in accordance with the severity of the disease. Candles Clotrimazole is injected deep into the vagina once a day, before bedtime. During the manipulation, the applicator attached to the packaging is used.

The standard duration of treatment is six days. But the specific duration of therapy is set by the doctor. If the expected results have not come, then an additional therapeutic course is possible.

When the renovation of the birth canal is performed, a single injection of one suppository is sufficient.

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Before, I did not know what a thrush is . During pregnancy, at the 25th week, immunity decreased and cheesy discharge with itching appeared. The gynecologist put thrush. Appointed clotrimazole vaginal tablets. She also advised at first slightly wet them with warm water. The improvement came in two days. And after the whole course in 6 days the thrush disappeared. I liked this drug. It is cheap and at the same time effective. Oksana, 24, Moscow

Long suffered from chronic thrush. A friend advised Clotrimazole (she treated herself). Of course, it would be better to go to the doctor. But I did not find time. The course of treatment helped to get rid of this scourge forever. I made my friend treat too. Alina, 30 years old, Saransk

I listened to an advertisement and bought an expensive drug for chronic candidiasis in a pharmacy. There were only two pills. But no effect. I had to go to the gynecologist. Clotrimazole written by him solved my problem. The drug acts against fungal diseases. Very inexpensive and easy to use. Sister cured them of trichomoniasis. It's nice that they are available and do not afford to afford. Victoria, 27, Izhevsk

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  • Inna :

    Before tim, yak uvoditi svіchku clotrimazole on nich, promivati ​​chamomile possible?

  • Olga :

    Good day! Tell me, is it possible to use clotrimazole with bacterial vaginosis?

  • Galina :

    After 2 courses of antibiotics, strong intestinal dysbacteriosis occurred. The prescribed treatment of litters, but the symptoms of vaginal dysbiosis appeared. Clotrimazole will help?

    • Doc :


      Clotrimazole helps against thrush, dysbacteriosis and thrush are not the same thing. To restore the microflora, there are special female probiotics in the form of candles or capsules - Laktonorm, Laktozhinal and so forth.

  • Nuria :

    Candida albigans is found in feces. Sensitive to clathrimazole (Candibene). Can I put candles in the intestines?

    • Doc :


      It is possible, but it is ineffective. For intestinal candidiasis, tablets are prescribed, for example, fluconazole or pimafucin.

  • Girls :

    If the symptoms of thrush disappear after 3 days of using candles, can you no longer install, finish the treatment on this ??

  • Nazim :

    Hello. Already a week there is a burning sensation of itching and a cheesy discharge. It hurts badly. Pregnancy is 25 weeks. It’s impossible for the doctor to go. What can you do. Gelin or clotrimazole?

    • Doc :


      When thrush rarely pain, there is a high probability that it is something else. If it were not for pregnancy, one could take candles with a wide spectrum of action and treat them, but they are all contraindicated in pregnant women. Therefore, without consulting a doctor can not do.

      If it is thrush, you can Pimafucin. Zalain and Clotrimazole are equally risky to use.

  • Sonya :

    What should be treated partner in the treatment of clotrimazole?

  • Alina :

    Hello! Pregnancy 11 weeks, prescribed pimafucin! (Candidal vaginitis) is it possible to replace clotrimazole ??? Thank you in advance)

  • Madeleine :

    hello will help with banal vaginitis?

  • Anna :

    Good day! Tell me, if the discharge is similar to pink yogurt, and the fishy smell .. is it bacterial vaginitis? Clotrimazole will not help?

    • Doc :


      There are many possible reasons, you need a smear and an inspection to determine.

  • Apalinaria :

    Hello! I have not had itching and burning of the labia for several days, tried the candles Klion-D100 did not help, the itchiness remained, was washed away by manganese, etc. Clotrimazole will help?

    • Doc :


      Klion D100 contains antifungal component, so you do not have candidiasis, but something else. Go to the doctor, describe how you were treated and give a smear.

  • Nastya :

    Can lubrication be lost? I use clotriamazole suppositories (5 days, no more symptoms) + flucanazole tablets. What is the reason for dryness? No lubrication ..

    • Doc :


      Yes maybe. Associated with the violation of the natural microflora. At the end of the course of treatment, use probiotics, preferably special - Laktonorm, Laktozhinal, Vagilak.

  • Nastya :

    Good morning, on day 5, the use of clotrimazole spilled white liquid from me, the creamy discharge was the same as always, but why did the liquid?

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