Contractedtext boxes of 50 and 20 g and tuba No full analogues.

There are drugs that are positioned as a means for healing / smoothing scars and stretch marks.

Klirvin ointment is sold in pharmacies - inexpensive , positioned as a remedy for stretch marks. The remaining drugs, unfortunately on sale are not easy to find:

  • Zeraderm Ultra
  • Dermatics
  • Kelofibrase
  • Mederma
  • Fermencol


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Instructions for use

Gel "Kontraktubeks" - a drug to get rid of various skin deformations (scars, scars, postpartum stretch marks, etc.) The drug is manufactured in Germany under strict quality control and technology compliance.

Description and properties

reverse side tuba Components such as heparin, allantoin and onion extract (in liquid form) are used as the main ingredients in the production.

It is the biological activity of these components that ensures the therapeutic effect of the use of the gel:

  • Heparin - prevents blood clots, regulates blood clotting, retains fluid in the scars, softens hard scars and other deformities.
  • Allantoin - improves the regenerative properties of epidermal cells without the effect of hyperplasia. Especially effective in the treatment of old lesions. It improves the blood circulation of the affected area and relieves itching. Allantoin is a natural ingredient derived from comfrey roots or wheat (germinated).
  • Onion extract - has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, acts as an antiseptic. In addition, onions reduce puffiness of soft tissues, accelerates the restoration of the upper layers of the epidermis and kills pathogenic bacteria.

When using "Kontraktubeks" observed the following effect:

  • smoothes the scar surface, making it less noticeable in relation to the healthy area;
  • effectively softens rough skin;
  • removes skin deformity;
  • relieves painful sensations;
  • improves the motor activity of tendons and joints, which were damaged as a result of deformation.

The gel has a light brown color and a transparent texture; a faint characteristic odor may be noted. The drug is available in aluminum tubes of 20 and 50 g (in one carton box - 1 tube).

Indications for use

contractubex64 Gel "Kontraktubeks" recommended for use with the following indications:

  • postpartum stretch marks on the abdomen, thighs and other areas of the body;
  • ankylosis of the joints (loss of motor activity);
  • keloid scars (skin injury after surgery, mechanical damage or burns);
  • Dupuytren's contracture;
  • atrophic scars (scars after the treatment of furunculosis);
  • hypertrophic scars (differing from keloids in that they do not go beyond the boundaries of the initial injury);
  • traumatic tendon contracture.

The drug can be used prophylactically during pregnancy (to avoid the formation of stretch marks), as well as after surgery to heal tissue more quickly and eliminate scars and scars.

How to use?

Gel "Kontraktubex" is intended exclusively for outdoor local use.

Indication Method of use Duration
Scars and scars (fresh) 0.5 cm means to apply on the damaged surface with an area of ​​20-25 cm 2 , gently rubbing until completely absorbed. 4 weeks
Old dense scars and scars Apply the agent on an occlusive dressing (in sufficient quantity), attach it to the affected area. Keep up all night. 3 to 6 months
Dupuytren's Contracture The doctor prescribes the regimen 1 year
With the preventive purpose Once a day, rub into the skin until absorbed As needed

Important! Apply the gel can only be on closed areas of the skin, that is, on those scars that have already healed. When excreting pus or other contents, the use of the tool is strictly prohibited.


kontraktubeks-krem "Kontraktubex" has no contraindications except for hypersensitivity to one or more components of the gel.

This is because the tool does not contain substances that could have a toxic effect on the body, or affect the work of the organs.

Side effects

The drug is very well tolerated, and undesirable effects were rarely diagnosed when used. These may be skin reactions (for example, rash, itching, burning) or allergies.

If you experience side effects, you should consult a specialist for consultation.

Use during pregnancy

"Kontraktubex" is used only locally and does not enter the systemic circulation, therefore it can not harm the fetus or complicate the course of pregnancy. For this reason, the tool can be used during childbirth.


Systemic absorption of ingredients when using the drug does not occur. The therapeutic effect is achieved due to the deep penetration of heparin into the layers of the epidermis, which occurs within 4 hours after the application of the gel.

Precautionary measures

  • In the treatment of recent scars can not be massaged, undergo UV radiation and cryotherapy.
  • The simultaneous use of the gel with physiotherapy treatment is allowed at the discretion of the attending physician.
  • To enhance the effect, you can steam the skin before using the drug.


Served without a prescription. Shelf life 4 years. Store at a temperature not higher than 25 degrees.


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During pregnancy, gained a lot of extra pounds. The result was a strong stretch of the skin and, of course, the appearance of stretch marks. My stomach was just something awful, I didn't even want to look. There was disgust for herself, her husband was not allowed to go for a kilometer. Accidentally stumbled upon an advertisement for Kontraktubex gel. I thought that it wouldn't be any worse anyway, and I bought it. Has put gel during a month on 3 times a day. The result, of course, impressed. Fully stretch marks have not gone away, but they became almost imperceptible (they began to turn pale after 7 days of use). I plan to repeat the course. This gel is, of course, not cheap, but the result is definitely worth the money spent. Alice, 21 years old (young mother)

Once in a frying pan overturned with hot oil, as a result there were burns on the right leg. After healing, he smeared contractubex for several months. The scar was a little lighter, the shape has not changed, and the cream has gone a lot. I think that the effect is weak for such money. Irina, 28 years old

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