Lucky, which relieve fungi

Unlike ointments and creams that quickly disappear from the surface of the nail (washed off or absorbed into clothing), the nail polish lacquer is perfectly fixed and does not cause inconvenience during application. Here it is only advisable to use it only in cases when the pathological fungus occupies no more than 60% on the nail plate.

The main characteristics of varnishes

paint the toenails After applying to the nail, the treating components of lacquers penetrate deep inside, simultaneously blocking the access of oxygen to the spores. Already 48 hours after the first use, the maximum concentration of varnish in the nail bed is reached and the causative agents of fungal infection begin to die. Only a reduction in redness is visually noticeable, but this is a signal that the death of parasitic fungi has begun.

Nail polish is used against nail fungus when:

  • Taking systemic drugs is contraindicated;
  • The surface form of onychomycosis was diagnosed:
  • The matrix has not undergone fungal infection;
  • Affected no more than 2-3 nails.

Medical varnish can be applied under the cosmetic. Such use will not reduce the effectiveness of treatment.

Review of nail polish varnish

  1. Batrafen . The first drug that was allowed to treat onychomycosis in the United States. Varnish is active against 58 species of fungi, so in most cases, Batrafen cures the disease within six months. The active substance is ciclopirox. At least 3 months are applied according to the following pattern: 1st month - every other day, 2nd month - 2 p. per week, 3rd month - 1 p. in Week. The varnish dries on the nail in 30-45 seconds. Manufacturer - Germany. Nail for the treatment of nail fungus will cost 1250-2190 rubles.
  2. Demicten Antifungal cosmetic varnish based on polyvinyl acetate emulsion. On the nail plate under the influence of air turns into a protective film. The varnish dries wounds, removes puffiness, eliminates reddening, helps to get rid of the persistent "army" smell. Apply daily. Nail varnish from nail fungus Demicten has no contraindications and side effects. Over it it is possible to put a decorative varnish. Manufacturer - "LN-cosmetics" (Russia). The price of nail polish varnish is about 285 rubles. (bottle of 35 ml.)
  3. Loceril . Nail polish from nail fungus Loceryl affects the structure of the cell membrane of the fungus and the process of biosynthesis. The active substance is amorolfine . The varnish is sold with spatulas for application, nail files and alcohol swabs. During treatment with lacquer, it is not recommended to increase nails and use regular lacquer. In addition, impermeable gloves should be used when working with solvents and cleaning agents. Manufacturer - France. The price of nail polish against nail fungus Loceryl was set at around 2100 rubles. for 2.5% varnish in 5 ml. bottle, 3000 rubles. for 5% varnish in 2.5 ml. vial.
  4. Mikozan It is sold complete with disposable nail files for nail treatment. On the nail plate, the lacquer forms a water-soluble film, the active substances of which create unfavorable living conditions for fungi, reduce the porosity of the nails and increase their density. Herbal remedy (not medicine) is applied twice a day. Duration of treatment: the main course is 4 weeks, prophylactic 2-5 months (once a day treatment). Manufacturer - the Netherlands. The cost of a set is 500-860 rubles.

Subtleties of application

Properly chosen varnish from nail fungus on the legs is the key to a successful healing , but only if you thoroughly follow the technology of application.

lak Lacquer is convenient because it is not necessary to remove the nail plate to facilitate the penetration of the drug into the nail. But, nevertheless, the nail plate must be prepared for applying nail polish. Feet and nails are washed with laundry soap, and then degrease the surface with a special cotton swab that comes with varnish. You can also use other products that are sold in the pharmacy: a blue water solution, alcohol, diluted in half with water, an iodine solution. The next stage of processing is thorough drying or wiping of the feet and nails with a cloth made of natural materials or a cotton pad. Next, the nail plate are polished with a special one-time nail file (often included). The nail should also be cut as short as possible. After the end of the preparatory activities, all manicure / pedicure tools are disinfected or discarded, if they were intended for one-time use.

The process of applying varnish is as follows: it is distributed in a thin layer over the entire surface of the nail plate with the frequency indicated in the instructions for the preparation. It also indicates whether it is necessary and than to remove the varnish remaining on the nails before applying a new layer. After the complete drying of the varnish (it lasts from 30 seconds to 2 minutes), you can start everyday tasks. While waiting for the varnish to dry, the spatula that was used to apply the varnish is wiped with alcohol. They also process the neck, after which the bottle is tightly closed.

It is necessary to take into account that it is impossible to use two different medical varnishes at the same time, because antifungal activity tends to decrease in this case.

Side effects and contraindications

Remember that the varnish from the fungus is not a cosmetic product, but a medical one, and before you buy, be sure to check the instructions and familiarize yourself with the contraindications. You will not find them only to the drug Demicten - the manufacturer assures that everyone can use it.

The most frequent contraindications:

  • Period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • Age up to four years;
  • Hypersensitivity to varnish components.

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  • Julia :

    And these varnishes exactly help?

    • Olya :

      My doctor advised me to smear with iodine, smeared somewhere for a month, before baths from soda, passed tfu, tfu, tfu.

  • Michael :

    I tried many drugs that were of no use. He began to apply Itrazol accidentally advised a female pharmacy used the second package of 14 capsules saw the result the thumbnail began to peel and other toes look better as I will cure

  • Love :

    I treated the nail fungus for a year, exoderil drops and fluconazole tablets, how much horror it threatened. Th / 3 months after treatment (cured nail) a bruise appeared on the nail floor ((((and everything is new, only now batrafen varnish and Irunin tablets. I think you need to throw out / update your shoes at first improvements ((((

  • Evgenia :

    It is strange to me. Yellow-brown spots appear periodically and only on the toes of the thumbs. I am wearing Lamisil cream. It passes. But then again after 2-3 months they appear. I want to change the drug.

    • Doc :


      Signs of a fungus are brittle nails and any discoloration. And after all, even the slightest signs have passed, it is recommended to be treated for another couple of weeks or even a month in order to get rid of the pathogen for sure.

      Plus footwear disinfection and hygiene.

      And yes, nail polish is a good option for nails :)

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