(contain only lingin , you can add some probiotic to normalize microflora)

As an analogue, other enterosorbents may be appropriate; consultation with a doctor is necessary.


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laktofiltrum-2 Laktofiltrum - enterosorbing agent designed to normalize the intestinal microflora. It is also an effective immunomodulator (a group of substances that stimulate the immune processes in the body). Available in pill form, packaged in blisters or vials. There are two active components:

  • lignin - enterosorbent of natural origin. The main function is the binding and retention of components of different origin that are harmful to the body (alcohol decomposition products, endo- and exotoxins, heavy metals, allergens), and their removal from the body;
  • lactulose (a synthetic prebiotic that activates the production of beneficial microflora in the stomach and certain parts of the intestine and neutralizes pathogenic microflora).

Auxiliary components are magnesium stearate and croscarmellose sodium.


laktofiltrum-17 The drug is prescribed for the purpose of removing toxic substances from the body in food and drug poisoning, elimination (elimination) of pathogenic microflora in viral and infectious diseases (dysentery, salmonellosis, etc.). Also, the drug is used as part of complex therapy for the following diseases:

  • liver cirrhosis;
  • hepatitis;
  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome);
  • chronic colitis;
  • allergic diseases;
  • digestive disorders of various genesis (flatulence, diarrhea, constipation).

Another area of ​​application of Lactofiltrum is the strengthening of immunity in the period of exacerbations of seasonal diseases.

Dosage and administration

lf-all Laktofiltrum apply inside with a small amount of water 60 minutes before meals and other drugs. In case of difficulty in swallowing or prescribing small children, the pill must be crushed.

  • For adults and children, the drug is recommended to take the drug three times a day, 2-3 tablets per 1 dose;
  • Children from 8 to 12 - three times a day, 1-2 tablets per dose;
  • From 3 to 7 - 1 tablet 3 times a day;
  • Children from one to three years - half a pill 3 times a day.


Lactofiltrum is prohibited under:

  • galazoktemii;
  • bleeding from the digestive tract;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • hypersensitivity to lactulose or lignin.

In the presence of intestinal atony, gastric and duodenal ulcers in an acute course, the drug is prescribed with caution, strictly under medical supervision.

Pregnancy and lactation

laktofiltrum-11 Confirmed information on the development of specific side effects caused by taking the drug during gestation and breastfeeding is not available.

However, for pregnant and lactating women Laktofiltrum is allowed only under strict medical supervision.


If the following symptoms are found, discontinue treatment with the drug before consulting with your doctor and possibly adjusting the daily dose:

  • abdominal pain uncharacteristic for diseases that are indications for the use of Lactofiltrum;
  • constipation.

Side effects

The drug is characterized by a minimum of side effects, and therefore is recommended for the treatment of young children.

In some cases, the body may react to taking Laktofiltrum with diarrhea or abdominal distention, rarely with allergic reactions.

Composition and pharmacokinetics

1 tablet of the drug contains 355 mg of hydrolytic lignin and 120 mg of lactulose. Content of excipients: 20 mg of croscarmellose sodium and 5 mg of magnesium stearate. Both active components are not absorbed into the blood. The time for complete elimination of hydrolysis lignin decomposition components is 24 hours.

Interaction with other drugs

The enterosorbing properties of Lactofiltrum cause a decrease in the effectiveness of other drugs in the case of simultaneous administration. Accordingly, in the process of complex treatment, the drug is recommended to be used not earlier than an hour or after an hour after taking other drugs.


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The choice of adsorbents is large, but not everyone fits the child. The same Polisorb, for example. In this regard, Laktofiltrum well helps us out. My three-year-old daughter is allergic, and when I went to kindergarten, the rash directly attacked us. The pediatrician advised to take Laktofiltrum for 14 days to adapt to Sadikovsky nutrition. The daily dosage is small, 3 times in half a pill, but they did not want to take these masa either. I had to thoroughly crush them and pour some water. At first, she was frightened by the color (brown pills), and then she got used to it and was no longer capricious. We liked the effect - pimples that got out earlier, completely disappeared in 2 weeks, digestion became better. It is better not to use this medicine longer: an adsorbent is just the same as absorbing, whether it is harmful or beneficial. For the price means, of course, not the cheapest. 60 tablets cost 350 rubles. It is beneficial to treat a child if one and a half tablets are needed per day, and an adult needs 2-3 pills per day, the packaging is consumed quickly. Although at current drug prices, in principle, it is still tolerable.

Elizaveta, Moscow

Laktofiltrum was advised to me by my cosmetologist when we were solving the problem of skin rashes. It was necessary to clean the intestines, because a rash is only a consequence of what is inside. I bought a Laktofiltrum package for 60 tablets, there were 6 blisters of 10 pieces each. Convenient not to carry with you the whole pack. Tablets of a specific color, light brown with golden splashes. Swallowing them completely uncomfortable, so I broke the tablet in half, and only then sipped. The manual says that Laktofiltrum helps with violations of the intestinal microflora. So, this is absolutely true. Already after the first day of administration, I felt that the intestines worked better. I will not write details, who faced similar problems, will understand. I took these pills for 7 days, by the end of the week the stool had completely improved, with no pronounced laxative effect. The beautician also said that Laktofiltrum helps clean the blood. Probably, this is also true, because after a week of taking the old eruption was gone, but the new ones did not appear. I am extremely happy with this effect, and the price is absolutely not embarrassing, the drug is worth it.

Marina, Novokuznetsk

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