Treatment of fungus in the groin in men

The article is devoted to the fungus of the skin, or athlete, which is localized in the groin and around it. If you are interested in candidiasis (yeast, thrush), which directly affects the genital mucosa, then look for the answer here:

The reasons

The disease is not pleasant, but it is treated Fungi are found in the mouth, on the back, on the scalp, on the hands, on the abdomen, but most often on the feet, palms, nails, in the groin area.

Factors contributing to the growth and reproduction of fungi:

  • wet environment
  • increased sweating
  • high ambient temperature
  • violation of carbohydrate-fat metabolism in the body.

The fungus appears where favorable conditions are created for its vital activity. The human body protects the genitals from hypothermia. In the groin, the temperature is always slightly higher than in open areas of the body. If personal hygiene rules are not followed, an unnaturally humid and warm environment is created here. That is why the fungus in the groin area is a very common pathology that affects the skin folds in the genital area, the anal area and the scrotum.

In the absence of timely and properly selected treatment, the general well-being of the patient worsens, and the whole body is poisoned by the products of the vital activity of fungi.

any question we have the answer Persons at risk of contracting inguinal fungi more than others:

  • Residents of warm countries
  • Males
  • Persons frequenting public baths, swimming pools, saunas,
  • Persons with a history of cardiovascular disorders
  • Persons with endocrine diseases: obesity, diabetes, metabolic disorders,
  • Persons suffering from hyperhidrosis
  • Persons who are often under stress
  • Persons with mycosis of the feet.


In the photo, the inguinal fungus has the appearance of small flaky pink spots of various shapes and sizes. In the absence of appropriate treatment, the spots begin to grow and darken, and ulcers or bubbles with liquid appear on their surface. Microscopic examination of scrapings from the skin reveal mycelium filaments.

Attention! Content may be unpleasant to view - 'inguinal fungus: photo'

The main clinical manifestations of pathology:

1. Genital and inguinal itching is the main symptom of the disease, which over time becomes persistent, intrusive and painful. Itching spreads to the anal area, but does not affect the penis.

2. A red rash appears on itchy areas, which clearly marks the boundary of the infected area. Further development of the disease is accompanied by the formation of small bubbles with liquid.

3. Affected skin flakes and becomes covered with small cracks.

4. Healthy skin on the border with the affected gradually reddens and becomes dry.

Diagnosis of the disease is absolutely painless and consists in examination of the patient and microscopic examination of the scraping from the affected skin.

How to treat inguinal fungus in men? Traditional medicinal antifungal agents are usually used: ointments, tablets, less often infusions and compresses.

Drug treatment

Medicines - right! Standard antimycotics help well: ketoconazole , clotrimazole , terbinafine .

Late stages of the disease have pronounced inflammatory signs. To combat infection in advanced cases use:

  • An inguinal ointment consisting of glucocorticoids and relieving inflammation and irritation - Miconazole , Clotrimazole , Triderm ;
  • antifungal drugs for oral administration - “Fluconazole”, “Nystatin”, “ Ketoconazole ”, “ Itraconazole ” (all this only after consulting a doctor);

Rules for applying antifungal ointments:

  • pre-affected skin is washed thoroughly with soap,
  • apply ointment, capturing healthy skin,
  • apply the ointment strictly according to the instructions
  • If improvement does not occur within 2 weeks from the start of treatment, you should contact a specialist,
  • during treatment it is recommended to wear spacious underwear made from natural fabrics, which must be changed daily,
  • The affected area should always be dry, use powder or talcum for this.
  • If intimate hair is not removed, they should be treated with antifungal shampoo .

The treatment of inguinal fungus in men averages 2 months. If the infection is not repaired, then it will definitely return. A person is considered healthy if the symptoms of the disease are completely absent, and microscopic examination does not reveal mycelium filaments.

Folk treatment

The simplest method for the treatment of inguinal fungus is the use of alcohol iodine infusion. Within two weeks, you must daily lubricate the infusion of iodine affected skin. This occupation can be very unpleasant, because skin in this area is more sensitive. Plus, this tool kills the fungus only at the initial stage of the pathology before the appearance of ulcers and vesicles. In addition to it, use iodine compresses with tar ointment.

As always, we remind you that folk remedies can only be an addition to traditional medicine. Be sure to consult your doctor!

Traditional medicine is not the best choice How to get rid of inguinal fungus with alternative medicine? To do this, use a variety of medicinal herbs, which are part of most medical ointments.

The most popular herbal recipes:

  1. For the preparation of infusion of white birch casting pour vodka and insist 5 days. The resulting tool is treated the affected areas until the complete disappearance of clinical signs.
  2. A mixture of flax seed, oak bark and yarrow is poured with a liter of hot water, infused and used as a compress. This method of treatment is often combined with pre-treatment of the skin with zinc ointment .
  3. Prepare a mixture of chamomile, hypericum , cranberries, eucalyptus and yarrow , pour boiling water and take three times a day for half a glass. Treatment of an inguinal fungus is carried out for 20 days.
  4. Wild garlic and black radish seeds are good helpers in the fight against fungal infection. They are crushed, mixed and applied to diseased skin.


Prevention of fungal infection:

  1. Personal hygiene,
  2. Clean and dry intimate places,
  3. Shower after any physical exertion,
  4. Daily change of underwear,
  5. Use in swimming pools and baths of rubber shoes,
  6. Treatment of excessive sweating,
  7. Use of individual personal care products.

After suffering a disease or contact with a sick person, antifungal treatment should be carried out as a prophylactic measure, and also the objects used by the patient should be disinfected .


  • Adrian :

    My friend had a fungus in his groin. His friend advised him to grind dried up horsetail into powder and sprinkle sore spots with this powder. But the powder is peeling off. He decided to make an ointment by mixing the powder with a small amount of simple margarine. After four rubbing itching has passed! Before that, he tried all means, also from doctors, and nothing helped.

  • Lydia :

    My son loves every living thing. Fiddles with guinea pigs, hamsters, and feeds and cares for street dogs on the street. We joked that he would be a veterinarian and begin to treat pets. It turned out that he himself should be treated. His hair began to fall out, and plaques formed on this spot. Urgently enrolled to the doctor. The doctor diagnosed mycosis of the scalp. Son isolated, all things are disinfected. Prescribed Binafin. The son took 1 tablet per day. A month later he recovered. By the way, the medicine costs 2.5 less than Lamisil, which is advertised everywhere.

  • Ruslan :

    Can an inguinal fungus affect the sexual partner and manifest as cystitis?

  • Shef :

    Treated with Exoderil. Itching disappeared after two days. A general improvement with the disappearance of the rash in a week. I smear in the morning once a day.

  • Guest :

    What doctor to talk to?

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