Treatment of fungus laser or complex therapy?

Prescribes the treatment of nail fungus mycologist , so he alone can determine the types of fungi that caused onchomikoza, and the severity of the disease. Today, there are many traditional and innovative ways to treat nail fungus. To cure nail fungus on their feet, they can be cured quickly and efficiently, you just need to contact a professional.

Traditional ways

In the medical treatment of onchomycosis is used:

  • Systemic therapy;
  • Local therapy;
  • Combined therapy.

Whatever treatment method the doctor chooses, he needs to be prepared for the fact that it will be long, because the fungal infection is resistant to cure.

eat pills with a spoon By systemic therapy is meant the ingestion of oral antifungal agents , such as those taken by mouth. They are quite effective, but have a lot of side effects. For example, the treatment of nail fungus with Irunin is very effective: the drug copes well with the destruction of dermatomycetes, molds and yeast fungi , but its long-term use negatively affects the state of the liver. Irunin capsules are usually prescribed by pulse therapy (0.2 g. Twice a day, the treatment for nail fungus is 7 days). The result of treatment is noticeable immediately after completion of the course (2-3 cycles of pulse therapy), but during this time the drug has time to accumulate in the body and the person taking it may experience diarrhea, nausea, jaundice, headache, menstrual failures, edema. , heart failure, itching and rash.

195 Lamisil for the treatment of nail fungus in the form of tablets is also effective, but less toxic. Lamisil tablets are usually taken 12 weeks once a day at a dose of 250 mg. If the drug is prescribed to children, the dose is calculated on the basis of body weight. Side effects when taking oral medication are rare, and they mainly concern the nervous system, liver and kidneys. So, often there is a headache, the taste is lost, there is a dysfunction of the bile ducts. If you are taking Lamisil tablets and oral contraceptives at the same time, the menstrual cycle may be disturbed. Local therapy, involving the use of ointments, creams, varnishes and solutions, is less effective and longer, but less harmful to the body. Well proven Candid cream, the treatment of nail fungus which lasts until the full regrowth of a healthy nail plate. Many mushrooms are sensitive to this drug, however, Candide does not enter the systemic circulation. In view of this person who chose this cream for treatment, only sensations of burning and tingling can disturb.

Well-groomed nails Comprehensive treatment of nail fungus is prescribed if it is necessary to speed up treatment or increase the effectiveness of pulse therapy. For example, if a dermatologist has to think about how to cure a neglected nail fungus, then in most cases he will prefer a combination therapy. The doctor will prescribe antibiotics as a short course, prescribe a cream or ointment for local use and suggest either periodically to mechanically remove the affected parts of the nail plate in the clinic, or to carry it out at home. However, nail clippers and nail scissors are not always able to process parts of the nail that are located close to the matrix. What can we say about the qualitative cleaning of the nail bed! Of course, you can surgically remove an unhealthy nail altogether, but this painful procedure does not guarantee a regrowth of a healthy and undeformed nail.

If the use of local drugs requires processing of the nail plate, then it is necessary to give preference to hardware treatment of nail fungus. It has practically no contraindications and is allowed for use in all forms of fungal infection.

Take an active part in the dialogue with the doctor when choosing a drug, because the price of drugs for the treatment of nail fungus varies from hundreds of rubles to several thousand. Below is the approximate cost of the product packaging, but, looking at it, remember that treatment may require several packages.

Innovative treatments

laser-treatment Modern treatment of nail fungus can be described as follows: quickly, fairly safely and non-invasively. We are talking about the laser treatment of nail fungus , which is a sterilization of the nail plate and bed. Mushrooms of all kinds under the influence of a warming laser beam die.

The essence of the procedure. Infrared laser radiation penetrates the nail plate to a depth of 7 mm. No local drug can penetrate so deeply. Meanwhile, mushroom spores lie just at this depth. Heat causes them to glue.

The duration of laser warming up of the nail plate is different and depends on the type of device and the number of nails affected by the fungus. In total, the nail will have to process 3-10 times, making a break between procedures in 7-30 days. The result will be noticeable after the first heating with a laser, but a complete victory over the fungus can be celebrated only when a new, healthy nail plate grows.

Advantages of laser treatment:

  • Adaptation of fungi of any kind to laser radiation is impossible;
  • Bacteria disinfection;
  • The laser energy is used in doses, therefore, an appropriate exposure temperature is established for each patient;
  • Laser warm-up sessions are not time consuming;
  • Painless procedure;
  • Long-term effect after treatment;
  • The absence of the rehabilitation period;
  • No side effects.

Possible complications: if a non-specialist will treat the nail plate with a laser, then a cuticle burn, the appearance of small scars, as well as the deformation of the nail are possible. Laser treatment of onchomikozy helps in 95% of cases, although the treatment of neglected nail fungus will have to be combined with taking medication . The price of laser treatment of nail fungus can vary from 1,500 to 4,500 rubles.

Read more about laser treatment.


Sometimes the fungus occurs on children's nails and the nails of a pregnant woman. Many future mothers are wondering if laser therapy is so good, then it is suitable and pregnant? Traditional medical treatment in these categories is not suitable, because antifungal drugs can harm both the fetus and the mother.

Treatment of nail fungus during pregnancy is not practiced, because only in rare cases a fungal infection can cause premature birth.

z Often, from the moment of infection with a fungus to the onset of symptoms of nail damage, it takes several months (and sometimes years), so the treatment is postponed until delivery and the end of breastfeeding. Only in rare cases, dermatologists are allowed to apply Lotseril and Miconazole cream on the nail plates. Antibiotics can not be taken during pregnancy. They penetrate the bloodstream and the future mother and fetus, and can cause intrauterine pathology. The ban is imposed on the use of traditional methods of treatment. Banal lubrication of the nail with iodine can increase the activity of the thyroid gland, which can lead to disruption of the formation of proteins and the rate of metabolic processes. The result of improper biochemical processes may be unforeseen changes in the fetus.

Treatment of nail fungus in children is also due to the likelihood of complications, but since it does not go away on its own, the doctor carries out all the necessary procedures for treatment or on an outpatient basis, or in the hospital. Diflucan is considered the safest. Forms of release: suspension with orange taste, capsules. The dose is 3-13 mg . and depends on the severity of the condition and the age of the child. Consult a doctor, self-treatment is not always safe!

future mom An effective method of treating nail fungus can only be selected by a specialist, based on laboratory data and information about concomitant diseases. If necessary, he will prescribe antibiotics or a course of laser therapy. Modern methods of treatment of nail fungus can quickly destroy the causative agents of infection. Thanks to modern drugs, physicians have practically abandoned the surgical removal of the nail (previously, the fungus was treated only by this method) and reduced the duration of treatment.


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    Thanks for the article. She helped me.

  • Mary :

    Before the laser during the past few years, I just did not try, but it did not help. Treated the fungus with a laser in Israel, they did everything professionally. Expensive of course, but fast and not painful.

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