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Instructions for use

The manual contains important information, familiarization with which is a prerequisite. If you ignore these requirements, then in the future there may be unpleasant consequences.


The drug is prescribed for such diseases as:

  • Keratoconjunctivitis;
  • Allergic form of conjunctivitis ;
  • Irritation of the mucous membrane as a result of exposure to environmental factors, for example, pollen of plants, cosmetic preparations, household chemicals, ophthalmic preparations;
  • Allergic form of keratitis.

Reception method

Lecrolin eye drops Attention! The duration of therapy is selected by the doctor, based on the patient's condition, the severity of the disease.

Drops need to dig in each eye.

The recommended dosage is 1-2 drops 4 times a day.

In allergic conjunctivitis, the drug should be taken at the first signs. Therapy should be continued until the symptoms disappear.

When using a tube-dropper should observe some of the rules:

  • Opening the package along the line and separating the tube, you should make sure that the contents are in the lower part;
  • Open the tube and drip the solution into the eyes;
  • After instillation, it is necessary to throw away the tube with the rest of the medicine;
  • Close the package tightly until the next procedure.


Lecrolin eye drops It is not recommended to prescribe the drug in the presence of such conditions as:

  • Age of the child up to four years;
  • Allergy to certain substances.


During pregnancy, as well as breastfeeding, lecrolin can be taken, but an ophthalmologist must give permission. During breastfeeding, it is necessary to exclude the natural method of feeding, replacing it with artificial mixtures.

Attention! Before use, consult a doctor!


With local use, the development of overdose is unlikely, however, it can still occur as a condition such as nausea. As therapy, treatment should be carried out based on the symptoms that exist.

Adverse events

instruction lekrolin The development of side effects is unlikely. Sometimes the patient's body may respond in the form of symptoms such as:

  • Burning, blurred vision;
  • Irritation of the eyes, as well as allergic reactions.


The active substance is sodium cromoglycate.

Auxiliary elements are disodium edetate, water, benzalkonium chloride, water, polyvinyl alcohol, and also glycerol.


Lekrolin is antiallergic medicine that has a membrane stabilizing effect, and also prevents cell degranulation.

The therapeutic effect is achieved within a few days or weeks after the start of treatment. Absorption through the mucous membrane is negligible.


Lekrolin packaging It is released without a prescription.

Medicine Lecrolin should be stored at a temperature of from 15 to 25 degrees. In no case should water droplets or sun rays fall into this place.

Subject to all recommendations, the drug can be stored for three years. After opening the package with a tube-dropper or bottle, the shelf life is reduced to one month. After the expiration date, the drug cannot be used further.

Mention should also be made of the combination of drugs.

There are no negative manifestations as a result of the interaction of the active substance with other drugs.

Attention! In no case can not touch the pipette tip of the iris of the eye.


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I have been using Lecrolin drops for four years now. I’ve had pollinosis since childhood, itchy eyes. I drip these drops and the symptoms disappear instantly. It should be understood that the means in each case is selected individually. I really like this drug. Larisa, Blagoveshchensk

The ophthalmologist prescribed the drug Lekrolin for dry eyes and redness. The drug copes with the task. I am pleased with his action. Anastasia, Volgograd

Not so long ago my eyes began to blush horribly. Rather, both eyes reddened, but one of them became more inflamed and against its background I did not notice any problems with the second. I immediately ran to the pharmacy for my favorite drops of albumin, which saved me more than once. After dropping, a terrible burning sensation and pain appeared. As a result, spent about an hour in a dark room. As it became better, I decided to repeat the procedure, dripped more. And again the burning sensation returned. Almost crying, I began to call a familiar ophthalmologist. He said that most likely I was allergic and brought me these droplets, after examining. The pain went away after a few minutes, and the initial symptoms did not remain after 3 days. Now, with the slightest problem, I go to the doctors. Denis, Khabarovsk

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