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1378501991_rews_144 Livarol belongs to the antimycotic (antifungal) drugs. Its main active ingredient - ketoconazole - is active against several varieties of fungi that attack the vagina. One candle contains 400 mg of this component. Auxiliary components accelerate the penetration of the antifungal agent into the vaginal mucosa. These include:

  • butyloxyanisole,
  • macrogol (polyethylene oxide base).

The tool is produced only in the form of vaginal suppositories. One package contains 5 or 10 candles. Each of them has a torpedo shape. The color is white with different shades - creamy, grayish or yellowish.

The place where the medicine is stored must be dry, dark and inaccessible to children. Temperature up to 25 ° C. Has a two-year term of application.

Drug benefits

The main advantage of candles Livarol is their local action with a minimum of systemic effects. That is, the medicinal composition shows its activity directly in the affected area - the mucous membrane of the vagina and the vulva, where it suppresses the vital activity of a fungus such as Candida. This effect is obtained by blocking the biosynthesis of the components from which the cells of fungi build their membranes.

Livarol The substance is almost not absorbed into the blood and has no effect on the rest of the body.

Many pathogens of fungal infections are characterized by sensitivity to ketoconazole. These include mushrooms:

  • dermatophytes (trichophytes, athlete, microspores),
  • yeast fungi (pitirospores, candida).

The active ingredient also “works” as an antibiotic, attacking staphylococci and streptococci.

Often, the disease is caused not only by the fungi themselves, but also by fungal-bacterial associations. In this situation, ketoconazole replaces two drugs at once: antifungal and antibacterial.

Part of the drug polyethylene oxide base is dissolved inside the body. Enveloping the mucous membrane, it helps to evenly distribute the main active substance (ketoconazole). At the same time, the mucosa is cleared of pathological fluid.


52157 Candles Livarol widely used in gynecology for the treatment of:

  • vaginal candidiasis (thrush) in acute and chronic forms,
  • mixed infections (fungal-streptococcal and fungal-staphylococcal),
  • violation of the vaginal microflora for various reasons, including pregnancy.

For the prevention of fungal infections, the drug is prescribed:

  • during long-term treatment with antibacterial agents,
  • after an infectious disease, lowered immunity.


Livarol 400mg vaginal candles No. 5 For this drug, there are practically no contraindications. The exceptions are cases of an allergic reaction to ketoconazole or other components of candles in the form of urticaria and skin rash. If available, the medication must be discarded.

If a thrush has developed, then suppositories should be used carefully when:

  • breastfeeding (possibly prescribed by a gynecologist);
  • under 12 years old.

In pregnancy: it is forbidden to use in 1 trimester, in 2 and 3 - after discussion with the doctor.

During menstruation pills are recommended .

Side effects

They are also extremely small. Very rarely, a local reaction may occur - irritation of the mucous membrane. He is accompanied by redness, itching and swelling.

In exceptional situations, dizziness, nausea, and vaginal discharge of a pink color may appear.

In these cases, the candles are canceled.

There is no information about the undesirable interaction of Livarola with other medicines.

Dosing and Administration

g2407 For the treatment of thrush in the acute stage of a candle, Livarol must be inserted into the vagina overnight. Then it is better not to get up. The duration of treatment from 3 to 5 days. Chronic recurrent thrush is treated longer - about 10 days.

Pregnant and lactating women do not reduce the dosage and do not reduce the duration of the course.

The manufacturer of the drug warns that the treatment can not be independently interrupted even with the disappearance of the symptoms of fungal infection. Untreated disease is dangerous transition to a chronic stage with relapse, which is difficult to cure.

To prevent re-infection, requires the simultaneous treatment of candidiasis ointment or cream from the sexual partner.


Five months ago, I cured thrush Livarol. Until this saw pills. But there was little confusion, just overloading the intestines and liver. The doctor advised the local drug. She put 10 candles - and thrush is still out. But if she comes back, I now know how to get rid of her. Irina, 24 years old, Petrozavodsk

A week ago, I woke up from a terrible itch and discharge. Analyzes have shown candidiasis. Gynecologist recommended Livarol. Today I am treated for the second day. Itching and discharge are gone. This is after two candles for the night. The doctor warned that all five should be used to prevent thrush from returning. The drug is effective. I'll keep it on mind. Tatiana, 27 years old, Ryazan

I have a thrush almost constantly after antibiotics. It was treated by many means. But enough for 2-4 months. I went to another gynecologist, who advised Livarol. It turns out that there are such medicines that truly treat, and not just relieve symptoms. It was treated at the beginning of last summer. For 7 months, no manifestations of thrush. Vika, 32 years old, Penza

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  • Mari :

    Livarol - a super tool for the treatment of thrush. I put candles Livarol and saw Myron tablets. in the complex - just a mega-treatment!

  • Antonina :

    Two candles for now. Does not remove itching and burning.

  • Gann :

    Likuvalas livarolom without consultation with Lіkarem, I don’t agree with the gynecologists, 5 sv_chok inserted it helped for 5 months

  • Elena (28) :

    In spite of my small age, I know what a MILKER is. I fought with her all 5 years. What kind of drugs did not buy up in pharmacies, from expensive and not so much. There were effects, but there wasn’t enough a month how everything returned again. Livarol helped me to restore the flora in the vagina. That flora did not give the effect of treatment. Therefore, a very good tool. You can say 2.1 and treats, and restores.

  • Masha :

    I put livarol, I have a delay of 6 months for 6 days, before the treatment I had been drinking Reguidon for 1.5 years.

  • Malokhat :

    In my case of cystitis, can I use livol

    • Doc :


      You can use it, but Livarol probably will not cure cystitis.

    • Natalie :

      Take PCR tests to Ureaplasma is mandatory, if with a urinary problem, thrush can be a consequence of other infections.

    • Phirousse :

      Onions helped me to get rid of cystitis. Take the onion peels boil to the juice out. Water is red or even burgundy will be. And one glass for the night of 3-5 days to drink. And used for washing away. Quickest convalescence.

  • Anastasia :

    My patient has thrush and thrush at the same time. The doctor has ascribed
    -polymic 1t × 2p / d 5 days
    Fluconazole 50 mg 1p / d 5 days.
    -PLASIN 1t × 2 p / d 15 days.
    -klaktiale 2k × 1 r / d
    - sv.livarol 1sv × 1 r / d 10 days.
    Heal the second day. The effect is.

  • Evgenia :

    My sister was prescribed these suppositories for the treatment of endometriosis. It is right???

    • Doc :


      In case of endometriosis, different variants of development of events are possible, there are a lot of factors that influence it. If the doctor has appointed, then it is correct.

  • Marina :

    And with a gestational age of 38 weeks, whether it is possible to insert these candles, I wanted to treat thrush before childbirth, terzhinan does not help

  • Pray :

    I am pregnant on the 35th week, I have a discharge, itching, thrush. Trial did not help, my doctor recommended leviral. Let's see ...

  • Svetlana :

    Before and after childbirth, she suffered from thrush, put candles on Pimafucin, the effect for 1.5-2 months and again ... Now the doctor prescribed St. Livarol. The cause of thrush can be cervical erosion (Femoflor screen took tests, only thrush was revealed). A friend advised against erosion to insert tampons with Kalanchoe juice. Tell me, is it really possible to cure erosion in this way, and even do without cauterization? Is it harmful to nursing?

    • Doc :


      Erosion is always prigigai honored, but nothing wrong with that, but you will be healthy. But folk remedies just contribute to the inhibition of the disease, then it will be harder to treat.

  • Rita :

    Hello, and during menstruation can not put candles? so much so itchy that I can't sleep

  • Praskovya :

    Hello, they prescribed Livarol treatment with vaginal suppositories for 5 days. I used 3 candles and the next day ahead of time my period started. Need to stop treatment before the end of critical days? How to be after this? Start treatment again? Or you can use rectal suppositories in this case or start taking pills instead of them?

  • El :


    Livorol will help with kalpita or prevention?

  • olya :

    Hello, I treated thrush with livarol, 5 days, went monthly, interrupted for 7 days, then another 5 days, then femilex for 3 days itching like thrush, what to do or didn’t heal or femilex provoked, livarol doesn’t restore ph of vagina,

    • Doc :


      Yes, it was not necessary to interrupt. Consult a doctor, may prescribe another drug.

  • Olga :

    Zdrastvuyte.Visporili livarol.A ahead of the holidays.Alcohol hurt the treatment?

  • Madinah :

    Hello, I am at the 10th week of pregnancy the doctor has attributed livarol whether it is possible to use these candles for this period.

  • Anna :

    Hello, tell me, can bact.vaginosis be treated with this drug ??

  • Elena :

    Good evening! Is it possible to use candles livarol when breastfeeding?

  • Anna :

    good evening. I have 22 weeks of pregnancy. can livarol? if not then what can

  • Anna :

    Hello, after laparskopii stabbed antibiotics, 6 days after the operation, itching appeared, after a while everything went away, today my doctor called and said that my thrush prescribed a flucostat and livarol 10 candles, but the instruction says that 10 candles are needed only acute manifestation of the disease, before this thrush never happened. what to do 5 or 10 candles

  • Catherine :

    Hello! I insert candles livarol today the 10th day as prescribed by the doctor from thrush. Today there was a pinkish discharge. Who had that!? What to do? And from the 11th day prescribed candles bifidumbacterin.

  • Announcement :

    Hello, tell me, the labia minora is itchy, while masking is not a real itch and the labia lips are itching ...
    How do you think this drug can be treated?

  • Mary :

    The doctor prescribed livarol as it found the fungus 36 weeks gestation. How long do they help?

    • Doc :


      Standard course 10 days, usually help faster. The main thing is not to interrupt the treatment after the first symptoms have passed.

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