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Instructions for use

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The McMiror Complex is a remedy for local use in the treatment of gynecological diseases (female genital).

The drug contains nystatin - antimycotic, destroying yeast fungi. Especially effective against fungi of the genus Candida, living on the mucous membranes of the vagina and vulva and causing the development of vaginal candidiasis.

In combination with nifuratel, nystatin enhances antifungal properties.

The McMiror Complex can be used to treat bacterial infections caused by the reproduction of protozoa (Trichomonas, Giardia), gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms.

The drug has a moderate antiprotozoal effect, that is, prevents the proliferation of parasites.

Produced in Italy.

When is appointed?

Candles "Makmiror complex" are prescribed for monotherapy or the combined treatment of infectious diseases of the vulva and vagina, caused by organisms sensitive to the effects of the active components of the drug.

The indications for using this dosage form are:

  • vulvovaginitis;
  • vaginal trichomoniasis;
  • vaginal bacteriosis;
  • chlamydia of the vagina;
  • vulvar and vaginal candidiasis;
  • other infections of the genital tract (subject to sensitivity of the pathogen to nystatin and nifuratel).

How to apply?

makmiror-65 Suppositories "McMiror complex" are intended for intravaginal use. To achieve a therapeutic effect, 1 suppository per day is sufficient.

The recommended time for introduction is evening (before bedtime). This is necessary to prevent the outflow of candles from the vaginal tract, which occurs if the woman immediately takes a vertical position.

Before the introduction of the suppository should be washing the genitals (if necessary - syringing) and processing hands.

Special attention should be paid to the nails - long and sharp nail plates can injure the mucous membrane and walls of the vagina and lead to secondary infection.

The course of treatment is 8 days, unless a different regimen is recommended by a doctor (in some cases, a gynecologist or venereologist may recommend a 12-day course of therapy).

Note! The introduction of candles in the upper vaginal segment provides a more pronounced therapeutic effect.


"McMiror complex" can be used by any category of patients, excluding girls and girls with preserved virgin chimp (virgins). For these groups, it is recommended to use the McMiror Complex vaginal cream.

Contraindications for the appointment of the drug is allergic to the components of the drug, as well as hypersensitivity reactions to nystatin or nifuratel.

Pregnancy and lactation

1 large suppository When used locally, the active ingredients of the drug do not penetrate into the blood and are practically not absorbed by mucous membranes, so the drug can be used to treat pregnant women. Teratogenic or toxic effects on the fetus during therapy have not been identified.

Nystatin and nifuratel are not excreted in breast milk, so the McMiror Complex can be used for nursing women.

Side effects

The drug is well tolerated at any age. Negative reactions recorded during the use of funds are less than 6.8% of the total. Some patients showed signs of allergy to the components of the drug: rash, red spots, redness, itching.

If these symptoms appear, if they are pronounced, you should consult a doctor to rule out severe allergies and decide on the further use of the medication.


The likelihood of overdose in the local application of suppositories is unlikely. As of today, the cases of the use of high doses of the drug are not registered.

Release form and composition

Macmiror - All Dosage Forms The McMiror Complex is produced in the form of yellow-colored vaginal suppositories containing an oily suspension. The package may contain 8 or 12 suppositories.

The preparation includes:

  • Nystatin is an antifungal antibiotic that destroys the cell membrane of fungi and inhibits the growth of colonies of pathogenic organisms;
  • nifuratel - destroys bacteria (especially active against chlamydia, Trichomonas) and protozoan parasites (for example, Giardia);
  • auxiliary components for the production of hard bases and gelatin capsules.


Active substances do not penetrate into the bloodstream, are not detected in the blood plasma and do not accumulate in organs and tissues. Output unchanged.

special instructions

  • At the time of therapy, it is recommended to stop intimate contacts.
  • Both partners should be treated to prevent recurrence of the infection. For these purposes, you can use the cream "McMiror complex".
  • For virgins to treat thrush, chlamydia or trichomoniasis, you can use the cream "McMiror complex". A special applicator, which is attached to the tube with the drug, allows you to enter the tool into the vagina, without violating the integrity of the hymen.


Candles should be stored indoors or in a refrigerator (freezing). The shelf life is no more than 3 years from the date of production.


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I first met the drug “Makmiror complex” when planning a second pregnancy. With the passage of a comprehensive survey had to take a smear from the vagina to determine the bacterial flora. The result showed that I have thrush, although there were no external signs of the disease or any discomfort at all. The doctor assigned me these candles. Suppositories are elastic, do not spread and melt in the hands, they are easy to enter. The first time after the procedure, I immediately got up and went to do business. This was my mistake, as almost the entire candle flowed out. After that, she began to enter them only at night. On the 10th day of the treatment I went to a consultation for re-analysis, which showed that I was healthy. By the way, we were treated with my husband. This is important even if there are no symptoms of thrush, as there may be a hidden infection. My opinion about the drug is purely positive. Anna P., 25 years old, Kolomna

And I was “lucky enough” to run into a thrush. And I have it localized right on the cervix. As the doctor said, this is rare, and treatment of the pathology is urgently needed so as not to start the disease to the chronic stage. Syringes and vaginal plugs "McMiror complex" were prescribed. When I came to the pharmacy to buy the drug. It was a little shocked by the cost - a pack cost me about 1,100 rubles. I wanted to look for something cheaper, but then decided not to save on health and bought it. It is convenient to insert candles, but I advise everyone to cut off the fingernails on their hands, since they need to be injected deep enough. I was treated for 8 days, as indicated in the instructions. After a second visit to the gynecologist, I had to use them for another 4 days. But on the control study microflora of the vagina thrush was not found! The bottom line: the drug is, of course, expensive, but very effective. And in any case, health is much more expensive. Christina U., 30 years old, Gatchina

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