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Than to treat a fungus of fingernails or nails on legs or foots? This can be done in three ways. If the drug is applied to the nail plate, the method is called local . If the drugs for removing the fungal infection are taken orally, then the method is considered systemic . Systemic treatment is not safe. More ..

And from the local I would like to highlight some. Medicines for nail fungus:

  • A set of Mycospores - is able to cure a nail for 2 weeks, which is its unique property. But the treatment is aggressive enough, the damaged part of the nail is gradually removed during treatment and this can cause discomfort.
  • Exoderyl (solution) - penetrates well into the nail, is effective against most fungi and is harmless at the same time. The pockets in the instructions are described, but their probability is extremely small. You need to apply until the pure nail grows.
  • Lac Batrafen - not cheap, but it's enough for a long time, because To apply it is necessary seldom (from 1 time in 2 days at the beginning up to 1 time a week). One bottle is enough for an average fingernail.

Creams and ointments for nails can be used, but it is inconvenient - for better absorption you will have to "compress" - apply cotton wool with cream to the nail and seal with adhesive tape. Apply this way you need 2 times a day. And the efficiency will be lower. On the leg, for example, a nail grows six months or a year, so it's up to you what to choose.

For the skin:
  • Clotrimazole is a mass agent. Treats most mushrooms, pobochek and contraindications minimum, it costs a penny.
  • Terbinafine and its analogs - the widest possible spectrum of action and a small number of contraindications, see the instructions.
  • Triderm (or Acriderm GK ) are universal multicomponent agents. If you do not know exactly what you have - ointment will remove itching and symptoms, destroy the fungus and help with dermatitis and other sores (not all!). If symptoms persist, consult a physician.
  • Ecodax is inexpensive and extremely effective, but it has many side effects, it acts aggressively on the skin. If side effects occur, treatment should be stopped immediately.

Remember, the most difficult thing in the treatment of a fungus is not the choice of a medicine. The hardest thing is not to forget to carry out procedures daily and not to abandon treatment halfway.

Any doctor will tell you what you need to treat the nail fungus on your legs. First of all, these are drops, varnishes and, of course, ointment.

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    Well, with a lesion of the scalp, first of all you need
    Pay attention to shampoos


    Tabletochku to hide the pain?

    If you cure nail fungus on your legs using ointments and creams is not possible, then resort to systemic treatment, that is, taking antifungal drugs inside. The dermatologist necessarily appoints system antifungal preparations if:

    • Fungus in the advanced stage ;
    • The field of the half of the nail is struck;
    • There was hyperkeratosis or onycholysis (thickening of the nail plate or detachment of the nail from the bed).
    • On the leg 2-3 nails are struck.
    • There is diabetes;
    • The patient's age exceeds the bar in 50 years.

    There are several names of systemic drugs for the treatment of fungal infections . Taking tablets from the fungus of the nails on the legs , it should be remembered that:

    • The main contraindications to the use of systemic drugs are pregnancy, lactation, liver disease.
    • If the doctor can not prescribe any drug other than ketoconazole and griseofulvitis, then local therapy is needed, and in some cases, removal of the affected nail plate.
    • The shorter the treatment period, the less likely the occurrence of side effects.

    Ointments and varnishes


    It is considered that for nails the most justified combination treatment. Of course, without local drugs - anywhere. It is better to use special lacquers , but you also can not forget about ointments. Indications for the appointment of local treatment are:

    • Initial stage;
    • Defeat less than half of the nail;
    • Defeat of 1 or 2 nails;
    • Moderate subungual hyperkeratosis.

    In order to local antifungal agents could destroy mushrooms, doctors either remove the affected nail horn structures, or designate special nail polishes.

    Thus, the treatment of foot nail fungus with topical medicines takes place in two stages:

    1. Removal of fungal affected areas of the nail.
    2. Use of antifungal drugs.
    Use of the saws

    At the first stage the horny layers are removed mechanically (with the help of nippers and nail scissors). This is done by the person himself once every 10-15 days, necessarily lubricating the remaining parts of the nail with alcohol or iodine. In outpatient conditions, the affected nail is removed by keratolytic patches, in which, in addition to the antiseptic and antifungal agent, salicylic acid or urea is included. Change such plaster after 2-3 days: hyperketallolytic mass is removed, local preparations are applied and the nail plate is again sealed.

    You can remove the injured nail and surgically, but resort to this method when other methods of treatment are inaccessible or ineffective.

    In the second stage, local antifungal agents are applied to the surface of the treated nail plate. They are much more than system. They are divided into:

    • Local antimycotics;
    • Local antiseptics;
    • Multicomponent drugs.

    The use of local antimycotics gives good results, because they are effective against many pathogens of onychomycosis and are released in a form suitable for the treatment of fungal infections in the form of - nail polish. This is mycospores, batrafen, loceril.

    Nail polish from fungus

    They use this:

    Step 1: Remove the affected areas.

    Step 2: The nail plate is applied to the lacquer file.

    Step 3: Apply the lacquer with a spatula or brush.

    If the varnish has already been applied to the nail, it must be removed with an alcohol sponge attached to the lacquer (the nail is lowered into a warm bath, and then the scissors varnish is scraped off). Duration of treatment with varnishes can vary from 9 to 12 months. In this case, the varnish is applied 1 or 2 times a week. More ..

    Now, most likely, you will not begin to wonder "Than to treat a fungus of fingernails or nails on legs or foots?" As well as other varieties of mycoses. The list of drugs constantly poplynyaetsya, we regularly monitor prices and publish reviews. Choose the one that suits you best and stay healthy!

    Note: Ointments and creams , which are presented in pharmacies, are issued more for the treatment of skin, but not for onychomycosis. Nevertheless, if they are applied to the nail bed of the nail, they help to treat the nail fungus on the legs.