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"Methyluracil ointment" is an ointment based on methyluracil, which is a biologically active substance and has a regenerating, anabolic and anti-catabolic effect. The tool is used for the treatment of skin diseases, accompanied by various deformations of the epidermis (scars, wounds, scars, etc.).

Description and properties

Farmaprim SRL The ointment contains in its composition only three components: methyluracil, lanolin and medical petrolatum. The therapeutic effect of local use is the following effects on the affected tissues and their surrounding structures:

  • shows anabolic activity;
  • with local (local) application, it has photoprotective properties;
  • regulates the exchange of nucleins;
  • accelerates the healing of scars and wounds;
  • promotes the renewal of the epidermis and epithelium at the cellular level.

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Among other things, the ointment stimulates the strengthening of local immunity, and also eliminates inflammatory processes.

Methyluracil is produced in the form of an ointment for external application in tubes of 25 g (in one carton box - 1 tube).


Biosynthesis Methyluracil ointment can be prescribed as the main drug if you have the following indications:

  • eczema;
  • dermatitis and dermatosis of various nature;
  • neurodermatitis;
  • burns (in the repair stage);
  • badly tightening wounds;
  • ulcerative lesion of the skin;
  • erosion (including the effects of radiation therapy);
  • cracks in the nipples and in the anus.

As a photoprotective agent used for photodermatitis.

For purulent wounds and ulcers, antimicrobial ointment is needed, for example, Fucidin .

How to apply?

The ointment is applied to the affected skin in the amount of 5-20 g (the exact dosage is determined by the attending physician). Use the tool should be once or twice a day. The duration of treatment is (unless otherwise recommended by the doctor) 15-30 days.

Mode of application

Diagnosis How to apply
Bullous radiation dermatitis Local application
Burns Local application
Wounds and ulcers Local application
Radioepitheliitis Applications with medical tampons
Vaginal lesions as a result of radiation (late) Applications with medical tampons

Note! Simultaneous use of Methyluracil with applications of other medicines (for example, antibiotics, sulfonamides, antiseptic preparations, etc.) is allowed.

Side effects

Consistency Negative effects during therapy with Methyluracil ointment are very rare (as a rule, at the very beginning of treatment).

This may be a slight burning sensation, reddening of the treated area, slight itching.

In some cases, the occurrence of allergic reactions has been noted.


You can not use the ointment if you have a history of at least one of the following diagnoses:

  • acute leukemia;
  • redundancy of granulations;
  • intolerance to the components that make up the ointment.

Use during pregnancy

Santo It is allowed to use "Methyluracil" while waiting for the child, if there is a need for this, since the drug is practically not absorbed, and only in small quantities enters the blood plasma.

Pharmacy dispensing and storage

A recipe for the purchase is not required. The shelf life of the ointment is 3.5 years within the shelf life. Storage temperature should not exceed 20 degrees.


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I bought “Methyluracil” for the purpose of a dermatologist when I was sick with eczema. This phenomenon, frankly, is not the most pleasant thing, and gives a lot of inconvenience, including physical discomfort. I didn’t really believe that the ointment would help, but I still bought it. Used the tool for 4 weeks - the result exceeded all expectations. There is not even a hint of eczema. Fully all peeling, redness and itching (previously itching for days). The bumps and blisters disappeared after about 2 weeks of regular application. Now, if you suddenly need to treat this sore again, I will know what means to choose for this. Vera Vasilievna, 45 years old

I needed the methyl uracil ointment after I tore my leg with a nail sticking out of the board during repair of the room. There was a rather deep scar that was badly tightened and didn’t want to go away on its own. Moreover, at my age, the skin is no longer as elastic as that of young people. Applied ointment twice a day for about a month. During this time, the scar became barely noticeable, to which I am unspeakably happy, as I lead an active life, I often go to the pool, and this ugliness on my leg did not paint me at all (contrary to my favorite saying). Oleg Nikolaevich, 53 years old

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